Sen. Bob Cassilly Is The Only Harford State Legislator To Oppose Anti-Price Gouging Bill On Medical Prescriptions! Throw Cassilly Out of Office! He Is A Political Bum!

Harford Progressive Caucus

Bob Cassilly is a “political bum”. All Harford’s State Delegates voted FOR the Anti-Price Gouging bill on medical prescriptions. Even  wacky Right-Wing Sen . Wayne  Norman voted against price gouging! But not Big Bob Cassilly!  Is Cassilly in the pocket of Big Pharma companies?  YES! Bought and paid for with campaign contributions!

Come 2018 consider throwing this “political bum”  out of office!

Why didn’t The Republican Aegis report on this legislative crime? Does the Aegis get advertisement kick backs for not reporting on what Cassilly is doing?  Does the Aegis support price gouging on prescription drugs? Looks that way!

And where is the Right-Wing watch dog  Dodgy Dagger?  Asleep at the wheel like a lazy lap dog!


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