#HandCuffsForTheHomeless – RepublicanAegis – Juvenile Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Considers Phony Ordinance To Fine People Living In Tents $50 Per Day!

Harford Progressive Caucus


The ice/snow storm scared the tent city homeless out of there tents for a few days . Maybe the fear of jail will scare them away for good? The homeless  are poor, not stupid.  They know that “Being homeless is not a crime”.

Thoughtless council member Sandra Landbeck co-sponsered the ordinance. And the Mayor apparently put pressure on his Police Chief to support  his attention-seeking silly political stunt. “Shady” McGrady doesn’t want to deal with a serious problem by building a shelter, he wants to entertain  his wacky political base and  get his picture in the Washington Post, before he is thrown  out of office.  The Repub-Aegis loves this bullshit too—it sells newspapers.


“The poor will always be with us. There is nothing we can do about that.” – Mayor Pat McGrady

“The poor will always be with you,and you can help  them any time you want…”  Jesus

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