Mess Up 1.0


  • There Is A Course You Need To Fail
  • But you seem to need the need to pass
  • With your success your life derails
  • Making you emotionally forget your past
  • Mess Up 1.0 professed by Professor Feelings
  • Indoctrinating students is his troubling task
  • His course work is always blue
  • Feeling good is someone using you
  • Questions are repressedhardly ever asked
  • For the elongated tearful tracts
  • Candy coated heartening doleful acts
  • Then, the wind blows
  • You finally find yourself in the eye
  • A situation that angers the calm
  • Or makes your rain want to cry
  • Then here comes the wind
  • Realizing you’ve been used again
  • You passed Mess Up 1.0
  • Now how do you get out
  • Is the one thing you just don’t know
  • Then you feel the wind
  • How did you do this again
  • Let someone else, use you
  • To do this to yourself
  • Professor Feeling taught
  • Against being manipulated

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