The End-Difference


  • I Got My Guns Aimed At You
  • Right in your face
  • I am surroundingyou
  • At your place, in your face
  • The insanity, I’m yelling
  • You are a threat to me
  • The insanity, I’m telling
  • You arethreatening me
  • I am shooting my gunsover your head
  • I am telling everyone
  • I want you dead
  • I am at your place, in your face
  • Screaming what a disgrace
  • You are, a disturbance to peace
  • You make my mischief increase
  • I got my guns aimed at you
  • Firing at you, it’s about what you do
  • I have license and more advanced science
  • I promise fire and fury like never seen
  • In your backyard, front yard
  • Because you are obscene
  • I don’t like your business
  • You won’t obey what I say
  • I am the burger king
  • And I want things my way
  • You are the bully
  • As long as the world needs

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