Aberdeen Mayor Bid For Referendum On Democratic Charter Reform Falls Flat – Petition Drive 812 Voters Short – Mayor Now Complains That Referendum Petition Drives Are “Unfair”





The referendum process is unfair says the Mayor of Aberdeen (Paddy McGrady). Its unfair because it was too difficult to get 1990 petition signatures, not because the citizens werent interested in the referendum.

In 2007 the citizens were concerned about the corrupt Wetlands Annexation and easily petitioned for referendum. Citizens also came out for the referendum and won by a 2 to 1 margin.

The referendum process is not unfair. The Mayor and his appointed stooge Councilman are unfair. The citizens spoke. They didnt support  your referendum and they said so by not signing your petition.  Thats how democracy works. The majority rules  except in your appointment of a crony to the City Council  (Steve Goodin). The Mayor pissed on 655 voters when he deleted a qualified candidate Stephen Smith from eligibilty.

The mayor sent letters to every registered voter in Aberdeen and harrassed many with robocalls urging them to sign the petition, You had a team of canvassers knocking on doors for six weeks. Overturning Council majority endorsed democratic charter reforms is not a burning issue among the citizens of Aberdeen.

The voters voted to stop McGrady corruption of Aberdeen democracy!






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