Stop Patrick McGradys Tin-Horn Dictator Behavior! Stop McGrady Political Corruption Of Aberdeen Democracy!

Harford Progressive Caucus

Tea Party Republican Aberdeen Mayor Paddy McGrady opposes  democratic Charter reform. The Charter reform does not change the form of government, it democratizes the Council-Manager form of government.

McGrady does not tell you that he is the Council member who has  used autocratic procedures instead of democratic ones when he sees fit.

During the resolution of the tie-vote of the fourth council seat he autocraticly threw out 655 votes for democraticly qualified  Stephen Smith because he didnt personally like Smith. Instead he nominated an unqualified political crony who received zero election votes.  He disregarded 655 citizen votes for a nominee with no votes. McGrady rigged the resolution of the tie-vote!

Also during the Charter reform of the tie-vote regulations Mayor McGrady at one point proposed that tie-votes be resolved in the future with a coin flip instead of a democratic citizen vote. McGrady opposed a citizen- vote for a cheap…

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