Republican Candidate For State Delegate Doesnt Like The Way Aberdeen Police Officer (Who Got Shot In Face With A Shotgun) Is Being Treated By Aberdeen Government On His Disability But Hasnt Done Anything But Mouth Off On His Facebook!


JD Russell, real estate developer  and Republican candidate for State Delegate  doesnt like how Aberdeen police officer , Jason Easton, has been treated for his disability due to an on the job gun shot injury.  Russell  says on his Facebook post ” No law enforcement officer who has been injured in the line of duty should have to go through this. I hope the City of Aberdeen can get this resolved immediately for Jason. We need to make sure this never happens again.”

Why doesnt Russell or the local police union hold a rally at the next Aberdeen City Council meeting in support of his cause? Why  doesnt Russell put his money where his mouth is? Isnt he a buddy of Aberdeens Mayor Paddy McGrady? Cant Russell testify at the town meeting instead of just Facebooking his  complaint?  Cant Russell ask his buddy the Mayor why the Mayor doesnt seem to  care about Officer Easton problem? Ask the City Council why they arent reforming the backward disabilty rules or the  ” no light duty” regulation.  This cop took a gun shot to the face to serve and protect and all we get from JD Russell is a little whining chat on the internet.

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