Reliable Source – At 9PM April 10th Aberdeen’s “Criminalize the Homeless” Bill Was Killed With A Procedural Vote To “Table Indefinitely”. Councilman Melvin Taylor Was the Council Hero When he Said “Lets Kill The Bill, Now! ” The Chamber Exploded in Applause!


In a standing room only council chamber the McGrady/ Landbeck “Criminalize the Homeless” ordinance was killed by a 5 to 0 vote to “table indefinitely” .Councilman Taylor asked three times , “Are we voting to kill it.” And the Mayor said” yes”.  The Mayor did not describe the vote properly. He doesn’t do anything properly.

Councilman Taylor is a advocate of the homeless as a Christian minister.

Citizens testified for one hour and  a half  against the ” Criminalize the Homeless” ordinance.

The rally for the homeless was a total success. Councilwoman Landbeck , a vocal supporter of the bill, became weirdly defensive suggesting the council had done everything they could to help the Tent City homeless. Few bought her story.

After almost an hour and a half of constant citizen  testimony against the ordinance ,the Mayor cut off the open microphone and suggested the Council “table” the matter for later. He said it was getting late and the council had other matters  to consider.  Immediately Councilman Taylor  broke in and emotionally asked ” Can’t we just kill this bill now?” The entire chambers burst into applause.

The rights of the homeless won the night. McGrady nervously twiddled  his pen all evening . And Landbeck defended the the indefensible “do-nothing” councils efforts.


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