If War Generals were MD’s


It’s midnight. Your squad sits in a valley with hills on all sides. Fifty hills. The ground beneath your boots vibrates with enemy tanks rumbling beyond the blind horizon.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they attacked from one direction?They’ve done it before.

But they could just as easily attack from fifty directions, the way you would.

You’ve seen war up close. You place a priority on winning.

But the Generals back in DC are MD’s now. Their “evidence based medicine” extends to every problem humanity faces, even war.

Today they’ve set up a test. Your orders are to defend whatever comes over the big hill to the north, ignoring attacks from other directions.

If your troops lose, the Generals will have ruled out the hill to the North.

After the loss, they will select another hill for study with another garrison of expendable troops. You won’t be among them. And…

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2 Responses to “If War Generals were MD’s”

  1. M. Talmage Moorehead Says:

    Thank you for the re-blog and for spreading the word about Dale Bredesen’s great success with Alzheimer’s Disease. 🙂


    • harfobama Says:

      Check out the post by Ellen Cutler. She is an unfamous writer/editor who lives in Aberdeen. Her contacts might be of interest. But her reaction to last Novembers election is an entertaining essay under Archives. It reminded me of a great British film opening.

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