NYTimes – Why U.S. Has So Many Mass Shootings! We Have All the Guns!

November 7, 2017

The Die-aH-Per Change

November 7, 2017

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • CandidateObama, I Am Going To End
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Military, with a wily grin
  • PresidentObama, We will defeat the Taliban
  • Military, we’ll try, for right now we’ll just get by
  • By controlling Kabul and poppy land
  • Obama, we will end the war by this date
  • Military, we will, but we’re runninga bit late
  • Obama, then we’ll have a troop surge
  • Military, good, we’ll perform a rebel purge
  • With face recognition, finger printing and biometrics
  • Obama, then I’ll bring the troops home
  • Military, methinks it’s best you leave them alone
  • Obama, this is the longest war in our nation’s history
  • Military, fighting cave people is a Vietnamese type murder mystery
  • We bombed, bombed, bombed, and the restis history
  • Military, the Taliban we can beat
  • It’s the opium poppy we won’t defeat
  • Bye, you’ve had eight years in that seat
  • Candidate Trump, what are we fighting for in…

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Shooter Weapon Described As AR-15 Variant

November 7, 2017



Boycott The Aegis For Blacking Out Any News Coverage of Allison Galbraiths Democratic Campaign For Congress in Mds First District

November 7, 2017

Politico Magazine -Who Was Mary Trump?

November 6, 2017




NYMag – Larry David On SNL

November 6, 2017



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Atlantic – The First White President – Ta-Nehisi Coates

November 5, 2017

Creeping Fascism: Dodgy Dagger Censors Letter Advocating More Women And Racial Minorities Should Be Recruited On Harford Police Force

November 5, 2017



Is Harford Republican Candidate For House of Delegates J.D. Russell A Racist? He Supports A Photo ID Law For Maryland! Photo ID Laws Suppress The Vote Of Minorities !

November 5, 2017

Creeping Fascism Pt 2 – Dodgy Dagger Dodges Free Speech, Censors Letter Urging More Women On Police Force And More Educated Cops

November 4, 2017


Bill Maher – OverTime And I Don’t Know It For A Fact….But

November 4, 2017


Bill Maher/ Real Time – Monologue: TMZ Meets DMZ And New Rules – Toxic Male Lazziness

November 4, 2017

WashPost – How More Women Police Officers Would Help Stop Police Brutality

November 4, 2017



SherifJeff Gahler : Why Arent Police Departments Recruiting More Women?

November 4, 2017



Improving Police – Once More —We Need College Cops!

November 4, 2017



Female Cops Feel Less Need To Deal With Defiance With Immediate Force Or Confrontational Language

November 4, 2017



Women And Policing : Excessive Force

November 4, 2017


Effects Of Education, Training And Pre-Employment Training of Law Enforcement Use Of Force

November 4, 2017


Police Culture: Women Police And Attitudes Towards Misconduct

November 4, 2017


Dodgy Dagger Censors Letter About Police Racial And Gender Job Discrimination

November 3, 2017



Dodgy Dagger Censors Letter About Police Racial And Gender Job Discrimination

November 3, 2017


Censored Mike Callahan Letter to Harford County Dodgy Dagger : Harford County Police Need To Hire More Female And Racial Minority Police Officers

November 3, 2017



Dear Marooned:

Your not a “racist”! Your just racially challenged .  You say you don’ct see how a college education can make a  better police officer.

Well….according to Justice Policy, Spring 2016 ” National Examination of the Effects of Education Training And the Employment Screening On Law Enforcement Use Of Force”— police officers with more education were found to be less likely to use force and found to be significantly improved at problem solving.

J.Rydberg & W.Terrill, Police Quarterly, March 2010, “The Effects of Higher Education On Police Behavior” found that college educated cops display more acceptance of minorities and are more likely to display ethical behavior.

Mr. Duke who called me a “moron” and an “idiot” suggesting that I “want to force in applicants who are not the best qualified”. This assertion  is in fact wrong and ignorant.

Many police departments don’t want the smartest or most qualified applicant. Sometimes they purposely hire the less qualified White Male applicant.

Paul Butler points out in Chokehold: Policing Black Men—that Police Departments dont always hire the smartest candidates. You can be rejected for being too smart no matter who you are.

Many police departments use the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test to evaluate learning and problem solving of potential cops. The highest score is 50. Most police score between 20 and 27. Robert Jordan from New London, Conn. had his application turned down because he got a 33 score. The  Department rejected him because they thought his high score was too high and thus they figured he wouldn’t be a “happy cop”. Jordan took the issue to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The court determined “Even if unwise” the discrimination “was a rationale policy”. – Jordan vs City of New London, USCA 2nd Circuit – Nh-090168  (2000).

Also , all police departments should strive for a  50% female police force. Now around 88% are male . 12% are female. (Its probably a worse ratio in Harford County).

Research suggests that female cops are better at de-escalating  conflict and have a lesser tendency to use a firearm to solve problems. A study by the Washington Post discovered that between 2006 and  2016 54 cops were prosecuted for illegal shootings. Only two of the cops were female. 52 were male cops.  (if women were 96% of the police force they would have been involved in 16 bad shooting trials not 52)



“Police Culture, Women Police and Attitudes Towards Misconduct, July 1996, Avirl  Alley, Linda Waugh, and Andrew Ede http://www.aic.gov.au/media_library/conferences/policewomen/alley.pdf

Katherine  Spillar, “How More  Female Police Officers Would Help Stop Police Brutality” WashPo July 2, 2015

Ben Stickle, “A National Examination of the Effect of Education, Training and Pre-Employment   Screening on Law Enforcement Use of Force” Justice Policy Journal (Spring 2016)  http://www.cjcj.org/uploads/cjcj/documents/jpj_education_use_of_force.pdf

Danielle Paquette , “One Way To Curb Police  Brutality That No One Is Talking  About”  Washington Post  July 14, 2016


  •  “Marooned” and “The Duke” are like a Good Cop/Bad Cop comedy routine who like the unfair and unjust hiring practices of local police departments. “Maroon” is the good cop that pleads ignorance and is defensive about being labeled “racist”. “The Duke” is the bad cop ready to use verbal violence and ready to establish a false story “straw man”  to cover up his his acts of ignorance.



Vanity Fair – In West Wing Trump Is Apoplectic As Allies Fear Impeachment

November 2, 2017



Salon- John Kelly Doesnt Know American History

November 1, 2017



Dan Rodricks/BaltoSun – Bigots Delight: Harford County Exec Barry Glassman Panders To District 7 Republican Racist Demagogues Kathy Szelega, Rick Impallaria and Pat McDonough

November 1, 2017






NYMag – Ken Burns/Novelist Shelby Foote Misinformed America About Civil War! Burns Ever The Populist Was Mislead That Polls Indicated Only 38% Of Americans 20 Years Ago Thought Slavery Was The Major Cause of Civil War! General Kelly Gets His History From Ignorant Historians. (Gen.Robert E Lee Believed In Slavery)

November 1, 2017



ThinkProgress – Sam Clovis Joins The Republican Falling Dominoes of The Russian Connection Investigation

November 1, 2017


Sam Clovis

The Sun Editorial – County Exec Barry Glassman Joins The Demagogues To Fight Muslim Funded Developement In Joppatowne! Thanks Ba-a-a-rry!

November 1, 2017



The Hill – Poll Shows Democrat Northam Leads Republican Gillespie by 17 Points In Virginia Gov Race!

November 1, 2017



Is County Executive Barry Glassman Trying To Scare Muslims In Joppatowne? This Va Governor Race Ad Depicts The Nightmare Glassman And His Racist Friends Are Sowing!

November 1, 2017


Jordan Klepper – Locker Room Talk

November 1, 2017

NYMag – GOP Collusion With Trump Continues Despite The Mueller Revelations

October 31, 2017



NYMag/ Borowitz – Trump Unsure Who This Manafort Person Is?

October 30, 2017



NYMag – Is Jimmy Kimmel Our New Walter Cronkite?

October 30, 2017




The Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Religious Bigot Award: Barry Glassman*

October 29, 2017



“Public officials in Maryland are suing the builder of a retirement community where homes were sold only to Muslims,accusing him of defamation after he accused them of religious discrimination.” Washington Post , Justin Moyer,  Harford County Officials Sue Builder of Muslim Community For Defamation

After  Harford County delayed building permits for Gemcraft Homes in Joppatowne, Bill Luther of Gemcraft Homes filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against county officials. Mr. Luther claimed that county authority discriminates “against people of the Islamic faith”.

Harford Countys response was to file a defamation counter suit in U.S. District Court  . The county claims Mr. Luther “impugned” the county “to be prejudice and bigoted”. The  County also claimed , “Mr. Luther made these false statements with actual  malice…”

Luther replied that public officials cant sue their citizens “for defamation when citizens exercise their freedom of speech.”

Luther  also said “In this country every person has the right to express his or her opinions in response to government actions. I will not be intimidated by the defamation claim.  The county should abandon these kinds of tactics and allow innocent home buyers to move into their homes”.

County Executive Barry Glassman hereby is awarded the Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Award For Religious Discrimination  In Housing

John Wilkes Booth wanted to stop President Abe Lincoln from stopping slavery. He didn’t wait for it to happen. He went out and tried to make it happen with…  a gun (Second  Amendment Rights?)

Barry Glassman  appears to  not want Muslims to live in a retirement community in Joppatown and he didnt wait for it to happen. He listened to his inner light, the voices in side his head and his Republican  political base.  Then he  just went out to make it happen by filing a flimsy defamation law suit to stop those pesky Muslims. (Its the oldest legal intimidation trick in the book)

Congratulations Barry Glassman. You are now officially a political bigot.

*Political Humor


WashPost – Justin Moyer – Harford County Officials Sue Builder Of Muslim Community For Defamation

October 29, 2017





Bill Maher – 10/27/14- Joy Behar – The Great Gasbag: Trump Guidebook – Interview With Woody Harrelson: LBJ Movie

October 28, 2017

Bill Maher/Real Time – 10/24/14 -Monologue/New Rules: Why Are The Republicans Who Wrap Themselves In The Flag Always The Most Clueless About What It Represents? (i.e Sheriff Jeff Gahler, Sen. Bobby Cassilly)

October 28, 2017

How Black Americans See Discrimination

October 28, 2017

Btx3's Blog

What percentage of black Americans believe racism and discrimination against black folks exists in America?

Pice a number between 1 and 100 and read on.

Image result for black american poll experience with racism

How Black Americans See Discrimination

We asked black Americans whether they believe discrimination against black Americans exists in the U.S. today.

How many do you think responded “it exists”?


Of the 802 black Americans we asked, almost all said they believe discrimination against black Americans exists today.

One of the paradoxes of racial discrimination is the way it can remain obscured even to the people to whom it’s happening. Here’s an example: In an ambitious, novel studyconducted by the Urban Institute a few years ago, researchers sent actors with similar financial credentials to the same real estate or rental offices to ask about buying or renting a home or apartment. In the end, no matter where they were sent, the actors of color…

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Internet Troll

October 28, 2017



Comment Policy : No Zombies

October 28, 2017




Vox Americas Shadow War In Africa: “Terrorism” Or Oil?

October 27, 2017



New Yorker – Roy Moore’s Law School Professor Nicknamed Him “Fruit Salad”!

October 27, 2017


FoxBaltimore News – Harford County Executive Attempts To Sue Muslim Joppatowne Builder For Slander – Builder Accused County Of Anti-Muslim Bias For Shutting Down Building Site! Is Harford County Run By Anti-Muslim Bigots????

October 27, 2017



BaltimoreFoxNews – Is Joppatowne Housing Development Being Put On Hold Because It Attracted Muslim Residents??????Compalaints Made By Well Known Racial Challenged/Anti-Immigrant Republicans Del. Pat McDonough And Del Richard Impallaria!

October 27, 2017



NYMag – New Polls Suggest Trump Not Getting Away With Selling His Alternative Reality! The Bullshit Aint Sellng To Majority Of Voters!

October 27, 2017



NYMag – Steve Bannon Tries To Remake Michael Grimm Into A Republican Populist

October 27, 2017



Village Voice – Before The Goldwater Rule

October 27, 2017



Raven/Dolphin Game – Ndamukong Suh Shoves And Chokes QB Ryan Mallet

October 27, 2017

Raven 40 /Miami Zero – Game Highlights

October 27, 2017

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