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MarylandJuice – Aftermath – So Larry Hogan s Our Governor?

November 7, 2014


MarylandJuice – Analysis of Governors Race: Is Larry Hogan A Dangerous Republican (Wing-Nut?) Or Just A Stupid One (Rain Tax?) ????

September 23, 2014





MarylandJuice/ Analysis of Governors Race And Suspicious Untransparent Republican Poll / Turnout Modeling And Sampling Data Not Available!

August 25, 2014




DodgyDagger – Big Q: Will Harford County Repubs Choose Harfords David Craig??? Big A: No. 54% Of Republicans Are Tea Party Supporters And Most Dont Believe Craigs Tea Party Act – The Pragmatic Prognosis Election Forecast For Craig Is 44 % In Harford – 26% Statewide ( The RepublicanAegis Just Didnt Convince Enough Voters)

June 21, 2014


QuintonReport – Repub Gov Candidate Larry Hogan’s Internal Poll Shows Him Losing To Dem. Lt.Gov Anthony Brown 42% to 32% (23%Undecided)

May 12, 2014


MD – PoliticsWatch – Who Will Win The Maryland Republican Battle of the Chins? David Craig or Larry Hogan??

March 17, 2014


WBALTV News – Gansler Says His “Race Comments” Were Taken Out Of Context, Charges Brown Affiliate Of Making Recording And Claims Recording His Secret Meetings Was A Felony Crime—-But He Wont Prosecute Even Though He Is A Prosecutor

October 28, 2013

WBALTVNews – AttyGen Gansler In July Was Secretly Recorded Saying That LtGov Brown Was Relying On Race To Get Elected As Governor And That Brown Lacked Any Accomplishments

October 28, 2013



MarcSteinerShow/WEAA/ChestertownSpy/MarylandJuice – Democratic Candidate for Governor, Delegate Heather Mizeur Spars With The Suns Dan Rodericks Over “Big Daddy Chair” Comment, Scores Well In Western Maryland Straw Vote

June 2, 2013


AberdeenPatch – Fear Of Being “Primaried” By RepubCrazies (aka The Base) Harford County Executive David Craig Joins The Tea Bag Party – Ceiling Debt ‘Deal’ Not Good Enough – 2014 Campaign For Governor Begins

August 4, 2011


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