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AEGIS – Aberdeen City Council Approves 80 Acre Gilbert Road Annexation With 4 To 1 Vote. – Only Lindecamp Opposes Annexation – Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady , His Corrupt Handpicked Crony Steve Goodin, Sandy “Land Deal” Landbeck And Melvin “Misinformed By Landbeck” Taylor Vote For Annexation! Only a Petitioned Referendum Vote Can Stop Over Developement Land Grab Annexation!

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Barbara Kreamer At Aberdeen City Council Introducing Her Campaign For State Senate

May 30, 2018

DodgyDagger/TonyV – Mayor McGrady Lied!: “Mayor McGrady Convinced All Of Those Voters That The Water And The Tax Bills Would Go Down If He Were In Office.”

August 8, 2017



Aberdeen Water And Sewage Bills To Go Up. Tea Party Republican Mayor Paddy McGrady Breaks His Promise To Reduce The Water/Sewage Tax!

August 8, 2017



Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says “There Is Nothing We Can Do About (the Poor)…” And He Does Nothing! – Councilman Taylor Says We Need A Homeless Commission To Focus On A Strategy To Do Something! – The Rest of The Council Is Asleep At The Wheel Again!

December 16, 2016

taylorSUGGESTION: If the City owns the empty Moose Lodge and you cant find any Moose this winter to put in the lodge then  open up part of the Moose Lodge as a night shelter for the homeless in Tent City. Usually this time of the year the churches take the homeless in for the winter nights. If they are not being contacted or they are not interested then common sense says the City government should seize responsibility for the winter-protection of the homeless on the streets. Then the Mayor/Council should seriously consider Councilman Taylor’s suggestion! Make a plan for the future  homeless problem! The Mayor can get away with stalling a crooked  rigged run-off election but he cant get away with stalling on the winter sheltering of the homeless. Human lives are in jeopardy while the  Mayor  hesitates and the Council procrastinates. “Don’t do something, just stand there” is not an acceptable policy. Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Taylor,Landbeck and Lindecamp all received more votes then the Mayor. Melvin Taylor is actually the President of the Council . His direction should  deserve some council respect.


Aberdeen Mayor/ Council Do-Nothing Policy For Homeless Gets Inspiration From Poland On How To Help Aberdeen Tent City Dwellers

December 14, 2016


Republican Aegis Endorses Current Bull Shit Plan For Helping The Homeless – Encourage Everybody To Do More And As A Backup Plan Give The Cops Utility Knives To Cut Up Homeless Tents

December 10, 2016

Here’s what happens at the Harford County Dept of Community Services when a person voluteer’s to help the homeless in Harford County. You get a phone call two days later asking for $20.00 for homeless veterans. That’s it. That’s Harford County’s DSC  outreach program.They give your phone number to another organization to beg money from you.

What is Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady’s solution for the homeless ? Last December an angry citizen suggested the govt throw the homeless out of their tent city near the library because it was too close to a school. The Mayors response was to  reword Christian doctrine by saying ” We will always have the poor..but .there is nothing we can do about it…” Then the Mayor urged the angry citizen to join him in trying to find  a  better solution.  Soon after the local police raided the tent city and cut their tents up making them uninhabitable.

A year later the same angry citizen makes the same complaint. And now the Aberdeen Police Chief is in charge of social service outreach  for the homeless. This year the police chief says “Homelessness  is not a crime” and he dedicates his job to protect the homeless. After police harassment didn’t work last year the Mayor & council have  delegated the  whole matter to the Police Social Service Out-Reach Dept.

The Harford County and Aberdeen bullshit solution to homelessness is to keep delegating the responsibility to somebody else. And the  Republican Aegis’s  job is to  endorse this bullshit policy.

There is one Aberdeen  homeless veteran who’s tent is in the woods near Wal-Mart. This homeless vet works at Wal-Mart during the night.  He inhabits his tent during the warmer day hours.  He  is homeless because he is trying to raise money for a vehichle.  Wal-Mart doesn’t pay a living wage so he cant pay rent and raise car money at the same time.  Here might be the solution.  Get the town govt/ Harf DCS  to co-operate with Wal-Mart to build a tent city  near their facility to provide third shift workers for Wal-Mart. Or better yet immediately  pass a Aberdeen City  ordinance requiring Wal-Mart to pay all workers a starting living wage of $15.00 an hour. The homeless who are stuck in the woods are ready to work if given some real social service assistance and a living wage.

Save the homeless! Fight for 15!



Councilman Taylor Suggests Need For Homeless Commission

November 26, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Trabert Takes The Lead On Dealing With Homeless Problem After Mayor/Council Passed The Buck – Councilman Melvin Talyor Steps Up, Calling For A Homeless Commission To Focus On Finding A Strategy

November 23, 2016













Aberdeen Alt-Right/Republican Mayor McGrady Thinks We Should Resolve Election Ties With A Flip Of a Coin! City Council Public-Input Meeting Monday !

October 8, 2016


Is Democarcy Just A Coin Flip? 1.Aberdeen’s Alt-Right/Tea Party Republican Mayor McGrady Wants Election Tie Votes To Be Resolved With Flip of A Coin – 2. Councilwoman Landbeck Demands A Run-Off Public Election. 3. Councilman Lindecamp Suggests A Council Run-Off Vote – Next Week The Public Is Invited To Sound Off At Council Meeting

October 7, 2016  Aegis/Record -Aberdeen To Use Runoff In Future Election Ties. Oct 7.2016

Aberdeen. Md Wins The 2016 Boss Tweed Award For Being The Most Undemocratic City In Maryland?

July 24, 2016


Aberdeen,Maryland has claimed the “Most Undemocratic City In Maryland”Award  for 2016. Aberdeen earned this title after it corrupted the Council election tie-vote runoff vote. The newly elected Mayor Patrick McGrady (aka Shady McGrady) is a Tea Party Republican gun-nut who was unable to get any of his Tea Party political slate elected to the council. One Tea Party crony did tie for the fourth seat with Democratic incumbent Steve Smith. But when the Mayor held a council runoff he nominated his tea Party crony but refused to nominate the tie -vote Democrat. He said something to the effect that he didn’t like the cut of Mr. Smiths jib. ( i.e. Mayor does not like Democrats)  So, instead of a fair and democratic council runoff, Aberdeen had a crooked (. i.e. corrupt)  council runoff.  The autocratic Mayor decided to nominate another Tea Party crony. Two of the three standing council members got tired of the Mayors six month anti-democratic shenanigans and gave up fighting for the fair and democratic process. The council chose fast and easy over fair and square.  The Mayor got his crony approved by the council in a two to one vote.  The local Republican newspaper sealed and approved the choice and now Aberdeen has become the most undemocratic city in Maryland.  ….The Mayor with the council approval threw away the 655 votes for Stephen Smith  and appointed  a Republican crony who received no citizen votes.  Congratulation Aberdeen for the 2016 MUCIM  Award. …At least Aberdeen didnt get the Most Racist Town In Maryland award (MRTIM)…that went to Pocomoke!





RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Swears In New City Manager – New CM Robertson Wants To Improve Public Relations With Citizens

July 12, 2016


The new Aberdeen City Manager got off on the wrong foot. Aberdeen doesn’t need better public relations (bullshit).  Aberdeen needs a fair trash tax. The new trash tax increase is only on those that use the least trash. Their trash tax doubles. The citizens who produce the most trash received no increase.  If  a tax increase is necessary, the burden of that  cost should be on everyone especially those that produce the most trash.  If the tax is necessary it would be fair only if Purple Stickers cost 75 cents and Yellow stickers cost $1.50 (50% raise across the board). The Council and the City Manager must keep the Mayors stupid ideas in check.  He is the Mayor not the King.  “Everything” is not important , Mr Robertson. Fairness and commonsense are important.




Unfair Aberdeen Trash Tax Increases July 1st – Increases Tax On Those That Create The Least Trash!

July 5, 2016


The new Mayor  of Aberdeen , Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  cant seem to do anything right. For four or five months he didn’t know how to properly solve an election tie-vote on the City Council. When he finally resolved it , he ignored the 654 voters that voted for Democrat Stephen Smith and chose  instead a Tea Party Republican /Church crony who never received a single citizen vote.  His first decision as Mayor was to corrupt the democratic process with autocratic arrogance and cronyism.

Next, the new Mayor overrode the city councils unanimous support  for hiring a professional to help find a new city manager. Instead he loaded a commission with more Tea Party cronies and selected  a city manager who has had a questionable  and controversial experience as a city manager.

Third, the new Mayor rather then properly discuss with the council and public about changing city worker heath insurance  just autocratically  (with the help of another Tea Party/Church crony) decided by himself to change insurance . To hell with democratic input.

Finally, the Mayor all of a sudden wants to double the city trash tax —-but just for those who  produce the least trash….. Say what? The new tax increases the  50 cent trash sticker to $1.00, putting the total burden of the increased costs on those that create the least trash…. WTF? Those citizens who have been trash hogs keep paying the same….. Fair? Equitable? Democratic?… Hell , no! If the costs of landfilling  the trash goes up, everyone should share the burden—that’s democratic, fair and equitable. . If the new tax had  raised  the purple sticker to 60 or 65 cents and the yellow sticker to $1.35 then the burden of the tax would have been shared with all the households.

The main problem with Aberdeen City government is the City Council is failing to question and check the Mayors corruption, stupid mistakes and unfairness.  The Council should flex their political muscle and stop rubber stamping what ever the autocratic Mayor wants. The Mayor received only 600 votes or 33% of the vote.. The Council members all received more public support in the election than the Mayor. Taylor received 898 votes (49.6%). Landbeck  got 802 votes (44%). And Lindecamp got  782 votes (43%) .Does the Council speak for the public interest or are they just the Mayors  lapdogs. The City Council played dead   with the Mayors autocratic insurance decision and with the unfair trash tax increase.The Council should be alert and active watchdogs  and on the trash tax they should have been junk-yard dogs.  The Council should put a  stop to the Mayors  political b.s. shenanigans.

(P.S.  Cordova, Alaska has a charter election law that says that any elective official who wins with less than 40% should  have to have a runoff election” WITH IN THREE WEEKS”. )



Happy 4th Of July!

July 2, 2016


“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. – Thomas Jefferson

Aberdeen Garbage Tax Rally May 9th,2016 , City Council Meeting 7:00 PM

May 4, 2016


Tea Party Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady ran for office on a ticket of reduced taxes.Six months into the first year of his corrupt administration he wants to double the cost of most garbage stickers. All stickers will be $1.oo  instead of $1 (yellow)  and 50 cents  (purple). McGradys bullshit slogan on his campaign literature was “SICK OF HIGH TAKES AND WATER BILLS?” and “Make Taxes Predictable, Low And Fair…” .

McGrady promised “I will work every day to reduce our water bills and property taxes.” He has done neither of those. ((the proposed new budget would reduce property tax from $0.66 to $0.656 per $100 of assessable base*))  Instead he has turned to garbage and decided to double the garbage tax on most citizens.

The garbage sticker tax increase  is on the agenda of the Aberdeen City Council on Monday May 9th at 7PM . Tell your elected officials and one illegally appointed official  what you think of doubling the garbage tax for  most citizens. Bring your tea bags for the Tea Party Mayor. Bring your “Don’t Tread On Me” flags .Bring your red shirts.  Tell the Mayor he is breaking his campaign promise of “less taxes, more jobs”.  Tell the council ; ‘ No Taxation Without Representation”. E-mail your reps. Phone your city govt.

If you think your Taxed Enough Already (TEA) bring your tea bags for the Mayor and vote against the Garbage Tax increase. If you like the new garbage tax come and pat the Mayor on the back for doing a good job..



*Aegis/Record ,May 6,2016 – Aberdeen Discusses Surplus,Tax Cut, Bryna Zumer


Public Hearing May 9th, 2018 – Mayor McGrady Wants To Double The Price Of Most Garbage Stickers

May 2, 2016

Republican Aegis – Goodin May Be A “Good Man” But He’s Not A “*Goodin” For Aberdeen Democracy

April 12, 2016




*”Goodin” – Southern slang for “good one”

Republican Aegis – Aberdeen City Council Refuses Common Sense Democratic Solution To Vacant Counsil Seat Dilema–Mayor Still Playing Corrupt “Nominee” Bullshit Game

March 15, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Stalemate Over Aberdeen Vacant Council Seat Continues As Public Gets Into The Act

February 24, 2016




Barbara Kreamer Advocates Lower Property Tax While Mayor Plays “Sandbox Politics”

February 19, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Explains Why He Corrupted The Tie-Vote Dilemma With A Partisan Political Power Grab

February 14, 2016



Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady  confuses his political fantasy of democracy with reality. All the citizens in the city are not eligible to be nominated in a tie-vote . That’s bullshit. The Counsel was suppose to break the tie-vote by voting up or down on Stephen Smith or Sean DeBonis. The same type of tie-vote occurred in New Windsor, Md. It was declared a vacancy . Everybody in New Windsor wasn’t eligible. The New Windsor Council voted to break the tie. They followed the law and respected the will of the voters. McGrady is just plain corrupt and he is desperately rationalizing his corruption. The Aberdeen Council is  either going to have a run off election or its going to have a three person council for the next four years.  Everyone knows that McGrady is trying to throw out the voters ballots (655 for Smith)  in order to grab some illegitimate  political power on the Council.  McGrady knows the truth but he is in denial.

RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Council Rejects Mayors Second Choice, Mayor Says 655 Voters Who Voted For Stephen Smith Dont Count, Mayor Corrupts Democratic Process With Partisan Political Power Grab

February 9, 2016



Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly!

February 5, 2016


Three months and still no decision to fill the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council. This is a political scandal. New Windsor, Md  resolved their election tie in 10 days. Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has obstructed any proper and fair democratic resolution to the tie vote problem with his own partisan agenda.

The Mayor should nominate the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, and let the City Council do its democratic duty and resolve the tie-vote. Follow the law and the will of the voters.

Mayor/Council telephone 410-271-1600


Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Act Now! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly!

February 5, 2016


Three months and still no decision to fill the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council. This is a political scandal.  Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has obstructed any proper and fair democratic resolution to the tie-vote problem with his own partisan agenda.

Is Patrick McGrady the Mayor of all the Aberdeen voters? Or is he just the Mayor of Aberdeen’s Tea Party Republican voters? Mayor McGrady should stop undermining the democratic process.

The Mayor properly nominated the Tea Party candidate and crony,  Sean DeBonis because he was part of the tie-vote for the fourth council seat. The City Council rejected DeBonis . Instead of nominating the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, the Mayor chose to nominate another Tea Party crony , Jason Kolligs. Kolligs came in eighth place in the election, not fourth. This is political corruption. It is an attempt to steal the vote from the Aberdeen voters.

The Mayor should nominate the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, and let the City Council do its democratic duty and resolve the tie-vote.


Mayor/Council Telephone – 410-271-1600



Why Didnt The Mayor of Aberdeen Nominate The Democrat Stephen Smith For the Fourth Council Seat? Why Is the TeaParty Republican Mayor Discriminating Against Democratic Voters?

January 28, 2016

Is Mayor McGrady opposed to a fair democratic process? Does the Mayor have no respect for the will of ALL the voters. The Mayor nominated his crony Tea Party Republican, Sean DeBonis,  for the Fourth Council Seat. DeBonis recieved 655 votes in the election. When DeBonis was rejected by the City Council, Mayor McGrady did not nominate the Democrat ,Stephen Smith, who also got 655 votes. Why is that??? Does the Democratic voter count?  The Mayors  second nominee was instead another crony TeaParty Republican, Jason Kolligs, who did not tie for the fourth council seat, but came in eighth place with 519 votes.  This is political corruption of the democratic process. This is autocratatic behavior not democratic behavior. And liberty is freedom from arbitrary and autocratic control!

Patrick Henry once said : “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick McGrady says: “Give me liberty, or give me Kolligs! Whatever

April Update :   The Tea Party authoritarian Mayor’s  cry now is ,”Give me liberty , or give me Goodins!”


RepublicanRecord (Aegis/Sun) Doesnt Quite Give The Full Story About the Special Aberdeen City Meeting

January 22, 2016

021The Republican Record (Aegis/Sun) did not quite tell the whole story about the special Aberdeen City meeting. Aegis reporter David Anderson reported : “the mayor and council did discuss in open session Tuesday whether the city should hire a consulting firm to conduct a search for the city manager or APPOINT A VOLUNTEER SEARCH COMMITTEE but again they did not reach a decision, according to Miller…..

Lindecamp said he favors hiring an outside firm, since “your hiring the chief executive officer of the city.”

According to  reliable unofficial sources Mayor McGrady at one point suggested Aberdeen doesn’t need to spend $20,000 or more on a consulting firm. He suggested instead that the City personnel department could put together a City Manager job description and put it on MONSTER DOT COM.   You know, save some money.City Manager  Doug Miller agreed with Lindecamp and Councilman Melvin Taylor that the search should be done by a professional consulting firm.  MONSTER DOT COM???? Is the Mayor joking? Is the Mayor playing with a full deck? The Mayor’s behavior  fluctuates between being naively juvenile and arrogantly ignorant! He also obviously appears to disrespect the democratic process and the will of the Aberdeen voter on  the tie-vote fiasco. The Mayor must nominate Stephen Smith—the other candidate that TIED with DeBonis.   DeBonis had his shot with the Council. He was rejected. SOLVE THE TIE-VOTE PROBLEM ! Nominate the other tie-vote candidate. It shouldn’t take ten weeks to resolve a tie-vote fairly. . New Windsor, Md (1999) did it in 8 days. The Mayor is making his administration look corrupt and incompetent.. Follow the law and the will of the voters. Stop hacking Aberdeen’s democracy!



Aberdeen Special Council Meeting Jan 19 -Tea Party Republican Mayor Fumbles Another Responsibilty, Wants To Delay Search For New City Manager

January 17, 2016



The Aberdeen City Council (  Sandra Landbeck, Melvin Taylor, and Tim Lindecamp)  requested funding for a consultant to help search for a new city manager. Mayor McGrady  opposed the matter suggesting it would be a financial burden on the city. The current city manger, Doug Miller, was hired (starts  new job Feb 8th)by the Ocean City Md town government.  The consultant fee matter was supposed to take place on Jan 25th. McGrady has stalled and frustrated the solution to the council vacancy problem ( Three months to make a simple  decision, that New Windsor,Md  did in two weeks))  ignoring the democratic process and the will of the voters. Now he wants to stall or frustrate the search for a city manager  under the guise of saving money.

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Should Nominate The Other Candidate That Tied For the Fourth Council Seat!!!! Nominate Stephen Smith! Follow The Law And The Will Of The People!

January 14, 2016


The Aberdeen City Council’s job is to break the tie-vote, not choose an alternative candidate that is more comforting to the mayor. Sean DeBonis, the Mayors crony, lost the council run-off vote. Now give Stephen Smith a chance in the council run-off vote. This is about fundamental democracy and respecting the will of the voters. This is exactly what they did in New Windsor, Md when they had  a  council tie-vote . Follow the law and the will of the people. Aberdeen voters matter!


Mayor/City Council Telephone – 410-272-1600

Mayors E-Mail

Council E-Mails –




Baltimore Sun – New Windsor Follows Law To Resolve Tie Vote –

LSS – TeaParty Corruption – Jason Kolligs Celebrates Being Nominated To Aberdeen City Council: “To Hell With Elections And Voters! I Came In 8th In The Election But My Buddy McGrady Has Nominated Me To Fill The Fourth Council Seat”

January 13, 2016


DodgyDag/Aegis – Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Who Refused A Democratic RunOff Election To Solve Council Tie-Vote, Now Proposes An Undemocratic Random Popularity Poll To Approve His Second Nominee, A TeaParty Crony—Who Came In 8th In November Election

January 12, 2016




Republican Aegis Urges New Aberdeen Government To Set Up Special Runoff Election For The Fourth Seat On the Council – City Attorneys Advice Is “Nonsense” And Should Be Ignored – The Right Thing To Do Is Let Voters Finish The Job

November 15, 2015


Carol Bruce Candidate For Aberdeen City Counsel At Aug 24th , 2015 Council Meeting : Did We Need To Spend $26,000 For Riot Gear For Our Recent Accreditation? Whats The Status of The Office Space For Parks And Rec?

October 12, 2015

According to the Republican Aegis  ace political reporter Bryna Zumer , Carol Bruce  “has been coordinating the citys tennis programs and said she wants to see Aberdeen better acomodate its parks and recreation office”. Ms Bruce stated :“My biggest issue is I couldn’t get any answers from the current administration ,or action. It was always somebody elses issue, and then aberdeen has spent funds for the Moose Lodge  (Rogers St.) and I haven’t been able to get any plans for the use of a building.” Ms. Bruce also stated : “I just feel that the citizens of Aberdeen deserve more…Havre de Grace can get a brand new post office, and a brand new senior center and a multistory library and Aberdeen keeps saying ‘It’s someone elses problem’.”

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