Stop Harford Tea Party Lies! They Undermind Democracy With Lies! No One Sponsored Aberdeens ‘ “Prohibited Occupancy” Ordinance (make homeless illegal bill) The Tea Party Mayor Made That Up! He Lied!

The Aberdeen “Prohibited Occupancy” ordinance had no sponsors. McGrady and the City Manager said so when they introduced the bill.  The top of the proposed ordinance wrongly stated there were sponsors. Its assumed to be a mistake



If it was an intentional mistake it is a lie intended to make Council members Landbeck and Lindecamp look politically bad . That would be a dirty political trick.

The day after the newspaper reported on the ordinance   McGradys old Harford Tea Party (Campaign4Liberty) attacked Landbeck and Lindecamp for being the evil sponsors.


The real unnamed sponsor is McGrady. He told the City Manger to cook up a bill to deal with the homeless problem. The “Prohibited Occupancy” bill is McGrady’s baby whether he supports it or not. “Prohibited Occupancy” is an innocent military-sounding euphemism for “get rid of the homeless” ( “Collateral Damage” sounds better than  “Civilian Casualties”)

. And it was Mayor McGrady’s intention to “get rid of the homeless” problem . Not fix or deal with the problem but “get rid of the homeless ” problem.

McGrady has done nothing to solve the homeless problem but say “There is nothing we can do about that” and telling his Police Chief to monitor the problem.

The Chief said we need a homeless facility in Aberdeen. The Mayor did nothing .

Councilman Taylor suggested we establish a citizens commission to study and recommend a solution. McGrady did nothing.

Now he has created the “Make the Homeless Illegal” ordinance and yet he doesn’t support it. Bingo! The Mayor has done absolutely nothing to  solve the homeless problem.

Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Zero! The Mayor has failed to deal with the homeless problem!

1mhjbs   The Ordinance -Video of March l6th Council meeting  – Aegis/Sun report  on March 24 Council meeting


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