For Sale: J.D. Russell for State Delegate 34A



(The real estate sign above was not defaced in reality. It was only defaced in virtual reality. But the sign below is an illegal campaign sign disguised as a real estate sign. This is devious  Republican political chicanery.  Now you know why JD is smiling. He is a dishonest* wannabee politician)

We tried to communicate with JD Russell, Dodgy Right-Wing Republican candidate for House of Delegates in Dist 34A. We contacted his  campaign Face Book and asked if he still supported a photo voter ID law for Maryland. This position was originally on his Facebook but removed when I mention it in a blog post. I inquired if he still supported the Jim Crow law idea but  I got no response. Then I was blocked from making any more facebook posts.

So-o-o-o….We contacted his real estate agency  (Harford Property Services) and posted a similar inquiry . This time I added another inquiry. I asked if he is a member of Harford’s Campaign For Liberty or the State Tea Party.  No response!

So-o-o-o-o….wondering what to do next I pointed out on a Tom Myers Facebook post my problem  communicating with this dodgy Republican. What to do next to reach out to my political enemy! Then Tom Myers savvy wit made the  connection from JD’s  property sale sign:  “6 Lots For Sale” transformed into “J..D. Russell For Sale”! I put his idea in the meme generator and now I’ve ruined JDs slick devious  campaign attempt to illegally  put up political signs one year before the election disguised as real estate signs.  Now that I think of it  JD has a billboard on Route 40 advertising his real estate agency with his pic on it. Tomorrow I’ll  meme that sign.

See? Politics can be fun! And political humor  can be very effective in upsetting political chicanery.



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