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Rolling Stone Mag – Bernie Sanders Demands Biased WashPost Retract Misinformatin About Him In False Fact Check Story

August 31, 2019

The Washington Post’s Latest Fact Check of Bernie Sanders Is Really Something

The Washington Post’s Botched Fact-Check of Bernie Sanders

Washington Post’s Attacks On Bernie Have Become Laughably Absurd

2011 Aberdeen Planning Commission Approves Gilbert Road Annexation – Wet Lands Developers And Politicians Return To The Scene of the 2006 Crime Of Over Devlopment!!

August 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Interviewed By The Hill TV/ Crystal Ball

August 29, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen City Council Approves 80 Acre Gilbert Road Annexation With 4 To 1 Vote. – Only Lindecamp Opposes Annexation – Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady , His Corrupt Handpicked Crony Steve Goodin, Sandy “Land Deal” Landbeck And Melvin “Misinformed By Landbeck” Taylor Vote For Annexation! Only a Petitioned Referendum Vote Can Stop Over Developement Land Grab Annexation!

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Intercet – Billionaire Steven Swartzman (Blackstone Inc) Major Donner To Trump And McConnell Is Large Contributor To Amazon Ecology Problema

August 28, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen Police Initiate First Stage of Body-Cam Policy

August 28, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen Police Dept To Have Fully Operational Body-Cam Policy Implemented By Labor Day – Sheriff Gahlers County Police Department Delays Until 2021 Budgeting For Full Operational Body Cam Policy

August 27, 2019


Bill Maher – Monologue – Get On My Lawn – New Rules – Can Trump Save Earth? / Congresswoman Katy Porter / Stephen Miller/

August 24, 2019






NYTImes – Western Journal Right Wing Propaganda On Facebook

August 24, 2019

Intercept – Bernie Sanders Climate Policy Is More Likely To Succeed

August 23, 2019

The Green New Deal


LNB – The Real Problem With Donald Trump

August 20, 2019

The Real Problem With Donald Trump



Hey, DNC! In This Case, Less Just Might Be More


On The Eve Of The First Democratic Debates

Bernie Sanders – We Will Go To War Against White Nationalism

August 19, 2019

WashPost – Stephen Miller – White Nationalist In Charge of Trump Immigration Policy

August 18, 2019


NYMag – If Fox News Poll Is Right, Trump Will Lose in 2020

August 17, 2019

Aberdeen Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady Blames No County Money For Aberdeen Community Activity Center On Republican County Executive And Republican County Council Discrimination! McGrady Ask Citizens of Aberdeen To Petition County Government!

August 17, 2019

In a letter sent out to all registered voters of  Aberdeen, Mayor Patrick McGrady  says:

“The City Council signed a contract to purchase a 13.4 acre property at 84 W Bel Air Avenue –near the intersection of Niddketon Road an W Bel Air Ave- a location that is convenient for almost all of Aberdeen’s 16,00 residents.


However, the County Executive, and his deputy Billy Boniface, have told City staff that the project might NOT get funded because he County “Administration” is displeased with out Harford County Councilman, Rob Wagner, who voted against the County Budget this year.”


Is the County Administration really so corrupt that it will discriminate against the citizens of Aberdeen for some petty political dispute it has with Councilman Wagner?

Or is this just another McGrady political stunt to gain  election year attention?

Why did McGrady wait until Election year to be concerned about a new Community Activity Center?





Bill Maher – Monologue: Make America Atlantic City Again / New Rules – Armed & Lonely /Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse/

August 17, 2019

Most Aberdeen Council Members Who Support Gilbert Road Annexation Land Grab/Land Deal Dont Want To Run For Reelection , ButThey Want To Blow Up Over Developement,, Create Traffic Nightmare, And Stick Taxpayers With The Bill

August 17, 2019


1. Illegally Appointed Councilman Stephen Goodin told the Aegis by E-mail that he is not interested in running for re-election but supports over developement  annexation Land Deal.

2. Mayor Patrick McGrady told  the Aegis not sure he wants to seek re-election against most popular Councilman Taylor but supports Gilbert Road over developement annexation.

3. Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck says to the Aegis she wants to hang up her council seat after pushing through large over developement  land deal annexation.

FAIR – Evidence That Wash Post Is Bias Against Bernie Sanders

August 17, 2019

Here’s the Evidence Corporate Media Say Is Missing of WaPo Bias Against Sanders



Colbert – Ignoring Hong Kong / Seth Myers – Trump Freaks Out Over Recession Fear/ Jake Tapper /TNoah – Fredo Blow Up /

August 16, 2019

Bll Maher/Overtime


Republican Aegis -Democrat Councilman Melvin Taylor To Run For Mayor of Aberdeen / Incumbent Republican Mayor McGrady Says He Is Undecided About Running For Re-Election! McGrady Is A Leader of The Racially Challenged Tea Party! He Is A Gun Nut Advocate!And He Will Have Great Difficulty Wining Against the Most Popular Politician In Aberdeen!

August 16, 2019



Councilman Melvin Taylor is running for Mayor of Aberdeen, and current Mayor Patrick McGrady says he is undecided if he will run again.

Why would the Republican ego freak think of not re-run for Mayor? Because he cant beat  Melvin Taylor.

Taylor was voted the most popular elected official in the last election. (899 v0tes)

McGrady won by a fluke  in the Mayors race.

Four Candidates divided the Democratic /Independent vote  three ways and McGrady won with a solid but weak  33.6%  minority of the vote. (602 Tea Party Republicans)

Besides McGrady is an unpopular candidate. He is  a racially-challenged  Tea Party Republican  who is a vigorous supporter of our racist President Donald Trump and has associates with White Nationalists and Gun Nuts who want  Texas-style Right to Carry for Maryland citizens.

McGrady is an extreme right wing Republican joke who has attempted to run the office of Mayor as a tin horn dictator.

He does not like the democratic process . His first act as Mayor of Aberdeen was to rig the democratic process  for a tie vote between two councilman candidates.  Instead of a democratic vote on the two candidates that tied  he appointed a political crony who did not participate in the town election.

McGrady also voted against democratic reform of the Aberdeen City Charter! He even attempted to stop the democratic reforms with a failed referendum/petition effort!

MCGrady cant win re-election against Taylor.

He would lose badly. He would be politically embarrassed . He’ll retire to raise his growing family and try to leverage some political power out of his corrupt Aberdeen Annexation land grab deal.





Seth Myers – Immigration Corrupted / JimmyKimmel – Gaffigan/Colbert Tarriff Man Trump Goes Down With Economy

August 15, 2019







Republican Aegis – Aberdeen Gilbert Road Annexation Delayed By City Council – Landbeck Gung Ho For Questionable Land Deal And Potential Traffic Nightmare On Gilbert And Rte 22 — Mayor And Crony Sideckick (Illegal Councilman) Cautiously Back Off To Review New Data Concerning Widening Gilbert And Stepheny/Aldino To Four Lanes – And Possible Traffic Light At Rte 22 And Aldino/ Stepheny

August 15, 2019

NYMag – Trump State By State Popularity Should Scare the MAGA Out Of Him

August 15, 2019


Interceot – Five Lies About Iran We Need To Refute To Stop Another Illegal War

August 15, 2019

Colbert – Troller In Chief / Jim Jefferies – How NRA Went Nuts / Meyers Cruel Immigration Policy /j Kimmel – Trump Lies

August 15, 2019




Seth Myers- Conspiracy Theorist In Chief – Co;bert – Down the Rabbit Hole – Going Donkey Style Jimmy Kimmel – Dildo, Canada

August 13, 2019






WashPOst//VOX/ The Atlantic – Restrictionist Anti-Immigrant Groups Influence Trump Administration Hateful Racist Policy And Rhetoric

August 12, 2019

WashJournal – Cynnthia Miller-Idriss : White Supremacy- 080819

August 11, 2019


ACLU Maryland – ICE Tries Bait And Switch Tactics To Remove Legal Immigrants From Maryland

August 10, 2019

Bill Maher – Monologue: Tragedy Meets Trump / New Rules: Past And Furious / Richard Engel, NBC News/ Gov. Terry McAuliffe

August 10, 2019








Is The Mayor of Aberdeen ,Patrick McGrady A White Nationalist?

August 8, 2019



SamBee – Its The Guns, Stupid!/Just Call it Domestic Terrorism / NYMag -ICE Raid in Mississppi / Seth Myers – Trump Attacks Biden

August 8, 2019










Seth Myers – Trump Picks political Fight Vising El Paso/ Colbert -/ El Paso/J.Kimmel – Trump Cant Spell His Own Name / Noah – Guns & Trump

August 8, 2019






DNC Confederacy of Dunces Is Back Again In 2020

August 8, 2019




Colbert – El Paso/Dayton Shootings/ J.Kimmel – Enough/ Seth Myers – Political Reaction /Elizabeth Moss

August 6, 2019





Intercept – El Paso Gunman Fear of Immigrant Invasion Echoes Donald Trump/Fox News Racism

August 6, 2019

Feminist Next Door – Sexist Team Mtch Harrass Photo of Democratic Congresswoman

August 6, 2019

Snopes – Connor Betts (Dayton Shooter) Twitter Politics – Mentally Ill Psychotic

August 6, 2019

Connor Betts: Twitter Posts on Being a Leftist, Guns






FAIR – CNN Industry Spin Shows Need For Independent Debates

August 5, 2019

CNN’s Industry Spin Shows Need for Independent Debates


Media Matters – Fox News Is A White Nationalisim Manifesto !

August 5, 2019



June 2019 Bill Maher Didnt Know The Answer To The Biden or Bernie Question!/ August 2019 Back From Vacation He Is Sure The Answer To Trump Fatigue isJoe Biden!

August 3, 2019


Bill Maher – Monologue – We Made It To Aug -/ New Rules – Trump Fatigue -/Overtime / Marianne Williamson

August 3, 2019




Colbert -Let Them Chant?/ Chris Matthews -Impeachment Is Dead (2Aug2019)/JKimmel – Putin Fires /Myers – BestCase/Worst

August 3, 2019






Intercept – Elizabeth Warren Wants Government To Manufacture Its Own Generic Drugs

August 3, 2019

NYMag – Trump Wants To Punish Amazons Bezos For The Negative Political Reporting In His Wash Post!

August 3, 2019

VF – Late Nite Comedy Attacjs Biden Doddering Speech Habits

August 1, 2019


TomToles /WP – Democratic Moderates Are Conservative Trump Lite

August 1, 2019


WP – Marianne Williamson Orb Queen of 2020 Campaign

August 1, 2019

WashPost/ Margret Sullivan – CNN Debate Format Embarrassing

August 1, 2019

Common Dreams / Norm Solomon – Nothing Moderate About Democratic Moderates: Joe Biden

August 1, 2019


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