Animal Pharma


  • The AnimalsRebelled
  • No more rule byhumans they yelled
  • We’re the workers, the food, the energy
  • So we’ll build a solar windmill
  • So all animals can be free
  • One beast, one vote, universal democracy
  • Humans and their isms are tyranny
  • No more animal labor, no moreanimal toil
  • No more ravagingour bodies or the soil
  • No more war on animals
  • Or animal on animal harm
  • Set free the proletariat in sweat shop
  • The hoi polloi in prisonsand on the farm
  • We have but one law
  • Anything human like is a flaw
  • Animals of the world unite
  • Down with humans
  • Make sufferingtheir plight
  • Freedom requires power
  • Without it suckling milk turns sour
  • At first the animals were honest
  • Momentum of joy and goodness
  • Made them behave their best
  • Every time the windmill was nearly complete
  • Boom, it came crashing down
  • Caused by some catastrophe
  • Or as…

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