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AEGIS – Aberdeen Police Initiate First Stage of Body-Cam Policy

August 28, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen Police Dept To Have Fully Operational Body-Cam Policy Implemented By Labor Day – Sheriff Gahlers County Police Department Delays Until 2021 Budgeting For Full Operational Body Cam Policy

August 27, 2019


Republican Aegis – Aberdeen Police Could Start Wearing Body Cams In July, Bel Air Cops Might Soon Follow—But Sheriff Gahlers 300 County Cops Are Dragging Their Feet Because of Racist Profiling Incidents Like Jogging While Black And Lawyering While Black

May 19, 2019


Aegis/Sun- Aberdeen Police Identify Officer Who Shot Man Wielding A Comb As James Evans – Tyler Winkler, Victim Of Shooting In Good Condition!

July 29, 2018











Republican Aegis – Cornell “Butch” Moore And Earl “Sundance” Phillips Charged With Three Aberdeen Liquor Store Robberies

January 5, 2017

Republican Aegis -Did Aberdeen City Rip-Off Ex-Cops???? 5 Ex-Aberdeen Cops Say City Owes Sick Leave Pay Due To Unequal Treatment

January 1, 2017



Did Aberdeen Police Cut The Tent City Homeless Tents Last December??? (2015)

December 3, 2016


Police Cutting Up Aberdeen Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

December 3, 2016


Did Aberdeen Police Last December Cut Up The Tents Of The Homeless in Tent City? And Did the Local Media Cover The Crime Up? “Being Homeless Is Not A Crime !” But Cops Destroying Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

November 27, 2016

Reliable social services sources say that  members of the Aberdeen Police Dept acted like lawless marauders last winter destroying the personal property of the homeless in Aberdeen’s Tent City. The sources say that Aberdeen police  cut the homeless tents up and destroyed them to scare them off. Scare them off as in creating terror. If this is true ,were the police involved  rogue cops or were they carrying out the orders of police or political leaders? If this is true, were the involved cops investigated and properly reprimanded or fired?

Being homeless is not a  crime . But destroying the personal property of the homeless is a crime .

The same criminal act occurred in St. Petersburg, Fla in 2012 (see Youtube clip) It was done with authority of police leaders.

The local press did not report this crime in Aberdeen because the only crime they report comes from the police handout. It appears the press knew about the crime but did not investigate it. It appears they cooperated in a cover up of police misbehavior.

In Florida the excuse for destroying homeless tents was that  they were a “fire and safety  hazard”. If they were a “hazard” that does not excuse police destroying personal property of the homeless. That’s not police procedure. Its a criminal misbehavior. If the homeless are “trespassing” the proper procedure is to notify with a citation and request they leave. Police do not have a right to evict someone by destroying there property. If the police do destroy homeless tents, it is  a form of domestic terrorism. The police are suppose to serve and protect.

“Being homeless is not a crime”. But destroying homeless tents is a crime.

“Being Homeless Is Not A Crime” Says Aberdeen Top Cop

November 26, 2016


Angry Citizen Demands Smoking Rules Be Enforced

November 26, 2016

DodgyDagger – Aberdeen Police Confront Young Black Female At Amtrak Station !- Black Lives Matter

February 23, 2016

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