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NY Mag – John Oliver Mocks Borderline Pathology of Brett Kavanaugh

October 8, 2018

H.R. 38 Hearings – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act- A Moron From Georgia With Concealed Weapon Can Carry His Weapon In Maryland Where It Is Prohibted (Known as The Gahler “More Guns More Fun Act” in Maryland)

December 6, 2017

Aberdeen Board of Elections Suggest Town Hold New Election To Resolve Tie Vote

December 10, 2015

Why Michael Bennett Lost Relection As Aberdeen Mayor – Spoiler Alert – Republican Ruth Elliot Diverted Votes From McGrady – Democrat Marla Posey Moss Diverted Votes Away From Bennett – 2015 Democratic Candidates Win 52% Of Vote ,Bennett Loses By 46 Votes ( Bennett Won 52% Of Vote In 2011 And Won By 26 Votes)

November 23, 2015



McGrady Demands Wasting Aberdeen Taxpayer Money: If Patrick McGrady Becomes Aberdeen Mayor He Promises That Within A Month He Will Demand That All Recorded City Meetings Be Put On Youtube!!!

September 27, 2015


Patrick “Shady” McGrady is a libertarian Tea Party Republican. He’s supposedly against government waste of tax payer money. But now he is demanding Aberdeen City government waste taxpayers money “youtubing” every Harford Cable Network recording of town meetings. When is McGrady against government waste? Just Tuesdays and Thursdays?  I think McGrady is just lazy and wants a government handout. The Harford Cable Network’s videos of Aberdeen town meetings are easily available for everyone at Whats the problem? Does this slow down your research? The government is not in the business of subsidizing trust-fund babies!

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