“Shabby” Schablein Claims Cecil CountyPC Stole LSPCs Idea of A “Caucus” And HarfordPC Stole The Idea Of A Caucus From CecilCPC!



Shabby, you and your organization are “Freakin” nuts! You ego maniac! You don’t own the “concept” of a caucus!

I think the voters will see through LSPCs ego-trip endorsement and CCPC’s Neo-conservative endorsement!

Its too bad Sanders supporters were duped in Cecil County  by a CIA funded and trained “pretty boy propagandist”!

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat Andy Harris!

Jesse Colvin is a carpetbagging CIA robot!

And  Michael Pullen is  a flawed  progressive who walked away from his opportunity to stop sexual abuse in his own law office but instead did nothing! (The Spanking Lawyer” Washington Post)

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat  Andy Harris! The Democrat , Independent and compassionate Republican voters can clearly see the right thing to do!





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