Dr. No


  • Abusing Women, Children, Boys To Men
  • Doesn’t happenuntil when
  • An icon is demonized
  • The hidden taken, is openly given
  • By revealing secrets
  • Victims are popularized
  • Citizen Kane gone insane
  • Sexes are Roman Polanski polarized
  • Otherwise, there’s quiet on the set
  • I am sorry, you found out, I apologize
  • Getting discovered, I silently regret
  • But while I was doing my screwing
  • It was power feeding on power
  • Hidden espionage, triage rules the tower
  • You can be blackmailed, black balled
  • If you speak up without proper timing
  • Suddenly all the victims go on recall
  • He did this, he did that, and it hurt
  • But I was silent, I needed to work
  • As the flood gates open
  • Our hero, Dr. Nodoesn’t deny
  • His circle encloses, disclosinga regular guy
  • He’s innocent, a victim too
  • By his accusers, whom, by speaking out
  • Are now, his callous abusers
  • Outrageous becoming contagious

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