Juvenile Mayor of Aberdeen Plays A Not So Harmless March l6th /April Fools Dirty Political Trick On His City Council, the Homeless, The Citizens of Aberdeen, The Main Stream Media,etc

April Fools day is a custom of setting aside one day for the playing of harmless pranks upon ones neighbor.

The juvenile fool Mayor of Aberdeen set a side March l6th to set in motion an elaborate harmful series of political  lies and deceptions so he could yell “April Fools!” on April 1st and demand a retraction from the Baltimore Sun.

On March 16th not April 1 the anti-homeless Mayor of Aberdeen had his city manager introduce a bill with a vague military  goobledegook explanation of its meaning. McGrady introduced the bill that he had drawn up by his City attorney as a non-sponsored bill. The city manager said it had been staff generated on citizen input.

The City Manager suggested  that the matter be postponed until everyone was aware of it. Councilwoman Landbeck said  “Lets vote on introducing it.” and suggested they could all read it later. Before the vote to introduce the bill McGrady stated he had not read the very short bill and would “probably” vote against introducing it. When the vote for introducing it was made McGrady voted against it , the other four  council members voted in favor of introducing it.

The bill specificly stated a policy of charging  any homeless person living in a tent in Aberdeen  a fine of $50 a day. It was described in the Republican Aegis as a way of giving the homeless an incentive to get out of there tents.

It appears the deception and lying to sustain this political hoax/trick required a conspiracy  of  the city manager, the city lawyer, the police chief,  assorted other government employees, as well as the Harford Tea Party (C4L).

The March 16th April Fools HoaxTrick  was unraveled Saturday morning when the local Tea Party posted a Facebook message attacking Lindecamp for sponsoring  an anti-homeless bill.  (The Tea Party libertarians are anti-homeless in there philosophy). Lindecamp replied that he didn’t sponsor the bill, he only voted to introduce the bill . That is fact.

When someone pointed out that his name was listed as a sponsor, Lindecamp said there was some kind of mistake.

Then  Lindecamps Facebook gets a message from the juvenile fool himself . Pat McGrady  indirectly explains the political hoax:

“To make clear the record. I didn’t vote for the introduction of the legislation.

I dont support it, even though the front page of the Sun Friday said I did, The Sun is publishing a correction to that effect.

At ll:15 in this video (March 16) you can see the vote for the introduction.”

April l0th 7PM. Throw the Political Bums Out, Not The Homeless! Rally For The Homeless! Fire the City Manager!


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