Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Pat McGrady Gets Ready For A Political Fight After His “Make The Aberdeen Homeless Illegal” Ordinance Causes Dirty Trick Scandal!


(Patrick McGrady with Republican  White Supremacist  examining AR-15 that was part of fundraiser for Route 40 Republican Club)

Patrick McGrady does not support the anti-homeless ordinance that he helped create with his City Manager.  The Mayor voted against considering his own  ordinance for public comment on March 13th because he  was at the time ignorant of its one page content.  The ordinance is up for public discussion and a Council vote on April 10th .

The anti-homeless ordinance became a political scandal on Saturday, April Fools Day, when McGradys Harford Tea Party (Campaign4Liberty) attacked Council members Landbeck and Lindecamp  for “sponsoring” the ordinance in a Facebook political ad.

The problem is , no one sponsored the ordinance, but McGrady or City Manager put Landbecks and Lindecamps names on the bill as sponsors. The Mayor stated on record it had no sponsor. The City Manager said it was “staff generated”.  “Staff generated” usually means the Mayor told the City Manager to do something.

McGrady did not clarify this problem Saturday when he sent a message to Lindecamp’s Facebook . He just stated :

” To make clear the record. I didnt vote for introduction of the legislation. I dont support it, even though on  the front page of the Sun Friday it said I did. The Sun is publishing a correction to that effect . At 11:15 in the video you can see the vote for introduction.”

1.What is not clear is: Why did an unsponsored but  McGrady created bill have  two sponsors on it?

2.  Why  did McGrady/CityManager generate the creation of an ordinance that the Mayor doesnt support?

3. And why did McGradys Tea Party associates attack council members  on McGrady’s  fabricated  sponsor information.?






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