My Beloved Blood


  • Don’t Cry For Me Venezuela
  • I will cry for you
  • The people are many
  • The murderers are few
  • Bloodshed soaksthe land
  • Seems the folks never understand
  • The intensityof the few
  • Toward killing yours and you
  • You think it’s vanity
  • On the fringesof insanity
  • The poor are many
  • The rich are few
  • If you don’tkill them
  • They’ll remain busy killing you
  • Like dogs driven madwith rabies
  • This sinister evil is dedicated
  • To killing your unborn BLACK and Brown babies
  • Don’t cry for me Venezuela
  • Don’t cry for me Haiti
  • Who showed us, first, how to become free
  • Don’t cry for me Nicaragua
  • The Sandinistas, Bolivaristas, Socialistas
  • El Salvador, Dominica, Panama, Guatemala
  • They imprisoned, killed, them in Cuba
  • They knew and didwhat they had to do
  • Giving their revolution longevity
  • Ridding their land of the few
  • Fight for me, struggle for me
  • Live for me,

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