Boycott the Aegis Every Wednesday/ Stop Republican Aegis Bad Political Journalism!

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Allison Galbraith opened her campaign for the U.S. Congress(MD1) on Friday May 12th, 2017 at Sean Bolans Irish Pub in downtown Bel Air, Md.

This unique political event was reported in the near by Cecil County newspaper The Cecil Whig but was oddly ignored by Allison’s home town newspaper  the Republican Aegis. There was also no reporting coverage by the Aegis’s corporate owner , The Baltimore Sun.

The absence of any reporting coverage at the Republican Aegis suggests an editorial decision that the political event was irrelevant.

That editorial decision is political bias and corrupt journalism. The Republican Aegis  editor Ted Hendricks and the Sun publisher should reexamine their journalistic credentials and their professional standards.

The political event that the Republican  Aegis and the Baltimore Sun  does not want the public to know about was recorded by the campaign manager and is reproduced below.

Research/ C.Jones

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