Censored Mike Callahan Letter to Harford County Dodgy Dagger : Harford County Police Need To Hire More Female And Racial Minority Police Officers

Harford Progressive Caucus


Dear Marooned:

Your not a “racist”! Your just racially challenged .  You say you don’ct see how a college education can make a  better police officer.

Well….according to Justice Policy, Spring 2016 ” National Examination of the Effects of Education Training And the Employment Screening On Law Enforcement Use Of Force”— police officers with more education were found to be less likely to use force and found to be significantly improved at problem solving.

J.Rydberg & W.Terrill, Police Quarterly, March 2010, “The Effects of Higher Education On Police Behavior” found that college educated cops display more acceptance of minorities and are more likely to display ethical behavior.

Mr. Duke who called me a “moron” and an “idiot” suggesting that I “want to force in applicants who are not the best qualified”. This assertion  is in fact wrong and ignorant.

Many police departments don’t want the smartest or most qualified applicant…

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