The(y) Battle “Him” of The Republic

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • It Was Going To Be So Easy
  • Make America GreatAgain
  • And win and win and win
  • Turned into wind and windand more wind
  • So bomb some outsiders
  • That appeals to donation providers
  • Threaten to start a war
  • Make Wall Street soar
  • But the backbiting, the infighting
  • Started making radicals consider uniting
  • Their rich had left them only a loan
  • Now their government was leaving them alone
  • The American fat turned into dry bone
  • Dwindling political power
  • Diminishing economic power
  • Distrustful police power
  • Told them, this is it, seize the hour
  • Or we will be forgotten
  • Like unpicked fruit, left to rotten
  • Fallingto the ground
  • With no hope of rebound
  • Save us is their plea
  • Forget ‘them’, save me
  • The last life line, grasped
  • The wet grip, clasped
  • The last breath, gasped
  • Now released, now unleashed
  • Their last hope dashed
  • It is time to fight
  • Leftist are breaking…

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