Censored Mike Callahan Letter to Harford County Dodgy Dagger : Harford County Police Need To Hire More Female And Racial Minority Police Officers



Dear Marooned:

Your not a “racist”! Your just racially challenged .  You say you don’ct see how a college education can make a  better police officer.

Well….according to Justice Policy, Spring 2016 ” National Examination of the Effects of Education Training And the Employment Screening On Law Enforcement Use Of Force”— police officers with more education were found to be less likely to use force and found to be significantly improved at problem solving.

J.Rydberg & W.Terrill, Police Quarterly, March 2010, “The Effects of Higher Education On Police Behavior” found that college educated cops display more acceptance of minorities and are more likely to display ethical behavior.

Mr. Duke who called me a “moron” and an “idiot” suggesting that I “want to force in applicants who are not the best qualified”. This assertion  is in fact wrong and ignorant.

Many police departments don’t want the smartest or most qualified applicant. Sometimes they purposely hire the less qualified White Male applicant.

Paul Butler points out in Chokehold: Policing Black Men—that Police Departments dont always hire the smartest candidates. You can be rejected for being too smart no matter who you are.

Many police departments use the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test to evaluate learning and problem solving of potential cops. The highest score is 50. Most police score between 20 and 27. Robert Jordan from New London, Conn. had his application turned down because he got a 33 score. The  Department rejected him because they thought his high score was too high and thus they figured he wouldn’t be a “happy cop”. Jordan took the issue to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The court determined “Even if unwise” the discrimination “was a rationale policy”. – Jordan vs City of New London, USCA 2nd Circuit – Nh-090168  (2000).

Also , all police departments should strive for a  50% female police force. Now around 88% are male . 12% are female. (Its probably a worse ratio in Harford County).

Research suggests that female cops are better at de-escalating  conflict and have a lesser tendency to use a firearm to solve problems. A study by the Washington Post discovered that between 2006 and  2016 54 cops were prosecuted for illegal shootings. Only two of the cops were female. 52 were male cops.  (if women were 96% of the police force they would have been involved in 16 bad shooting trials not 52)



“Police Culture, Women Police and Attitudes Towards Misconduct, July 1996, Avirl  Alley, Linda Waugh, and Andrew Ede http://www.aic.gov.au/media_library/conferences/policewomen/alley.pdf

Katherine  Spillar, “How More  Female Police Officers Would Help Stop Police Brutality” WashPo July 2, 2015

Ben Stickle, “A National Examination of the Effect of Education, Training and Pre-Employment   Screening on Law Enforcement Use of Force” Justice Policy Journal (Spring 2016)  http://www.cjcj.org/uploads/cjcj/documents/jpj_education_use_of_force.pdf

Danielle Paquette , “One Way To Curb Police  Brutality That No One Is Talking  About”  Washington Post  July 14, 2016


  •  “Marooned” and “The Duke” are like a Good Cop/Bad Cop comedy routine who like the unfair and unjust hiring practices of local police departments. “Maroon” is the good cop that pleads ignorance and is defensive about being labeled “racist”. “The Duke” is the bad cop ready to use verbal violence and ready to establish a false story “straw man”  to cover up his his acts of ignorance.



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