Is Aberdeen Mayor McGrady’s Post Office Rally A Political Stunt Or The Only Legitimate Way To Get A Handicap Ramp In The PO?


Is  Mayor Pat McGradys rally-for-a-ramp at the Abedeen  Post Office really the only way to get the federal officials to put in a “handicap ramp”?? Or Is this just a cheap political   stunt for an unpopular Republican Mayor to win back respect for the Mayor?

It seems a political rally is a pretty impotent use of political power by a elected official  Of course McGrady is a minority-elected Mayor having only won with 32% of the vote so he already has little influence or power. But a rally is usually the political tool of a citizen protest of government incompetence or  unreasonable policy.

A McGrady unreasonable policy was recently challenged by a political community rally at  a town meeting to stop his idea to fine the homeless out of there tent dwellings. But McGradys post office rally seems to be a bit dodgy.  Its in reality an elected  government official protesting his own lack of competence.

One citizen on a local  news website/blog  asked why cant the Post Office move into the empty lonesome Merritt Building by the Target store.  It was a thoughtful good question. Putting a new ramp into the tiny old Aberdeen post office at this time is probably not a smart or safe solution to the problem.

So, if Mayor Pat McGrady really wants to solve the problem and not just lead a  political stunt-rally against his own political incompetence then why doesnt  the City government purchase the lonesome Merritt  Office Building and rent/sell it to the Post Office for a new home? It will be the HUGEST post office in  Harford. Or the Mayor could focus his energy on requesting the U.S. Postal Service to build a  new safer Post Office in Aberdeen.

A rally in front of the Post Office  on Saturday  morning??? Are you nuts? The last time McGrady held a rally in Aberdeen on Saturday morning was his “Guns Save Lives ” rally on   McDonalds  Route 22 parking lot. McDonalds told him to get the hell off their busy parking lot and the rally continued in front of the APG Credit Union.

What will be McGradys rallying cry  this Saturday? ” Save  McGradys Job!”

Republican Tea Party Rebel Rouser Patrick McGrady Leads  “Guns Save Lives ” Rally  In Aberdeen On Busy Saturday Morning

Candidate Patrick McGrady Tries A Political Stunt To Win Race For Mayor


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