Who Told the City Manager To Define the Prohibitive Ordinance in Vague Confusing Language? Or Is That the CMs Bad Habit?

Why didn’t the city manger spell out the meaning of the ordinance in clear precise English?  The ordinance will make it  illegal for the homeless to live in  tents inside  Aberdeen city limits. Why purposely confuse the matter? Only McGrady  voted against the ordinance  being introduced for public hearing  because he said he didn’t know what it was about. He didnt abstain because of ignorance, he voted against it because of ignorance. He claimed he didn’t  know what it was but he knew he was against it. Strange posturing?

And then after the ordinance was easily defined in Fridays Aegis   -BOOM BOOM  the Mayor’s old Tea Party gang  (C4L) pounce all over  Landbeck and Lindecamp for SPONSORING a bill to take away the freedom of  the homeless to live in their tent homes. What a pathetic undemocratic political stunt McGrady pulled!


McGrady is running for re-election already and he and his cohorts in the Tea Party are running against Landbeck and Lindecamp. McGrady thinks he is the “talk of the town”  and he still has  his eyes on the prize of taking over the council with a couple more cronies. The council better go over that city-council  charter reorganization . McGrady voted against introducing that matter too. April showers bring May flowers.



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