WaterGate 2 – Stephen Colbert – Trump Fires Comey

May 10, 2017

Conan – Trump Calls Putin

May 10, 2017

Awkward Silence

May 10, 2017


Help Allison Galbraith “Wipeout” Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris (MD1) In The 2018 Democratic Wave Election!: Official Announcement Event – Sean Bolans Irish Pub , Main Street, Bel Air, Md – 10:45AM To 11:30AM – Pick Up Your Official Allison Shirt And Lawn Sign!

May 10, 2017


CNN : Is There A Democratic Wave Building For 2018? A Republican Wipeout?

May 10, 2017



Headlines : May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017


The Sun/Political Bullshit – “Know-It-All” Dan Rodericks Disses Harford’s Democratic Challenger To Congressman Andy Harris, Declares Contest Over Before It Begins, Go Back To Your Cell Phones First District Citizens Danny Boy Says History Is Not Calling, Give Up, No One Can Beat Dr. Andy , Democracy Is A Waste Of Time!

May 9, 2017


Sally Yates Smackdown of Smarmy Ted Cruz

May 9, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Bad news Ted Sleazy – the kind of folks who rise to high positions in the DOJ without political appointments during, at least, Democrat Presidencies tend to be both smart and qualified, and real lawyers. Which is why Sally Yates just had your ass for lunch.

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Farmers Get the Shaft Under Chumph’s Immigration

May 9, 2017

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Image result for illegal immigrants picking tomatoes This is a common sight in the fields around where I currently live. Immigrants, mostly undocumented, picking the crops. These guys disappear…Say goodbye to your spaghetti sauce and pizzas. The pick tomatoes green, and then turn the red by gassing them with nitrogen. Otherwise the tomato is so soft it rots before getting to market. Last year, the tomato field was planted with cantaloupes –  the same crew (rounded up by an entrepreneurial ex-illegal – now citizen) was out there to pick them.

The Chumph’s Immigrant crackdown is getting ready to cost Americans greatly, and where it hurts – at the grocery store. We have become spoiled since the 50’s days to terrible TV Dinners and certain fruits and vegetables only being available during certain parts of the year. You don’t realize that until you go to a country which doesn’t have the agricultural infrastructure the US has.

A number…

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For Sale: J.D. Russell for State Delegate 34A

May 9, 2017



(The real estate sign above was not defaced in reality. It was only defaced in virtual reality. But the sign below is an illegal campaign sign disguised as a real estate sign. This is devious  Republican political chicanery.  Now you know why JD is smiling. He is a dishonest* wannabee politician)

We tried to communicate with JD Russell, Dodgy Right-Wing Republican candidate for House of Delegates in Dist 34A. We contacted his  campaign Face Book and asked if he still supported a photo voter ID law for Maryland. This position was originally on his Facebook but removed when I mention it in a blog post. I inquired if he still supported the Jim Crow law idea but  I got no response. Then I was blocked from making any more facebook posts.

So-o-o-o….We contacted his real estate agency  (Harford Property Services) and posted a similar inquiry . This time I added another inquiry. I asked if he is a member of Harford’s Campaign For Liberty or the State Tea Party.  No response!

So-o-o-o-o….wondering what to do next I pointed out on a Tom Myers Facebook post my problem  communicating with this dodgy Republican. What to do next to reach out to my political enemy! Then Tom Myers savvy wit made the  connection from JD’s  property sale sign:  “6 Lots For Sale” transformed into “J..D. Russell For Sale”! I put his idea in the meme generator and now I’ve ruined JDs slick devious  campaign attempt to illegally  put up political signs one year before the election disguised as real estate signs.  Now that I think of it  JD has a billboard on Route 40 advertising his real estate agency with his pic on it. Tomorrow I’ll  meme that sign.

See? Politics can be fun! And political humor  can be very effective in upsetting political chicanery.



Rolling Stone – Chris Rock In A Hard Place

May 9, 2017



Intercept – ACLU Sues Trump For Files On Botched Seal Raid In Yemen

May 9, 2017




Intercept – Trumps ICE (Immigration Agents) Arresting Immigrants Mainly For Traffic Stops Not Felony Warrants

May 9, 2017







RollingStone – War In The White House: Republican Old Guard & Jared Kushner vs AtltRight White Nationalist Steve Bannon

May 9, 2017



Harford Tea Party/Libertarian Candidates Gather At American Legion For 2016 Campaign: (1) David Ryden, States Attorney Candidate (Joe Snee, campaign mgr) (2) JD Russell, Candidate Dist 34A State Delegate ( Supports Photo Voter ID) (3)Aaron Penman ,7th Dist State Delegate Candidate (Ultra- Conservative Republican) (4) Sheriff Jeff “More Guns Not Less” Gahler, (5) County Councilman Curtis Beulah ( Member of Rte 40 Repub Club – A Haven For White Nationalists )

May 9, 2017


How the Kentucky Derby Became Whites Only

May 8, 2017

Btx3's Blog

I had a uncle, born in 1894 who was a professional Jockey. He rode successfully from Maryland to New York – but never in the Kentucky Derby during the 20’s and 30’s. Unfortunately he passed before I could sit down and ask him about his experiences. I do recall a listening to conversation in the early 60’s where he admitted passing for white to race in the South.

The family owned a race track for many years, but it was set up for Harness Racing. Three of my Uncles were involved in that style of horse racing, and one was very successful. When Virginia outlawed para-mutual betting, all of the tracks, about a quarter of which were owned by black folks, shut down.

Image result for black horseracing jockeys

How African-Americans disappeared from the Kentucky Derby

When the horses enter the gate for the 143rd Kentucky Derby, their jockeys will hail from Louisiana, Mexico, Nebraska and…

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Yeah…Everybody Hates Them! Republicans and Healthcare

May 6, 2017

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If the Senate fails to substantially improve the Healthcare Bill passed by the Republicans…We could see a “revolution” in this country in 2018 when Red state white America realizes just how badly fucked they are by their hero Chumph and the Republican Party.

Added this one under “The New Jim Crow” as obviously poor minorities will bear a larger burden from this.

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Bill Maher/ Overtime – Russian Probe, French Election, War On Terror

May 6, 2017

Bill Maher – Interview With John Kasich Redefining Republican

May 6, 2017

Bill Maher/ Real Time – Jimmy Kimmel And Trumpcare

May 6, 2017

Real Time/Bill Mahers Monologue And New Rules – The Day The Presidency Died

May 6, 2017

Mayor McGrady’s Post Office Rally For Handicap Access Gathers 30 to 40 Citizens

May 6, 2017

Unpopular Aberdeen Mayor Exploits Post Office Rally To Save His Political Job

May 5, 2017

The Aegis Friday,May5,2017 Aberdeen Mayor To Lead Post Office Rally Saturday



Is this any way to run a town government? When the Mayor cant get his way instantly as Mayor—— lets hold a citizen rally. Wait a minute? Your the Mayor and you hold public meeting once ever two weeks to deal with problems or solutions. Why don’t you invite representatives from the post office to your little town meeting to explain and argue over the matter. Maybe this will clarify the issue.Maybe you can demand  a new post office if its too  dangerous to put a new ramp in a small old building.

McGrady’s purpose for having a rally is to demonstrate to Postal officials  that  “…people in Aberdeen really need this,they really care about this, so we can fix it.” The Mayor  says he is hoping for a good turnout and believes 30 or 40 citizens showing up would be a success in his book. ( His face book counter says 6 are Going and 31 are interested.)  You can get more people to show up at an organized meeting to demonstrate  a thoughtful concern. But a rally Saturday morning in downtown ? Really? Is this why we hired you as Mayor? To hold street rallys? Are the city chambers with recording camera  not a good enough concept for democracy?

I dont think this rally is just about fixing the handicap access. I think an unpopular politician is trying to exploit a significant problem to gin up his favorability on Facebook.  Just sayin.


This is a video of  the last Saturday rally Patrick McGrady organized in Aberdeen—A Gun Rally that started on McDonald’s  Beards Hill Rd. parking lot. Management threw the gun nuts off their property when it disrupted Saturday morning business. The gang crossed the street and retreated to the APG Credit Union lawn.  The rallying cry that time was “Guns Save Lives!”

Here is another option. “Shady” McGrady as Mayor can get  the City Council   to buy the Merritt Building by Target off Middleton Road and sell or rent it to the Post Office to retrofit a new Post Office. It already has plenty of handicapped/van   parking on both sides of the building. No dangerous ramps in the winter at Merritt. You enter the first floor at ground level.  (This idea was on the Dagger blog site by a person called Mr. LOL – The photos are mine)


011.JPGI like the last McGrady quote in the Aegis article. “We want the US Postal Service to be GOOD NEIGHBORS to the citizens of Aberdeen and this is something they need to do to be good citizens.”

Wow! A couple of weeks ago Mayor McGrady’s idea of “good Neighbor” and “good citizen” was to create a city ordanance to fine the homeless $50 per day for living in a tent.

Sen Mark Warner – “Odds on Impeaching Trump, 2-1”

May 5, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Yeah! Should be 20-1…But I’ll take the underestimate…

So IMPEACH the mother-sucking traitor already!

Image result for impeach Trump

Senator leading Russia investigation sets odds of Trump impeachment at 2-to-1

resident Donald Trump is deeply unpopular, and he’s facing probes of his campaign ties to Russia and a myriad of ethical questions about his family business — which could eventually prompt Republican lawmakers to dump him.

Trump’s critics are already exploring impeachment or the invocation of the 25th Amendment, which allows the replacement of presidents who are deemed mentally unfit, and some lawmakers and other experts believe he’s unlikely to finish his term, reported The New Yorker.

His approval rating has drooped to 40 percent — the lowest for any newly elected president since Gallup began measuring it — and the FBI and four congressional committees are investigating alleged collusion between his associates and the Russian government.

“You can’t govern this country with a…

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Tea Party Fanatic Rep. Andy Harris Votes For TrumpCare Bill

May 5, 2017


Seth Myers – A CloserLook – House Repubs Pass Trumpcare, Celebrate Second Inning Lead

May 5, 2017

Rachelo Maddow – America Faces Impact Of New GOP Healthcare Plan

May 5, 2017

Stephen Colbert – GOP Celebrates Its One-Third of A Healthcare Victory! GOP Bullshits American Public, Again!

May 5, 2017

NewYorker/Evan Osnos – Is Political Hubris A Disease?Is Trump Intoxicated With Power?

May 5, 2017




The Sun – Tea Party Republican Andy “Winky” Harris To Support Ugly House Republican Health Bill – Kicks 24 Million Off HealthCare , Gives Millionares A Tax Break, Slashes Medicaid, Raises Premiums And Deductibles, Weakens Pre-Existing Conditions

May 4, 2017




Village Voice – The Episode Guide To Trump Presidency

May 4, 2017



Is Aberdeen Mayor McGrady’s Post Office Rally A Political Stunt Or The Only Legitimate Way To Get A Handicap Ramp In The PO?

May 4, 2017


Is  Mayor Pat McGradys rally-for-a-ramp at the Abedeen  Post Office really the only way to get the federal officials to put in a “handicap ramp”?? Or Is this just a cheap political   stunt for an unpopular Republican Mayor to win back respect for the Mayor?

It seems a political rally is a pretty impotent use of political power by a elected official  Of course McGrady is a minority-elected Mayor having only won with 32% of the vote so he already has little influence or power. But a rally is usually the political tool of a citizen protest of government incompetence or  unreasonable policy.

A McGrady unreasonable policy was recently challenged by a political community rally at  a town meeting to stop his idea to fine the homeless out of there tent dwellings. But McGradys post office rally seems to be a bit dodgy.  Its in reality an elected  government official protesting his own lack of competence.

One citizen on a local  news website/blog  asked why cant the Post Office move into the empty lonesome Merritt Building by the Target store.  It was a thoughtful good question. Putting a new ramp into the tiny old Aberdeen post office at this time is probably not a smart or safe solution to the problem.

So, if Mayor Pat McGrady really wants to solve the problem and not just lead a  political stunt-rally against his own political incompetence then why doesnt  the City government purchase the lonesome Merritt  Office Building and rent/sell it to the Post Office for a new home? It will be the HUGEST post office in  Harford. Or the Mayor could focus his energy on requesting the U.S. Postal Service to build a  new safer Post Office in Aberdeen.

A rally in front of the Post Office  on Saturday  morning??? Are you nuts? The last time McGrady held a rally in Aberdeen on Saturday morning was his “Guns Save Lives ” rally on   McDonalds  Route 22 parking lot. McDonalds told him to get the hell off their busy parking lot and the rally continued in front of the APG Credit Union.

What will be McGradys rallying cry  this Saturday? ” Save  McGradys Job!”

Republican Tea Party Rebel Rouser Patrick McGrady Leads  “Guns Save Lives ” Rally  In Aberdeen On Busy Saturday Morning

Candidate Patrick McGrady Tries A Political Stunt To Win Race For Mayor

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details Of His New Sons Heart Disease

May 4, 2017

Seth Myers – Closer : Comey Testifies Again And Health Care

May 4, 2017

Walter Scott Murderer, ex-Cop Michael Slager to Plead Guilty in Federal Court

May 4, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Those who are either old enough to remember the KKK murders in places like Mississippi, and the resultant trials where all-white juries of the time couldn’t find them guilty will draw a correlation between the Walter Scott Murder trial ending in a hung jury despite video evidence that he was murdered by former Officer Michael Slager.

In quite possibly the last Civil Rights prosecution until the racist Chumph and his minions are removed from office, one small victory.

Sources: Police officer arrested in Walter Scott shooting to plead guilty in federal civil rights case

The former North Charleston police officer who was filmed shooting Walter Scott to death is expected to plead guilty this afternoon in connection with a federal civil rights prosecution, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.

Such a plea agreement for Michael Slager, 35, would come on the eve of his trial stemming from…

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JD Russell And Jim Crow: Birds of A Feather???? Dishonesty And Cover Up????

May 4, 2017


JD Russell, Reactionary Republican Real Estate Agent, running for Maryland State Delegate in Southern Harford (District 34A) claimed in his website he would support a Photo Voter ID law for Maryland if elected. When this was pointed out to him  and questioned he removed the matter from his website with no comment or apology.

When a question was sent to his political facebook it was soon removed with no response or apology!

Where does JD Russell stand on Photo Voter ID Laws? Why is he avoiding questions about his political position? Why didnt he answer the facebook inquiry? How can the public trust a candidate for political office who is not openly honest and transparent?

Conan O’Brien – A Film By Trump : About the Civil War

May 2, 2017

Seth Myers – A Closer Look: Trump Admits POTUS Is Hard , Flubs the Civil War

May 2, 2017

Colbert Monologue – Trump On Civil War

May 2, 2017

Colbert Interviews President Donald Trump

May 2, 2017

Dodgy Journalism – Thanks Republican Aegis For Not Reporting On Allison Galbraith’s Registering To Run For the U.S. Congress In The First District! The Story Was Excellently Covered In The Cecil Whig! But Allison Is From Harford! Whats Up With That! The Aegis’s Poor Judgement And Prejudice Is Showing!

May 2, 2017


NYMag – Donald Trumps Political Matrix: The Extreme Reactionary Burn It To The Ground, Radical, New Fangled Far Right

May 2, 2017



Yale Historian Warns Trump Will Stage A “Reichstag Fire” To Save His Presidency!

May 2, 2017


Political Maryland/ Barry Rascovar – If Election For Governor of Maryland Were Held Today the Unknown Democrat Alec Ross Would Win!!!

May 2, 2017



Densmore Begins Recording Indian Music

May 1, 2017



Red Wing native Frances Densmore embarks on a life-long study of Indian music and culture. From a single recording of a performance by Kitchimakwa (“Great Bear”) at White Earth, she eventually collects thousands of songs of the Ojibwe, Dakota, and 10 other tribes. By the time of her death in 1957, Densmore will have also written 22 books and over 100 articles on Indian life.*

What a fascinating woman, Lord! I love the paradox that Ms. Densmore studied piano, organ, and harmony at Oberlin, and found joy in music of the people. Perhaps she is a testimony of her school’s philosophy?
Father, I’m grateful that by chance she read a book, that led her to her first experience with Indian music, that led into a passion.** I’m grateful that she took delight in listening, which is an inherent quality of great recording engineers, musicians, and producers. One adds a…

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Chumph Invites Mass Murderer to the Whites Only House

May 1, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Rodrigo Duterte is the Philippines Trump. He has directed and purportedly participated in the mass murder of over 20,000 of the countries citizens…

I guess Putin’s Bitch wants to get some tips from the modern day Hitler.

Image result for Rodrigo Duterte mass murder Duct Taping a victim under Duterte

Trump invites Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte to White House

-resident Donald Trump has invited controversial Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, the Guardian is reporting.

While no date has been set between the two leaders, a readout of Saturday’s call to Duterte indicated the two discussed “the concerns of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) regarding regional security, including the threat posed by North Korea.”

Duterte is a controversial figure, encouraging vigilantes to take the law into their own hands and kill drug dealers, and he was recently accused, along with other Philippine officials, of “mass murder and crimes against humanity.”

Saturday’s report…

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NewYorker -The Marked Woman: Killers of the Flower Moon

May 1, 2017

Not The White House Correspondence Dinner – Samantha Nee : Peaches And Monologue – What Is A Fact ? In Memorium!

April 30, 2017

White House Correspondence Dinner – Daily Shows HASAN MINHAJ Rocks Trump’s Anti-Democratic White House Of Lies!!!!!!

April 30, 2017

Republican JD Russell Stands For Jim Crow Photo ID Voting Laws! He Wants To Represent South Harford D34 In The State Legislature! He Can Run But He Cant Hide!

April 30, 2017

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