Dodgy Journalism – Why Is the Republican Aegis Suppressing Any News About Democratic Candidate For Congress Allison Galbraith? And Why Is The Same Aegis Promoting A Whispering Campaign For County Executive Barry Glassman To Run For Congress With Glassman planted Billboards And Facebook Pic?

In July 2017 the Republican Aegis printed picture of large  Barry Glassman political billboards on Route 50 near Easton. Glassman stated at the time that these large advertising signs did not mean he was running for Congress. Glassman explains “Its a regional type sign we use for name recognition.” The Aegis says , “…Glassman has his eye on eventually running for Governor or U.S. House of Representatives.”

On Friday September 22, 2017, the  front page of The Record (Aegis/Sun owned weekly)is a picture of Barry Glassman upside down with the Havre de Grace Mayor on a playground Monkey Bar. Harfobama on Thursday  09/21/17 ‘ printed this photo from Glassman’s Facebook.



“It’s a regional type sign we use for name recognition.”Barry Glassman


” Do you think the Aegis might put this picture on their front page?”  Larry Glassman

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