Write In S.Benn For House of Delegate in District 34A



South Harford Democratic  self-appointed political boss Art ” Helton  persuaded Democratic candidates  Mary Lisant,i, Steve Johnson and Mary D. James to support a Team Harford  election day propaganda  handout. The handout  was funded by efforts by Art Helton,  Steney Hoyers DCCC and Mike Millers  Maryland Democrats Senate Caucus Committee. The handout was the dirty politics of Harford poltical boss Art Helton , Maryland  State political boss Mike “the Fixer” Miller and  DCCC politica; boss Steney Hoyer to interfere in Democratic primary election to try to rig the primary for their chosen candidates  Jesse Colvin , Mary.D. James and Steve  Johnson

. This was Democratic leaders telling Democrats how to vote in the primary. The Democratic leaders have no business using campaign funds against their own candidates. Its called “Rigging the primary”. This ballot was handed out in Harford pretending to be a “Sample Ballot” when in fact it was  a  propaganda ballot by and for  the political bosses. This is plain and simple corruption of the Democratic primary by elected and self-appointed Democratic leaders.

The write in campaign for Sarahia  Benn is an attempt to correct the misdeeds of Democratic bosses corrupt effort to tell Democrats how to vote in the Democratic primary. Democrats dont need to be tricked or fooled into voting for who they want in the Primary.  The Primary is a chance for Democrats to tell the Democratic bosses WHO THEY WANT!

Democratic voters dont want to be bossed around by corrupt Democratic leaders. Democratic voters dont want their vote to be bought by the Democratic bosses!

On election day: Write In S.Benn for House of Delegate District 34A! Tell the Political Bosses who you really want! Don’t Be A Chump, Vote for the Peoples Champ!

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