Top 10 Reasons Why The Republican Aegis BlackedOut (Censored) News Coverage of Democrat Allison Galbraiths Congressional Campaign Kickoff Rally In Down Town Bel Air ,Md (Political Bias or Corrupt Journalism?)


                   Editor Allan Vought            Editor Ted Hendricks

                   10. The Ghost of John Wilkes Booth told them not to cover the story!!


9. The-Know-It-All  Sunpapers pundit  Dan Rodricks told them not to cover the story!



8. , Rep . Andy Harris told them not to cover the story!

7.  They were too lazy to cover the story!

6.  The Pixies “Allison” campaign song bothers Republican Aegis editor  Ted Hendricks!

5.  They thought Allison just might be a  significant threat to take down Dr. Andy! So they decide to ignore her campaign and maybe she would go away !

4.  They thought it might  hurt advertising revenue from Republican 

business concerns if they gave Democrats  fair-handed campaign  reporting !

3.  They thought the name Allison Galbraith was a pseudonym for

J.K. Rollins!

2.  Aegis Editor Allan Vought  also doesn’t like The Pixies “Allison” campaign song!

1.  They thought Allison looked like  an illegal Canadian  immigrant!




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