Lying Republican Candidate For House Of Delegates, J.D.Russell Tries To Exploit Phony Fear That Aberdeen/Havre De Garce May Lose Their Area Hospital !!!!

Devious Republican politician JD “Jim Crow:” Russell in a desperate attempt at getting attention and votes  has sent out a flyer that suggests that he is the only candidate for the House of Delegates who is fighting to keep  a hospital serving Aberdeen and Havre De Grace.. This is a political lie! This is a right-wing fear mongering tactic . There is no  talk of not having a hospital in Southern Harford. There is only talk of where the new hospital will be developed. Will it be built at Bulle Rock in Havre de Grace or will it be retrofitted in the empty Merritt building in Aberdeen.

J.D. Russell is literally lying to the public about a false danger to the community . There is no danger. He is trying to create a false danger to the communities safety  and suggest he is coming to the rescue. What  a political bozo. The Baltimore Suns Aegis tells the true story about the hospital situation in Southern Harford. Don’t believe  a word  JD Russell says . He is a political liar! And dont even think about voting for such a lying political fool.

J.D. Russell earlier in his campaign supported an effort  for voter suppression  ID Cards for voting in Maryland.  Voter ID  is  a Right-Wing Republican idea to suppress the  vote among  black and Hispanic voters. In the old South they were called Jim Crow laws to limit the voting rights of black citizens.

According to the Sun/Aegis article the Aberdeen Planning Commission has recommended zoning amendment’s be approved to allow a Upper Chesapeake Health to take over the Merritt Building to retrofit a hospital. The Aberdeen City Council held an unscheduled meeting to introduce the amendments on August 20th. This coming Monday ,August 27 the City Council  will listen to public comments on the rezoning amendments and vote on final approval. Town meeting is at 7PM, City Hall Monday August 27th.  Complaints about JD Russel’ls fear mongering lies should be sent to J.D. Russell, 424 N. Union Avenue, Havre De Grace , MD 210768






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