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Republican Aegis – Trash Talking In Aberdeen (MD)! But Who Got the New Garbage Can Contract? McGrady Crony? Or Tom Fidler (Mackenzie Real Estate) Crony?

January 31, 2018



Aberdeen Mayor/ Council Do-Nothing Policy For Homeless Gets Inspiration From Poland On How To Help Aberdeen Tent City Dwellers

December 14, 2016


Achtung!: Aberdeen Mayor McGradys Garbage Tax Increase Goes Into Effect July lst – Everyone Will Pay $1 Per Bag – Mayor/Council Have Reduced The Incentive To Recycle!

July 1, 2016–stickers-0701-20160629-story.html





Help Clean Up Aberdeen Political Corruption – Mike “Wetlands-Gate” Hiob And Patrick “TieVote-Gate” McGrady

June 16, 2016


RepublicanAegis – Its Time For Leadership In Aberdeen!

March 7, 2016


  • Aberdeen is clinging to a wrong-headed (legal) opinion…
  • Its McGrady’s fault that Aberdeen doesn’t have a complete city council.
  • For McGrady its way past time to lead Aberdeen out of this political morass



Councilman Lindecamp Suggests Nominating Stephen Smith/ Amy Lindecamp Suggests Common Sense

December 26, 2015

RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


Is the Aberdeen City Government Being Run By The Three Stooges? McGrady-Miller-Sussman

December 13, 2015


Why does it take  six weeks or more to resolve  a council seat tie election??????? It took New Windsor, Md just two weeks!!!! Let the Aberdeen City Council vote for either  Stephen Smith, the incumbent, or Sean DeBonis, the Tea Party challenger. The Council was ready to vote on December   7th (2015) but Tea Party Mayor McGrady wants to delay it two or more weeks.  Why wasn’t the Council allowed to decide when they wanted to decide???? The Mayor only has one vote. The  full Council should take charge of the agenda if the Mayor and City Manger are incompetent.

Aberdeen Councilman Lindecamp Asks City Manager If He Asked the Attorney Generals Opinion On How To Resolve The Tie Vote. City Manager Miller Ignores The Question

December 10, 2015

Aberdeen City Manager Suggests We Solve the Election Tie By Letting The Mayor Appoint A Councilman

December 10, 2015


Aberdeen’s City Manger Dougie Miller did not investigate the New Windsor, Maryland tie election in 1999. New Windsor had no charter solution for tie votes. They sought the advise of four lawyers. They all agreed that the solution was the City Council should select one of the two tie-candidates in a council vote.

Miller cheery picks his lawyers and his information to come to a suggested resolution that benefits only the new Mayor. The suggestion does not serve the democratic process, the City Council , both  candidates, or the Aberdeen voters.

Miller was asked point blank if he sought the Attorney Generals advise. He ignored the question. This serves the Mayor who also ignored the Aberdeen Board of Elections in its request to seek an independent legal opinion.




Aberdeen’s Tea Party Mayor McGrady Suggest We Solve the Election Tie With An Undemocratic Selection of His Political Crony

December 10, 2015

Aberdeens Republican Tea Party Mayor Patrick McGrady pulled a fast political trick on the City Council at the end of the discussion on how to resolve the tie vote election. Instead of taking a vote on the three suggested solutions, McGrady just chose his suggestion with no vote. End of discussion.

McGrady’s autocratic suggestion is to nominate his crony in the election and have the Council approve. Landbecks democratic solution was to have the Mayor nominate both election-tie candidates and have the Council make the final selection.

Part of McGrady’s slick political trick is to have the Council meet and become familiar with his crony in the next few weeks and then vote for him. Landbeck was caught off guard . She suggested the Council also meet with Stephen Smith ,too. McGrady abruptly cut her off and suggested the council could deal with that in two weeks.

“Shady” McGrady strikes again! He shoved his plan into action without a vote. He ignored a vote on the other two plans. When Landbeck tried to include Stephen Smith into the plan he shut that down without a vote. And the City Manager did nothing to point out the Mayors undemocratic behavior. The City Manager just seems to be working for the Mayor, not the Council or the public interest.

Councilwoman Landbeck Suggests The Council Break The Election Tie By Democraticly Selecting The Winner

December 10, 2015

Aberdeen Board of Elections Suggest Town Hold New Election To Resolve Tie Vote

December 10, 2015

RepublicanAegis – Tea Party Republican Mayor of Aberdeen Refuses Democratic Solution To Tie Election, Mayor Will Attempt To Nominate His Political Crony Sean DeBonis On Dec 21, City Manager Refuses To Answer Councilman Lindecamp Inquiry About Atty Generals Opinion

December 9, 2015


The Aberdeen City Council will have to decide on December  21st whether they want a democratic or autocratic  form of government making decisions for the next four years.The new Tea Party Republican mayor, Patrick McGrady, has chosen autocracy. Mayor McGrady  refuses the common sense and democratic solution to the tie vote problem and is determined to nominate his political crony for a four year unelected term. Its up to the Council to assert there democratic powers and reject the Mayors undemocratic solution. In the mean time someone from the City Council or the Aberdeen Election Board should request an opinion from the Attorney Generals office. City Manager Doug Miller continues to indicate he doesn’t want to do his job or answer embarrassing questions . The Aberdeen Election Board requested the Mayor allow them to contact an independent legal opinion on the matter. The Mayor ignored the request.

DodgyDagger/Sandi – Court Records Show That Sean DeBonis Has Recent DUI Charges (2009) And Open Container Charges (2008) On Him That Resulted In Probation. DeBonis Is Currently A Candidate For Aberdeen City Council And Is Awaiting The Outcome Of A Tie Election Count.

November 12, 2015




RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen City Attorney “Dead Wrong” On Resolving Tie Vote, Tie Vote Is Not Really A Vacancy , Its a SNAFU! Tie Vote Elections Are Usually Resolved With A Runoff Election, Drawing Lots Or Council Vote

November 11, 2015


“The legal concept is, it is not a tie between  Sean DeBonis  and Stephen Smith. The people of Aberdeen failed to elect someone for the fourth seat. So we only have three seats elected” says Aberdeen City Manager Doug Miller . (City Told To Pick Fourth Winner, New Aberdeen Mayor To Appoint , Council To Ok, The Aegis,  Bryna Zumer ,Nov 11, 2015)

If this is the legal opinion of Aberdeen’s city attorney  then its “legal” bullshit. The Republican Aegis points out  two other tie elections in Harford County. Both were resolved with runoff elections (2003, Bel Air  and 1978 Havre de Grace; ) The people did not fail to elect someone, the political system  failed to work .  In New Windsor ,Md  in 1999 the city council VOTED to resolve the tie. (Gaithersburg has a charter provision that says a tie leads to a runoff, and if there is a tie in the runoff then  a coin-flip is required)

According to The Aegis, both candidates,involved in the election tie  are rightfully upset that there is no fair resolution. And all 600 plus voters who voted for these two candidates are going to be upset if there votes are thrown out. If EVERY VOTE COUNTS then these votes should not be discarded. The people elected two candidates with the tie vote. Either seat them both or provide a fair  resolution to the tie  –  a) a runoff, b) council vote or  c) drawing lots or flipping coins. As  Stephen Smith says “The citizens are being cheated”. And Sean DeBonis agrees ,telling the Aegis that the fairest solution to the tie vote is a runoff.election. Smith And/or DeBonis should take the matter to the Maryland Attorney General before this mistake becomes a  political joke.

After  the matter is resolved , the City Attorney should be let go for incompetence(.Sussman/Miller could find no data of tie elections in Maryland. The Aegis found two tie votes In Harford. Dr. Google  found one in New Windsor, Md)  And someone  should question the  city managers common sense..



DodgyDagger – Newly Elected Tea Party Republican Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady Gives Long Bloated (4900 words) Acadamy Award-Like Inaugural Speech – Reminds Everyone That Water Bills And Property Tax Is Too High

November 11, 2015


Melvin Taylor Is A Candidate for Aberdeen City Council

October 16, 2015


Barbara Kreamer, Former State Delegate And County Councilwoman Is The Last Candidate To Enter The Race For For Aberdeen City Council

October 12, 2015


Second Saturday – October Fest – Helton Field – October 10, 2015 – Railroad Station Food Park

October 7, 2015

October 10, 11230900_893132407443170_266182863958653191_n2015d4c1a6da-8b79-41ac-b780-67f98bd70275

McGrady Demands Wasting Aberdeen Taxpayer Money: If Patrick McGrady Becomes Aberdeen Mayor He Promises That Within A Month He Will Demand That All Recorded City Meetings Be Put On Youtube!!!

September 27, 2015


Patrick “Shady” McGrady is a libertarian Tea Party Republican. He’s supposedly against government waste of tax payer money. But now he is demanding Aberdeen City government waste taxpayers money “youtubing” every Harford Cable Network recording of town meetings. When is McGrady against government waste? Just Tuesdays and Thursdays?  I think McGrady is just lazy and wants a government handout. The Harford Cable Network’s videos of Aberdeen town meetings are easily available for everyone at Whats the problem? Does this slow down your research? The government is not in the business of subsidizing trust-fund babies!

2006 Referendum – Aberdeen Voters Defeat Aberdeen Annexation 1,340 to 745 (Total Vote 2,085)

September 11, 2015


RollingStone – On The Trail With The GOPs Tough Guy

September 11, 2015


Aberdeen Election For Mayor Turns Into Three Candidate Donnybrook: Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate Enters Race

September 9, 2015


Is it time for a change in Aberdeen city government? Councilwoman Ruth Elliot thinks so and is challenging incumbent mayor Michael Bennett. And now ,community advocate Marla Posey-Moss also wants to challenge the incumbent mayor.

 Posey-Moss says on her web site that we need a “forward looking leader” to devise and implement  “an innovative developement plan for the city of Aberdeen that embraces the vision of residents , churches, civic organiztions and bussiness” She believes the concerns of most residents include: :”economic development, transportation, youth recreation, homelessness, crime, general assistance for seniors and housing”

Ms. Posey-Moss will hold a Aberdeen Leadership Community Rally on Thursday Sep 17th (6:30 -730PM) at Scotts Transportation, 309 W. Bel Air Ave in downtown Aberdeen. Her campaign slogan is “We Can Do Better!”.

DodgyDagger – Watcher : “You Should Know About Lying Mike Hiob. You Took the Big Campaign Donations To Sell Out Aberdeen And Give Developers A Free Ride…Thats Why We Put You Out Of Office And Didnt Vote You In For Mayor…”

January 12, 2014


Aberdeen Patch – Harford Judge Admonishes Aberdeen Ethics Commission, Exonerates Mayor Bennett, Ethics Comission Defied “Common Sense”, McGrady Declared “Shady”

November 21, 2013


Judge Stephen Waldron is quoted in the Republican Aegis in reference to Patrick McGrady: He “abandoned the complaint and lost all interest once his opportunity vanished to derive any further political benefit from the same.”

Aegis/Sun – Did Aberdeen Ethics Commission Act “Capriciously” And Unfairly Over Mayor Bennetts Visit To Agusta, Ga In Behalf of Ripken Baseball??? Circuit Court Judge Stephen Waldron To Decide In Few Weeks.

July 29, 2013


Faircloth Makes The Case For Mayor/Council Salary Reform

July 5, 2013

Faircloth –

Can Mike Hiob Make A Political Comeback By Exploiting the Aberdeen Salary Raise Issue? Or Will Salary Compensation Reform Attract Better Candidates To Defeat Special Interest Candidates Like Hiob?

June 30, 2013


Mike Hiob is a reactionary Democrat who joined council Republicans   (Fred Simmons, David Yensen and Ron Kupferman) in 2006 to support the Aberdeen annexation of the Wetlands Golf Course. The annexation proposal was opposed by a large massive Aberdeen citizen revolt  (Aberdeen Communities Together) even before it was voted for by the Council. The citizen outrage resulted in a referendum that defeated annexation by almost a two to one vote. Hiob said he still supported annexation after the referndum vote. He is a captive political stooge for the special interests that wanted to overdevelope the town of Aberdeen for fast-and-furious profit despite massive public opposition. Now he wants to make a political comeback as a false populist opposed  to mayor and council salary compensation reform. The reactionary Republican Aegis has also opposed the proposed salary reform with irrational and irresponsible fallacies rather than reasoned argument and facts.

Aegis/Sun/HCNPegCentral – Aberdeen Council Disputes Aegis/Record Misinformation About Proposed Council Pay Increase, Votes To Have Committee Study Matter Over The Summer

June 13, 2013


Aegis/Sun – Hearing Set For Aberdeen Mayors Appeal Of Rush-To-Justice Adverse Ethics Commission Ruling, Commission May Have Rushed Wrong Decision To Assist Republican Tea Party Candidate

April 7, 2013


A Reliable Source Suggests That The Old St. Paul Lutheran Church In Aberdeen Might Be Re-Christened Next Spring As The St. Ron Paul Libertarian Church of Lost Souls

May 6, 2012

Media Bias? – AberdeenPatch Describes Aberdeen Council Response To McGrady Criticism As “Responds” And “Refuted Remarks” – TeaParty /Aegis Describes Aberdeen Council Response As A “Slam” (Harsh Criticism?) And “Blasting” ( Criticize/Attack Vigorously?)

April 6, 2012

Is Glenn Glass The Real Albert Nobbs?

January 17, 2012

Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Councilwoman, Sandra Landbeck, Criticizes Campaign Tactics of Losing Candidate In Mayors Election, Loser* Patrick McGrady Still Suffering From Political “Shell Shock” Stated :’While We Did Not Win, It Was Successful’

November 30, 2011

*Loser-One who is incompetent or unable to succeed. Websters

AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen Mayor And City Council Sworn In for Four More Years,Bennet Is Considering Legal Advice On Whether To Pursue Defamation Action Against McGrady But Will Definetly Pursue Legal Action Against Ethics Commission

November 15, 2011


Republican Tea Party Extremist Patrick “Dirty Water” McGrady On Election Eve Went On WAMD Radio And Promised He Would Stand Up For The People of Aberdeen And “Get Arrested” By Refusing To Pay The ENR Fee On Sewage Bills

November 14, 2011

MdDeptEnvironment    PatrickMcGradyWAMDInterviewNobodyHeard

McGrady:  What I would do is to go to  bat for the people…. In order to fix it we’re going to need to change the way we do business in Aberdeen. What that means is when the Governor says  do this–I will go and stand up. ..I would get arrested for you. If the Governor says we’re going to arrest you without passing this, I will let them arrest me. …They passesd a law that says  the water has to be  this clean,  your not making the water clean they can arrest you. I would get arrested for the people of the city of Aberdeen because its not right. At some point someone needs to standup for the people who live here and say look this doesnt make sense. The cost benefit is not there and we’re not going to take on  $9 milion in debt to pay for this.

RepublicanAegis/Record – Bennett By A Field Goal (Or A Nose)*

November 13, 2011



MarylandJuice – Aberdeen Mayor Survives Tea Party Assault, “Dirtiest Campaign Ever”, But “Oops” McGrady May Have Violated Adminsitrative City Code 36-4 Three Times, Relating To Authority Lines On Campaign Video, Youtube Channel, And Website

November 12, 2011


AberdeenPatch – Bennett Wins “Dirtiest Campaign”, Bennett To Begin Legal Action Against Ethics Commission On Monday For “Violating” The Process

November 9, 2011


RepublicanAegis – Bennett Beats McGrady 51.5% To 48.5% – You Cant Fool All Of The People All Of The Time

November 9, 2011


No one said the Ravens won by a “tiny” or “slim” margin last Sunday against the Pittsburg Steelers. They just won! But the local media emphazised how Bennett “eked out” or “edged out” a victory. Bull shit , he won. He beat a “gutter” politician. with out getting into the gutter. Mayor Bennett said it best.  “A win is a win.”And McGrady, the down and dirty politician, is in hiding  from the press, unable to explain why his cheap smear campaign  tactics didnt work.


November 9, 2011

DodgyDagger“The majority of the folks are happy with the job we are doing and we’ll continue to do that job”  Michael Bennet told the Dodgy Dagger.

Vote Smart

November 8, 2011

WAMD Radio – Is Patrick McGrady A Prevaricator When He Denies Any Connection With Alleged Robo-Calls Denigrating Mayor Bennetts Military Record?

November 8, 2011

McGrady2010Tactics   EhrichDeniedRoboCallWAMD-Radion, The Morning Show, November 7,2011.

In an interview on WAMD radio,Maynard Edwards asked Patrick McGrady: “The Mayor said that several people said that you were sending out robo-calls disputing his military record and things of that nature–would you like to address that?”  Patrick McGrady,Republican Tea Party candidate for Aberdeen Mayor, responded by stating ,”I would never ever dispute Mayor Bennetts military service record. I would never. I have not…I  had nothing to do with any calls that might have gone out. And I condem them…I was not aware until the Mayor said something to me during the break. Thats absolutely horrendous. Micahel Bennett has a long history of service…I would never ever contest his service record.”

Negative robo-calls are a regular Republican tactic used during the lasts days of a campaign that is desperately behind. Republican Bob Ehrlich ‘s campaign for governor in 2010, used a last minute negative robo-call that attempted to suppress the black vote in Maryland. The campaign denied having anything to do with the robo-calls and said they did not know who was responsible. They also said :”We condemn the calls”. The robo-calls were later found to have been paid for  by Ehrlich campaign funds and Ehrlich was dubbed “The King of Denials”.

Does Patrick McGrady belong on the Wall of Political Liars? He ended his campaign for The House of Delegates last year with a blitz of devious and deceptive campaign mailers.And the rest of McGradys past behavior is based on deception. Earlier in the year he lied about the Congressional redistricting maps, he also lied about the Aberdeen Councils reaction to the increase in bridge tolls ,he recently lied about the first ammednment of the Constitution during his YouTube Moment, and last week he lied to the journalists at AberdenPatch about his friendly relationship with the cuurent Aberdeen Council. It is all about trust.

You Can’t Win Aberdeen Elections If Your In The Tea Party

November 5, 2011

    You cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. As soon as you say Tea Party you loose 40 to 50% of the Aberdeen vote. The liberal-moderate common sense voters make up most of the voters in Aberdeen.  Your fighting for every one of the other 50%. It cant be done. Patrick “Shady” McGrady use to brag he was a Tea Party organizer. He attended all the Harford Campaign for Liberty rallies. During his short-run campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen he never mentions the dirty little words. Maybe everyone will forget. They wont. He doesnt mention that he’s a libertarian either. He just tells us he’s for smaller government. Aberdeen is small government, about as small as your gonna get. What does he mean he wants small government.? Grover Norquest , the libertarian tax nut spells out what the Republican libertarians want. He says “I want government small enough so I can drag it in the bathroom and drown it.” Thats what  I think McGrady wants. Our last experiment with libertarian government wasnt so long ago. What was his name?…Simpson? …Simmons?…Fred Simmons? We learned quickly after his mysterious campaigin (Who Is FredSimmon?/Who Is John Galt?) that he  was an Ayn Rand libertarian fanatic. And his grand scheme for Aberdeen was to Annex the Wetlands Golf Course and allow his libertarian paradise of overdevelopement to be built. His libertarian dream was deferred by a mass uprising in Aberdeen and a special referendum election. When that didnt quite put a stake in the heart of the libertarian “land deal” the crazy voters threw Mayor Simmons and one his political allies out of office. I forget his allies name, some grubby mysoginist who self-destucted with his black berry e-mails and other nonsense. That was 2007.  ( Bennett 54.88%-Simmons 37.65%) In 2009 the libertarian   “vampire” tried to return under the guise of Mike Hiob’s challenge to Aberdeen Mayor Bennett. Hiob was for reviving the “land deal” . Its a new ball game. The past is past. Now is now. Wetlands Annex is a  good idea now. Hiob got lots of developer money to run his campaign to take back the “libertarian dream” . Didnt he have a billboard down by the B&O? And the last week of the election  he had this expensive campaign van driving all over town with electronic campaigning messages eminating from it. It was silly .   (Bennett 52.89% – Hiob 39.71%)

      Now  McGrady , the Libertarain Tea Party candidate, wants to “restore honesty to government”. McGrady tells the AberdeenPatch journalists that he’ll have no problem being Mayor  because he has been talking to some of the conservative members of the City Council and they agree with him.  Instantly the conservative members of the City Council  e-mail the AberdeenPatch and deny they have spoke with McGrady and deny agreeing with him.  This is McGrady’s idea of “restoring honesty to government”. Lieing to the press and  the public. (Is that ethical?) He also has no experience.    I wonder why no one ever asked McGradys opinion  about the “land deal”? It doesnt really matter. Because you cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. Its the demographics. You might win in Bel Air or Havre de Grace. But you cant win in Aberdeen. The demographics are rigged against the Tea Party in Aberdeen.


Mayor Michael Bennett Begins His “Down the Stretch” Campaign For Re-Election Emphasizing Experience And Accomplishments

November 4, 2011

AberdeenPatch – Bennett Campaign Sign Upstages McGrady Town-Library Meeting

November 2, 2011


Aberdeen Patch Gives McGrady A Chance To Win Aberdeen Election Straw Vote , Let Bel Air And Augusta Teabaggers Vote

November 1, 2011


AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen City Council Members Back Bennett / Councilwoman Ruth Young Says ” I’m Concerned That Mr. McGrady Doesn’t Always Do His Homework…We Can’t Base Government On Good Guesses.”

October 31, 2011


Aberdeen Patch – Bennett “The People Are Convinced We’re Doing The Job Of The Citizens..That We’re Getting The Job Done.”.”

October 31, 2011


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