Mayor McGrady Created The “Criminalize The Homeless” Ordinance! The Mayor Is A Heartless Libertarian!

Mayor Pat (DaggerDan) McGrady is quoted in the Aegis/Sun March 31 , 2017 :If they cant live in a tent, then they’ll do something else.  We hope they take advantage of the VOLUMINOUS OPPORTUNITIES THEY HAVE.” 

That was McGradys quoted support for his  idiotic ordinance. In english that means : “If we make living in  a tent illegal it will force you to either die, move out of city limits, force you into crime  or maybe you’ll find something else.”

Anyone, let alone an elected public servant, who would suggest a daily public fine on a homeless person for dwelling in a tent  is dangerously disturbed  and grossly inhumane. In fact I suggest the  Mayor is  one of the  causes of the homeless. The Mayor brags as a rental landlord, that he  refuses as a heartless libertarian    to take Section 8 vouchers that subsidize low-income persons seeking  a regular dwelling.

Thats not a “voluminous opportunity” ,that’s a voluminous roadblock.

The Mayor should take the advice of great Rev. Sidney Chambers who  once said : ” A  community only works if  we look after one another. It is our responsibility to look after each other.”

Rally for the Homeless – April 10 – 7PM – City Hall



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