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Aberdeen Alt-Right/Republican Mayor McGrady Thinks We Should Resolve Election Ties With A Flip Of a Coin! City Council Public-Input Meeting Monday !

October 8, 2016


Happy 4th Of July!

July 2, 2016


“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. – Thomas Jefferson

“Eternal Vigilance Is The Price of Liberty!” Thomas Jefferson

July 2, 2016


Democracy belongs to the people…to all of the people. By definition democracy means equality and fairness. Democracy  doesn’t mean just being fair and equal to the Mayor’s Tea Party crony’s. Liberal democracy entails free and fair elections. It doesn’t mean you can dismiss the vote of half the voters because you  feel like it and then appoint another crony who received no citizen votes.

The resolution of the Aberdeen council tie-vote was neither a  free nor fair democratic process. It corrupted the democratic process by discarding the vote of half the Aberdeen voters. This political corruption impairs the integrity of the Mayor and the council members who supported it.

Can Aberdeen citizens trust and respect the judgement of a Mayor who does not trust or respect the will of the voters????

The Quick Red Aberdeen Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Brown Dog

June 28, 2016


Help Clean Up Aberdeen Political Corruption – Mike “Wetlands-Gate” Hiob And Patrick “TieVote-Gate” McGrady

June 16, 2016


RepublicanAegis – Special Meeting In Aberdeen Wednesday (Feb24) Fails To Resolve Election Tie Issue

March 1, 2016

LSS – TeaParty Corruption – Jason Kolligs Celebrates Being Nominated To Aberdeen City Council: “To Hell With Elections And Voters! I Came In 8th In The Election But My Buddy McGrady Has Nominated Me To Fill The Fourth Council Seat”

January 13, 2016


OCToday – Aberdeen City Manager Douglas Miller Escapes Responsibilty For Aberdeen Political Circus— Heads For O.C.

January 8, 2016

Doug Miller moves on from Aberdeen ($125,960) to become OCs City Manager ($155,000). Why hang around the incompetence of Mayor Patrick McGrady for four years. He can’t even nominate Stephen Smith after his crony fell flat as a nominee. He can’t do the the democratic right thing. SMITH TIED WITH DEBONIS in the election.!!!!  He should be the rightful second nominee not the guy who came in eighth.

. McGrady is spitting on the voters of Aberdeen and the sacred democratic process. Good luck to Miller. Too bad he didn’t have the integrity to set McGrady on the proper way to proceed in the tie-vote crisis.



Councilman Lindecamp Suggests Nominating Stephen Smith/ Amy Lindecamp Suggests Common Sense

December 26, 2015

RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


Is the Aberdeen City Government Being Run By The Three Stooges? McGrady-Miller-Sussman

December 13, 2015


Why does it take  six weeks or more to resolve  a council seat tie election??????? It took New Windsor, Md just two weeks!!!! Let the Aberdeen City Council vote for either  Stephen Smith, the incumbent, or Sean DeBonis, the Tea Party challenger. The Council was ready to vote on December   7th (2015) but Tea Party Mayor McGrady wants to delay it two or more weeks.  Why wasn’t the Council allowed to decide when they wanted to decide???? The Mayor only has one vote. The  full Council should take charge of the agenda if the Mayor and City Manger are incompetent.

Aberdeen Councilman Lindecamp Asks City Manager If He Asked the Attorney Generals Opinion On How To Resolve The Tie Vote. City Manager Miller Ignores The Question

December 10, 2015

Aberdeen City Manager Suggests We Solve the Election Tie By Letting The Mayor Appoint A Councilman

December 10, 2015


Aberdeen’s City Manger Dougie Miller did not investigate the New Windsor, Maryland tie election in 1999. New Windsor had no charter solution for tie votes. They sought the advise of four lawyers. They all agreed that the solution was the City Council should select one of the two tie-candidates in a council vote.

Miller cheery picks his lawyers and his information to come to a suggested resolution that benefits only the new Mayor. The suggestion does not serve the democratic process, the City Council , both  candidates, or the Aberdeen voters.

Miller was asked point blank if he sought the Attorney Generals advise. He ignored the question. This serves the Mayor who also ignored the Aberdeen Board of Elections in its request to seek an independent legal opinion.




Aberdeen’s Tea Party Mayor McGrady Suggest We Solve the Election Tie With An Undemocratic Selection of His Political Crony

December 10, 2015

Aberdeens Republican Tea Party Mayor Patrick McGrady pulled a fast political trick on the City Council at the end of the discussion on how to resolve the tie vote election. Instead of taking a vote on the three suggested solutions, McGrady just chose his suggestion with no vote. End of discussion.

McGrady’s autocratic suggestion is to nominate his crony in the election and have the Council approve. Landbecks democratic solution was to have the Mayor nominate both election-tie candidates and have the Council make the final selection.

Part of McGrady’s slick political trick is to have the Council meet and become familiar with his crony in the next few weeks and then vote for him. Landbeck was caught off guard . She suggested the Council also meet with Stephen Smith ,too. McGrady abruptly cut her off and suggested the council could deal with that in two weeks.

“Shady” McGrady strikes again! He shoved his plan into action without a vote. He ignored a vote on the other two plans. When Landbeck tried to include Stephen Smith into the plan he shut that down without a vote. And the City Manager did nothing to point out the Mayors undemocratic behavior. The City Manager just seems to be working for the Mayor, not the Council or the public interest.

Councilwoman Landbeck Suggests The Council Break The Election Tie By Democraticly Selecting The Winner

December 10, 2015

Aberdeen Board of Elections Suggest Town Hold New Election To Resolve Tie Vote

December 10, 2015

RepublicanAegis – Tea Party Republican Mayor of Aberdeen Refuses Democratic Solution To Tie Election, Mayor Will Attempt To Nominate His Political Crony Sean DeBonis On Dec 21, City Manager Refuses To Answer Councilman Lindecamp Inquiry About Atty Generals Opinion

December 9, 2015


The Aberdeen City Council will have to decide on December  21st whether they want a democratic or autocratic  form of government making decisions for the next four years.The new Tea Party Republican mayor, Patrick McGrady, has chosen autocracy. Mayor McGrady  refuses the common sense and democratic solution to the tie vote problem and is determined to nominate his political crony for a four year unelected term. Its up to the Council to assert there democratic powers and reject the Mayors undemocratic solution. In the mean time someone from the City Council or the Aberdeen Election Board should request an opinion from the Attorney Generals office. City Manager Doug Miller continues to indicate he doesn’t want to do his job or answer embarrassing questions . The Aberdeen Election Board requested the Mayor allow them to contact an independent legal opinion on the matter. The Mayor ignored the request.

RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Board of Elections Urges City Government To Hold Runoff Election – McGrady Hesitates. Decides Not To Decide – City Manager Talks More Nonsense

November 20, 2015


The Aberdeen Board of Elections has requested the elected Aberdeen City government to call for a runoff election to resolve the tie vote that ocured  on election day  between Tea party Republican Sean DeBonis and incumbent Democrat  Stephen Smith.

New Aberdeen Mayor, Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  first ignored an e-mail  from the Aberdeen Board of Elections  (Monday)  urging a special runoff election and then when reached by phone (Wednesday) the Mayor decided to not decide . He wants to review the request or delay making the decision while he talks with his lawyers.  The runoff election ,suggested by the Aberdeen Board of Elections, would  leave the decision up to the voters and serve the democratic process.   The City Managers and City Attorneys suggestion  to “appoint” a councilperson would give the decision to the Mayor  and arrogantly negate the voice of the voters and ignore the campaign efforts of DeBonis And Smith.

The City Manager Doug Miller  “reiterated” his legal bullshit opinion that while democracy is a good idea , fairness is not a good idea for the city(?). He now says that if we have a runoff election  approved by the elected city government that  this will hurt the city’s ability to borrow money. According to Miller the banks “might” say  that a democratic election wasn’t proper  and therefore refuse the city a loan.   Can’t the city manager just say he was wrong, and stop the rationalization  of nonsense?



Republican Aegis Urges New Aberdeen Government To Set Up Special Runoff Election For The Fourth Seat On the Council – City Attorneys Advice Is “Nonsense” And Should Be Ignored – The Right Thing To Do Is Let Voters Finish The Job

November 15, 2015


DodgyDagger/Sandi – Court Records Show That Sean DeBonis Has Recent DUI Charges (2009) And Open Container Charges (2008) On Him That Resulted In Probation. DeBonis Is Currently A Candidate For Aberdeen City Council And Is Awaiting The Outcome Of A Tie Election Count.

November 12, 2015




RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen City Attorney “Dead Wrong” On Resolving Tie Vote, Tie Vote Is Not Really A Vacancy , Its a SNAFU! Tie Vote Elections Are Usually Resolved With A Runoff Election, Drawing Lots Or Council Vote

November 11, 2015


“The legal concept is, it is not a tie between  Sean DeBonis  and Stephen Smith. The people of Aberdeen failed to elect someone for the fourth seat. So we only have three seats elected” says Aberdeen City Manager Doug Miller . (City Told To Pick Fourth Winner, New Aberdeen Mayor To Appoint , Council To Ok, The Aegis,  Bryna Zumer ,Nov 11, 2015)

If this is the legal opinion of Aberdeen’s city attorney  then its “legal” bullshit. The Republican Aegis points out  two other tie elections in Harford County. Both were resolved with runoff elections (2003, Bel Air  and 1978 Havre de Grace; ) The people did not fail to elect someone, the political system  failed to work .  In New Windsor ,Md  in 1999 the city council VOTED to resolve the tie. (Gaithersburg has a charter provision that says a tie leads to a runoff, and if there is a tie in the runoff then  a coin-flip is required)

According to The Aegis, both candidates,involved in the election tie  are rightfully upset that there is no fair resolution. And all 600 plus voters who voted for these two candidates are going to be upset if there votes are thrown out. If EVERY VOTE COUNTS then these votes should not be discarded. The people elected two candidates with the tie vote. Either seat them both or provide a fair  resolution to the tie  –  a) a runoff, b) council vote or  c) drawing lots or flipping coins. As  Stephen Smith says “The citizens are being cheated”. And Sean DeBonis agrees ,telling the Aegis that the fairest solution to the tie vote is a runoff.election. Smith And/or DeBonis should take the matter to the Maryland Attorney General before this mistake becomes a  political joke.

After  the matter is resolved , the City Attorney should be let go for incompetence(.Sussman/Miller could find no data of tie elections in Maryland. The Aegis found two tie votes In Harford. Dr. Google  found one in New Windsor, Md)  And someone  should question the  city managers common sense..



RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Mayor And City Council Sworn In , Fourth Council Member Must Be Appointed And Approved

November 11, 2015


Misrepresentative Democracy – After 123 Years Aberdeen Elects Its Third African American To City Government

November 9, 2015



Melvin Taylor, Aberdeen pastor, won one of four seats on Aberdeens  city council on November 3, 2015.  Raymond Warfied was the first African American to be elected  to the city counsel in the 1980’s. Macon Tucker was the second . Mr. Taylor becomes the third. Political progress sure  takes a  long time in the blue town ,in the red county, in the blue state of Maryland.

RepublicanAeigis – The Official Results Of the Aberdeen City Election Show Incumbent Councilman Stephen Smith And Challenger Sean DeBonis Are Tied With 655 Votes Apiece – Aberdeen City Attorney Must Determine How To Decide Winner –

November 5, 2015

012 ph-ag-0394-aberdeen-election-results-jpg-20151105stunned

The drama is not over yet in Aberdeens city elections. The  defeat of three-term incumbent Mayor Michael Bennett to the   snarky inexperieced  29 year old Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady was not expected . Now, surprise number two,  the fourth seat in the city council  election is declared an electoral tie. Incumbent  Stephen Smith and Tea-Party challenger Sean DeBonis  both recieved 655 votes. County election officials said Aberdeens city attorney must determine how to decide the winner. They could flip a coin, cut a deck of cards, draw straws or hold a runoff election.

Also, The Republican Aegis (The Record/AegisOnline)  printed a photo of the defeated Mayor Bennett after the election and labels it  a “stunned “look. It really just looks like he took off his glasses and is thinking. He doesnt look stunned,he looks TIRED.


RepublicanAegis – McGrady Wins Aberdeen Mayors Race – Sarah Landbeck Re-Elected To The Council Observed That “Its A Hollow Victory” – Melvin Taylor Who Got The Most Council Votes Said: “The System Works”

November 4, 2015



Straight Outta Aberdeen – Election In Aberdeen Is Experencing A Big Turnout Early. This Turnout Should Be Bigger Than 2007 Election That Threw Fred “TaxTax Annex” Simmons Outta Office. That Was A 30% Turnout With 2412 Voters

November 3, 2015



The last election (2011) was a 18.6%  very low turnout with 1502 voters. That election was apparently boring because only one position on the ballot was competitive—the mayor. The four council seats  had no competition.

This year its a free-for-all  all over the place. Four candidates for Mayor. Nine for council.

The more the candidates ,the more the voter interest. And  voters for the very first time in Aberdeen history have three  significant  black candidates  they can vote for or not. That is spiking more interest than usual. And the weather is excellent. This a perfect political storm that will increase the Democratic and Independent voter turnout , which should be bad news for Republicans in general.  And the wing-nut Tea Party Republicans are probably in for a rude awakening. They’ll be lucky to get one spot on the council. Forget about mayor.

As Donald Trump might say…the voter turnout is H-U-G-H!!!

Tom Myers – I’m Worried Patrick McGrady Will Be Rendered Speechless Again When Decisions Need To Be Made. Aberdeen Needs To Keep Mayor Bennett!

November 3, 2015




Jason Kolligs, Tea Party Republican, Says He Is Running For Aberdeen City Council As A Disabled Veteran So He Can Propose Legislation For Property Tax Credits For Veterans And Especially For For Disabled Veterans

November 2, 2015


I believe that our taxes can and should be lower. The property taxes paid in Aberdeen do not reflect the level of services provided for our residents” Jason Kolligs – The Aegis, 10/23/15 – Byrna Zumer, Nine  Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council

The Aegis reports that : “Kolligs also said the city needs better businesses and could work to retain veterans by offering property tax credits, especially to disabled veterans.”


Word of Faith Pastor Melvin Taylor , Candidate For Aberdeen City Council, Gives The Opening Prayer At Town Meeting And Asks Voters To Please “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” .

November 1, 2015


Melvin Taylor,candidate for the Aberdeen City Counsel,  is the bishop and founder  of the Word of Faith International Outreach in Aberdeen. He is also a  member of the towns Appeals Board..  His volunteer work on the Zoning Appeals Board  prompted The Aegis t(Oct 23,2015)* to state: “He has the qualifications that  make him look like a good addition to the city council”. Taylor also serves on the board of Harford Familly House .

In the  Aegis’s ” Nine Candidates” (10/23/15) article  Tayor states “I think I could add a little diversity…I am a visionary, so I think my perception as to how Aberdeen could look, I could add that to the overall vision of  Aberdeen”

*Nine Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council” , Bryna Zumer, The Aegis 10/23/15

Carol Bruce, Candidate for Aberdeen City Council Asks If Purchase of Riot Gear Kits Was Necessary? (Wouldnt Body Cameras Have Been A Better Choice? ) Ms. Bruce Also Questions Funding For Parks And Rec!

November 1, 2015




Carol Bruce, candiidate for Aberdeen City Council, is a retired civil service worker at APG. Bruce is a dedicated coordinater for parks and recreation programs in Aberdeen.  She has worked dilligently for a new community center. Bruce told The Aegis (Nine Candidates, 10/23/15) “My biggest issue is I couldn’t get any answers from the current administration…It was always somebody else’s issue and then Aberdeen has spent funds for the Moose Lodge and I haven’t been able to get any plans  for the use of the building”. She believes Aberdeen citizens “deserve more”.


Melvin Taylor Is A Candidate for Aberdeen City Council

October 16, 2015


05/2015 – Barbara Kreamer, Candidate For Aberdeen City Council, Questions High Property Tax And Budget Discrepencies

October 14, 2015



Barbara Kreamer, Former State Delegate And County Councilwoman Is The Last Candidate To Enter The Race For For Aberdeen City Council

October 12, 2015


Carol Bruce Candidate For Aberdeen City Counsel At Aug 24th , 2015 Council Meeting : Did We Need To Spend $26,000 For Riot Gear For Our Recent Accreditation? Whats The Status of The Office Space For Parks And Rec?

October 12, 2015

According to the Republican Aegis  ace political reporter Bryna Zumer , Carol Bruce  “has been coordinating the citys tennis programs and said she wants to see Aberdeen better acomodate its parks and recreation office”. Ms Bruce stated :“My biggest issue is I couldn’t get any answers from the current administration ,or action. It was always somebody elses issue, and then aberdeen has spent funds for the Moose Lodge  (Rogers St.) and I haven’t been able to get any plans for the use of a building.” Ms. Bruce also stated : “I just feel that the citizens of Aberdeen deserve more…Havre de Grace can get a brand new post office, and a brand new senior center and a multistory library and Aberdeen keeps saying ‘It’s someone elses problem’.”

Second Saturday – October Fest – Helton Field – October 10, 2015 – Railroad Station Food Park

October 7, 2015

October 10, 11230900_893132407443170_266182863958653191_n2015d4c1a6da-8b79-41ac-b780-67f98bd70275

DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





TeaParty WingNut Watch – Jason Kolligs, Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For Mitre Corp— A High-Tech Military Contractor That Works On “Brave New World” Concepts Like Super Soldiers Who Never Sleep And Weaponized Cyborg Insects. Mr. Kolligs Is Also A Member Of Mensa . High IQ Government Geek Working For KnowNothing Anti-Government Tea Party????

October 3, 2015



TeaParty WingNut Watch – Sean DeBonis Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For J&K Associates, The Largest Harford County Gun Dealer – Here Are The Specials of The Week At J&K – Mr DeBonis’s Favorite Activities Are Hunting And Gun Rallys!

October 1, 2015





McGrady Demands Wasting Aberdeen Taxpayer Money: If Patrick McGrady Becomes Aberdeen Mayor He Promises That Within A Month He Will Demand That All Recorded City Meetings Be Put On Youtube!!!

September 27, 2015


Patrick “Shady” McGrady is a libertarian Tea Party Republican. He’s supposedly against government waste of tax payer money. But now he is demanding Aberdeen City government waste taxpayers money “youtubing” every Harford Cable Network recording of town meetings. When is McGrady against government waste? Just Tuesdays and Thursdays?  I think McGrady is just lazy and wants a government handout. The Harford Cable Network’s videos of Aberdeen town meetings are easily available for everyone at Whats the problem? Does this slow down your research? The government is not in the business of subsidizing trust-fund babies!

Tea Party Republican Candidate for Mayor of Aberdeen , Patrick McGrady, Is Violating Campaign Laws Concerning His Treasurers Authority Line On All Campaign Material Including Electronic Material On His Computer Website. Follow The Rules .

September 25, 2015


009 005

Libertarian Republican Patrick McGrady Attempts To Take Over Aberdeen City Government With A Four-Man Slate of Tea Party Candidates He Calls the “Fix Aberdeen Team”

September 25, 2015



2006 Referendum – Aberdeen Voters Defeat Aberdeen Annexation 1,340 to 745 (Total Vote 2,085)

September 11, 2015


Aberdeen Election For Mayor Turns Into Three Candidate Donnybrook: Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate Enters Race

September 9, 2015


Is it time for a change in Aberdeen city government? Councilwoman Ruth Elliot thinks so and is challenging incumbent mayor Michael Bennett. And now ,community advocate Marla Posey-Moss also wants to challenge the incumbent mayor.

 Posey-Moss says on her web site that we need a “forward looking leader” to devise and implement  “an innovative developement plan for the city of Aberdeen that embraces the vision of residents , churches, civic organiztions and bussiness” She believes the concerns of most residents include: :”economic development, transportation, youth recreation, homelessness, crime, general assistance for seniors and housing”

Ms. Posey-Moss will hold a Aberdeen Leadership Community Rally on Thursday Sep 17th (6:30 -730PM) at Scotts Transportation, 309 W. Bel Air Ave in downtown Aberdeen. Her campaign slogan is “We Can Do Better!”.

DodgyDagger – Watcher : “You Should Know About Lying Mike Hiob. You Took the Big Campaign Donations To Sell Out Aberdeen And Give Developers A Free Ride…Thats Why We Put You Out Of Office And Didnt Vote You In For Mayor…”

January 12, 2014


Aegis/Sun/HCNPegCentral – Aberdeen Council Disputes Aegis/Record Misinformation About Proposed Council Pay Increase, Votes To Have Committee Study Matter Over The Summer

June 13, 2013


Aegis/Sun – Hearing Set For Aberdeen Mayors Appeal Of Rush-To-Justice Adverse Ethics Commission Ruling, Commission May Have Rushed Wrong Decision To Assist Republican Tea Party Candidate

April 7, 2013


AberdeeenPatch – White Libertarian-Republican* Gun Extremists To Rally In Aberdeen at Intersection of Beards Hill And Rt 22 (McDonalds*) Saturday March 16th… Joe Flacco Will Not Be There ( See Last Saturdays Rising Sun Gun Rally Video For What To Expect)

March 14, 2013


*McDonalds at Beards Hill& Rte 22 was Patrick McGradys Saturday HQ when he canvassed Aberdeen during his unsucccessful campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen. This may be McGradys opening shot in a new campaign for the House of Delegates  against incumbentDemocrat Mary-Delany James. On another political front a co-conspirator at Campaign For Liberty-Harford County has attacked both Del James and fellow Republican Del. Glenn Glass for supporting a Hotel Tax for Harford County.

*White Libertarian-Republican – Tea Party

TeaParty Repub Patrick McGrady Cant Get Over His YouTube Moment: Responds To Criticism With Dishonesty (“I Was Threatened With Arrest…”) And Paranoia (“They Know They Can…Then Silence Me Through Force.”)

April 6, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen Mayor And City Council Sworn In for Four More Years,Bennet Is Considering Legal Advice On Whether To Pursue Defamation Action Against McGrady But Will Definetly Pursue Legal Action Against Ethics Commission

November 15, 2011


Republican Tea Party Extremist Patrick “Dirty Water” McGrady On Election Eve Went On WAMD Radio And Promised He Would Stand Up For The People of Aberdeen And “Get Arrested” By Refusing To Pay The ENR Fee On Sewage Bills

November 14, 2011

MdDeptEnvironment    PatrickMcGradyWAMDInterviewNobodyHeard

McGrady:  What I would do is to go to  bat for the people…. In order to fix it we’re going to need to change the way we do business in Aberdeen. What that means is when the Governor says  do this–I will go and stand up. ..I would get arrested for you. If the Governor says we’re going to arrest you without passing this, I will let them arrest me. …They passesd a law that says  the water has to be  this clean,  your not making the water clean they can arrest you. I would get arrested for the people of the city of Aberdeen because its not right. At some point someone needs to standup for the people who live here and say look this doesnt make sense. The cost benefit is not there and we’re not going to take on  $9 milion in debt to pay for this.

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