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Aberdeen Patch – McGrady “If They (City Council) Want To Make It A War Against Me, Thats There Perogative.” /McGrady Claims He Has Talked To Some Conservative Council Members And Suggests He Can Form A Coaltion Majority To Get Things Done, But Conservative Members of Council (Garner & Landbeck) Deny That They Have Talked With Him Or Agree With Him On Anything

October 31, 2011


Unprecedented Political Opposition To Tea Party Candidate Running For Aberdeen Mayor – Entire Aberdeen City Council Endorses Bennett For Mayor In Letter To The Aegis/Record

October 30, 2011


Top 10 Reasons Michael Bennett Will be Re-Elected Mayor

October 29, 2011

10. Most McGrady supporters live in Augusta!

 9. Everyone in Aberdeen has seen McGrady’s “Youtube moment”!YouTube

 8. Michael Bennett does not put political lawn signs in front of churches!

 7. Michael Bennett has more lawn signs!LawnSigns

 6. Michael Bennett is not a libertarian!

 5. Michael Bennett is not a “trust fund baby”!TrustFundBaby

 4. All the local “crony capitalists” support McGrady!

 3. McGrady got the Libertarian Dodgy Dagger “Bump”! (the Curse)

 2. Michael Bennett got the Republican Aegis endorsement! (the Albatross) Aegis/Record

 1b. Entire Aberdeen City Council endorses Bennett for Mayor

 1a. Experience! Experience! Experience!

Signs of the Times In The Bel Air Ave “Corridor”

October 24, 2011

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady’s Campaign Financial Records 2011 Election – McGrady Raises $259 Dollars From Out Of Town Donners And Lends Himself $1,117

October 23, 2011

At The End of Town Meeting (10:10:11) Mayor Michael Bennett Talks About His Visit To Augusta, Georgia For Ripken Baseball

October 21, 2011

Aegis/Sun – Tea Party/Repub Patrick McGrady Demands Ethics Investigation, Mayor Bennett Says “From What I Understand He Is Kind Of Babbling…McGrady Can Babble All He Wants”..

October 21, 2011


Aberdeen Patch – Race For Mayor – Mayor Michael Bennett On Jobs

October 20, 2011


Augusta,Georgia Tea Party Republicans Try To Help Aberdeen Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady In His Race for Mayor By Distorting Facts About Mayor Bennett’s Visit To Augusta On Behalf of Ripken Stadium Baseball

October 19, 2011

BaltimoreSun   CityStink  The City Stink is a Libertarian Tea Party Blog in Augusta, Georgia.  Lori Davis is one of the main writers for the City Stink. Lori Davis ran for Mayor last year as a Republican Tea Party  {Registered: Republican, Claims: Independent, TeaParty:Associated Not Affilted?} candidate. She was soundly defeated garnering only 18% of the vote. Deke Copenhaver, the Democrat {Registered: Independent, Declined Challenger for U.S. Senate, Democrat}, won with 64% of the vote. Lori Davis and several other writers have been writing about Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennetts recent visit on behalf of the Ripken Baseball Group. They have distorted the facts about Mayor Bennett and the Ripken Baseball Group. .

The City Stink Tea  Party Republicans write about the Ripken-Aberdeen stadium deal based on the “grab line” in Justin Fentons    article  in the Baltimore Sun. The first line in the story says “The minor league Ripken Stadium , which opened to accalim and sold-out games five years ago, has proved to be such a financial drain to the small town of Aberdeen that the mayor now wants to sell it”  They don’t tell you the rest of the story. They act like they didn’t read the rest of the story. The guts of the story  is not in the overly  simplified dramatic first line meant to hook you. The most important part of the story that the Tea  Party City Stink and  the Tea Party Pat McGrady ignore is the truth they wish to distort. Sun reporter Fenton states, “The True windfall was expected to be the 30 acres of adjacent land for developement, including restarunts, shopping venues and a  movie theatre . Real estate , property and amusement taxes were supposed to bring in $900,000 annually and easily cover the city’s expenses.”   “From the start the viability of the project hinged on development around the stadium only some of which came to fruition.” “The operating expenses of the stadium would never have been completely offset by the income of the stadium (Chris) Flannery said.”       l

AberdeenPatch – McGrady And Bennett Disagree On Augusta Trip, Paying Attention Clarifies The Facts

October 18, 2011


Political Innuendo: Tea Party Republican Candidate For Aberdeen Mayor, Patrick “Shady” McGrady Distorts The Facts About Mayor Bennett Visit To Augusta For Ripken’ GreenJackets, Bennett Said Aberdeen Hit Financial Hard Times Because of Economic Facts, But Ripken Park Was Not The Problem

October 16, 2011

BallParkDigest   AugustaChronicle Ball Park Digest reports that : “The problem: the city (of Aberdeen) had  unrealistic expectations of development at the ballpark site SUBSIDIZING DEBT, things like a hotel and retail/restaurant space didnt happen after the economy went south. The lease for thew ball park was pretty standard but the city had  unrealistic expectations of future growth”

   “Opponents of the new Green Jackets ball park are using a Baltimore Sun article as an indictment of a potential new park”

   “…cuurent Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett went on to explain that the financial problems were the city”s doing–a small town bit off more than it could chew.

AugustaChronicle ” Ripken Basball Group  “…brought Mayor Michael Bennett to help dispel accusations that Ripken Baseball left Aberdeen in financial trouble when the team joined with city and state to build a stadium”

The Ides of October – McGrady’s Cheap Political Stunt At Town Public Meeting Backfires – Over Night, Town Blooms With Bennett Lawn Signs Alongside Landbeck Lawn Signs In Bi-Partisan Response To McGrady Disrespect For Democratic Government Procedures And Juvenile Understanding Of Free Speech

October 16, 2011

Political Blowback In Aberdeen After The McGrady Kerfuffle At City Meeting

October 15, 2011

Patrick McGrady Tries To Campaign At Aberdeen Town Meeting (Video)

October 14, 2011

Is The Coverup Worse Than The Crime? Republican Dodgy Aegis Buries Story On Embarassing Actions of Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady At Aberdeen City Council Meeting, No Story Printed In Oct 13th Aegis, Only Available And BURIED On Sun/Explore Harford Website , Also The Republican Dodgy Dagger Reported NOTHING on the Political Kerfuffle That May Define The Candidate As Arrogant And Juvenile*

October 12, 2011

*Juvenile, Reflecting psycological or intelectual immaturity: Childish

AberdeenPatch – Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady Tries To Campaign For Mayor During Aberdeen Town Meeting, Mayor Michael Bennett Says No Campaigning, Ask A Question Or Sit Down

October 12, 2011


DodgyDagger – Mayors Race Only Contest In Aberdeen Elections, Only Four Candidates Run For Four Council Seats, Bennett’s Only Challenger Is Weak/Amateur Tea Party Republican

October 10, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Seeks New Vision For Train Station Area

October 10, 2011

Seperation of Church And Cheap Politics, Dept – Patrick “Shady” McGrady Uses Fathers Church Rehab Project To Exploit “Jesus Vote”

September 19, 2011

Sandbox Politics – Patrick “Shady” McGrady’s Response To Earthquake : “Weird” “Ha Ha, Ha Ha” “Neat”! Is This Guy Serious About Running For Mayor?

September 4, 2011

Republican Dodgy Dagger Endorses Republican Tea Bagger Patrick “Shady” McGrady For Mayor of Aberdeen And Ryan Burbey Asks How McGrady’s Father Rehabing An Aberdeen Church “Would Lead To Revitalizing Downtown ”

August 28, 2011


AberdeenPatch Scoops The Republican Aegis Again – Isaiah White Walks A Day In Aberdeen Mayors Shoes

August 11, 2011


Aegis – Tea Party Republican Patrick ‘Shady’ McGrady Cant Make Up His Mind Whether To Run For Mayor Or Councilman In Aberdeen City Elections – “I’m Open To a Lot of Stuff”

July 29, 2011


Tea Party Republican Patrick “Shady” McGrady Uses The Right-Wing Dodgy Dagger To Make False Claim That Aberdeen Mayor And Council Were “Deafeningly Silent”*(Dagger) About Hatem Bridge Toll Increase. What Was The June 20th Aberdeen City Resolution Opposing The Toll Increases About??? **(AberdeenPatch) The Demagogues Are Due On Maple Street!

July 14, 2011

  **AberdeenPatch    *DodgyDagger

Dodgy Dagger – Aberdeen Mayor Questions Intent Of Presbyterian Home, Mayor Bennett Disgusted With Del. James’ Annapolis Shenanigans

March 31, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Del. Mary-Dulany James (D-34A) Kills Hotel Room Tax Bill That Also Offered Retirement Community “SweetHeart” Deal 15 Year Tax Break

March 18, 2011


Aegis/Sun – James Refuses To Budge On Tax Break For Aberdeen Retirement Community

March 13, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Residents Oppose ‘Jesse’ James Hotel Room Tax Deal

March 6, 2011


Pat Faircloth:  I don’t know if  (Delegate James) she is related to Senator (William) James or Jesse James. She’s tryin to rob my pocket.  And I don’t appreciate it… I talked to Del. Impallaria on the telephone. The first words out of his mouth were “Your Mayor is wrong!”. I said, “No he’s not.” He said ,”Have a nice day” and hung up. Now thats ‘limited government’ at its best.


Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Mayor/Council Stand Up To The James Compromise – Room Tax Held Back Until Developers Get A Break

February 12, 2011

   JamesHotel Rental Tax Compromise Bill   Aegis/Sun

O’Malley At Aberdeen Festival Park April 29, Thursday, 11:30AM

April 25, 2010

Omalley/Brown 2010

TheSun/Aegis – Political Landslide – Bennett Wins Big (53% to 40%) – Hiob and Kuperfman Kicked Out For Land Politics

November 5, 2009

michael_hiobronald_kupfermanbennett-248x300The Sun/Aegis

Mayor-Michael Bennett – 982 – Michael Hiob – 739 -Babara Kreamer – 139

City Council – Ruth Elliot – 1236 – Bruce Garner -1123 – Sandy Landbeck -1077 – Ruth Ann Young – 1014– Ron Kupferman -967 – Trudie Norman – 285 – Zenobia Todd – 439

Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Elections – Postcard From the Edge – We Can’t Afford Them Anymore!

October 30, 2009

(This message was delivered by postcard in the U.S. Mail)

During Mike Hiob and Ron Kupferman’s last 6 years on the Aberdeen City Council
– Your property taxes were raised 56%
– Your water and sewer bills were doubled
– They did nothing to solve the city’s water shortage
-They stood idlt by while vital city infrastructure deteriorated
– They voted twice for large developer driven land annexations that would cost you and the city $$$ millions after you, the voter, rejected the annexations


Knife In The Water – RtWing Repub Blog The Dagger Spreads “Dirty Political Smear” – Helton Responds

October 27, 2009

headermaroon3%20copy724968 The Right-Wing Republican political blog The Dagger last week posted a “dirty political smear” on Art Helton disguised as a journalistic investigation (The Art of War – No Tactic Off Limits). The Dagger in effect dug up an accusation that was dismissed immediately last August by the States Attorney and closed immediately as a case by the Aberdeen P.D. and attempted to turn it into a “political hit” two weeks before the Aberdeen town elections. The Dagger reports the “dirty political smear” as if some other political force is spreading it. The “dirty political smear” is being spread by The Dagger.
This week Art Helton communicated his response to The Dagger’s “dirty political smear” in a post card mailing that stated:

“Another Aberdeen City Election and another attempt by some to be vicious and personally attack anyone that opposes them. I seem to have gotten the brunt of the last two Aberdeen elections. This latest politically motivated attack is particularly mean-spirited involving nasty accusations about me that were unfounded. These political tactics are truly hurtful to my wife and our four daughters.
As an Aberdeen businessman for over 40 years, I have taken great pride in the City of Aberdeeen and have been a leader in helping to revitalize our City. This revitalization has brought millions of dollars in property tax base and over 275 new jobs to Aberdeen. Hopefully, these personal attacks on me and others will be judged for what they are “Dirty Smear Politics” in an election year.”

THe Dagger – Councilman Kupferman Supports Hiob For Mayor And Thinks R-2 Zoning For Wetlands/GlenGarry is “Smart Growth”. Hiob-Kupferman-Landbeck is the Wetlands Annex Ticket!

October 21, 2009


“I want to see Mike Hiob (as mayor). I think he’s matured a lot as far as government leadership. I know he can do this job. i think Mike Hiob can do a better job than the current mayor.”

“After the election if Glengarry comes back and requests R-2 zoning for growth, I think we need to look at smart growth.”

The Dagger Q&A – Landbeck Recommends Approving Wetlands/GlennGary Annex

October 19, 2009


“I sat on the Planning and Zoning Bord when we voted approval of the Wetlands…I say when the Wetlands group comes back with another proposal that Planning and Zoning’s recommendation be examined and put into use.”

TheDagger Q&A – Councilwoman Elliott – No Wetlands/GlennGary Annex – Teabaggers Upset Over Red Shirts Campaigning For Bennett

October 18, 2009


The Record/Sun – Making the Run – 10/16/09 – Councilman Kupferman Supports Annexing Wetlands! Is Hiob-Kupferman-Landbeck the Winning Ticket For Wetlands Annex?

October 16, 2009


The Brains – Money Changes Everything

October 12, 2009

The Dagger – ProudDemocrat – Is Mike Hiob a Dino ?( Democrat In Name Only)

October 12, 2009

dino-t3030michael_hiob ProudDemocrat,Oct 11, 2009, 5:58pm (The Dagger, Hiob Campaign Raises $11,000..)2.1.3
1. ” The sad thing is the fact that you teabagger types are so quick to defend Hiob is one thing that makes me so afraid of him. You have Rinos, we have Dinos, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Hiob is one of them”
2. ProudDemocrat, Oct10,2009,10:41pm (The Dagger) “This has all the feeling of a typical Republican style campaign…defer to special bussiness interests, not the will of the people.
If the people dont vote the way you want them to, raise tons of money so that you can mis-lead them into doing what’s in the bussiness’s best interest. Sad.”
3. ProudDemocrat, Oct 10, 2009,10:53pm (The Dagger) “Mr. Hiobs cronies have contributed thousands in an effort to elect a person that openly defies the will of the people by expanding the cities limits beyond where the voters live. The resulting change in land-use and zoning would allow said developers to make millions upon millions by defying the will of the voters of Aberdeen.”
4. ProudDemocrat, Oct 10,2009, 10:45pm (The Dagger) “Mike Hiob indicated at the infamous NHDC meeting that he intends to annex property adjacent to the current Aberdeen borders. He indicated that he feels the referendum of 2 years ago no longer applies because the zoning situation has changed in the county. He is arguing on a technicallity that voters don’t care about zoning.
They were against expanding the city limits in an effort to satisfy afew very rich developers. The election has everything to do with the referendum. The question is does the will of the people mean anything?”

The Dagger – Hiob “Inside-Out” Campaign Raises $11,000 – Mainly from Developers, Mike Bennett “It’s About Trust” Campaign Raises $3,989 – $300 From Arthur Helton

October 10, 2009

michael_hiobmayor_bennettThe Dagger

Hiob Notable Campaign Contributions:
HCS LLC (Wetlands) $1000
DD &SP LLC (real estate) 500
Craig Vickers 1000
Joseph Salvo – 1000
Kerean Pantel – 1000
Ferrel Fuel – 1000
Hickory Ridge Invest LLC (rep by Curtis Coon) 1000
Del Mary Dulaney James – 500
Eight East Bel Air LLC – 200
Glenville Prop LLC ( Real Estate Mgmnt)) 250
Involved Citizens for Riley – 250

ClearChannel Outdoors (Billboard) $1200
Allsigns – $1462
Bright Star Printing – 2144

Michael Bennett Notable Campaign Contributions
401 Market, LLC ( Helton) $300
McPhailWoods, LLC – $1000
Carsin Run LLC (P.Bosworth) – 500
Morris & Ritchie Assoc – 150
Ruth Young – $30
Aaron Tomarchio – 30

Bottomless Cup $1000
OfficeCenter & ABC Signs $1400

The Sun – A Three Way Race For Mayor of Aberdeen – Bennett, Kreamer and Hiob

October 1, 2009


Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Town Elections : Mike Hiobs Political Theme Song

September 30, 2009

Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Town Election: Mike Hiobs New Political Slogan Doesn’t Make Any Sense

September 30, 2009

michael_hiob Aberdeen city councilman Mike Hiob released his first political mailer this week. The flyer includes an unusual political slogan : “Leadership from the inside out …not the outside in”. What does that mean? It sounds like a good football play but not a good political idea. And doesn’t “inside-out” mean “backwards”? Here’s a better slogan for Mike Hiob : “What would Fred Do?” Mike Hiob has been endorsed by the right-wing Republican political blog ,The Dagger, which began as a blog two years ago to help Fred Simmons get re-elected. And when he lost the endorsement of his own New Harford Democratic Club he attacked the Club in the Dagger stating:”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement to assist me in MY EFFORT TO RETURN CONTROL OF THE OFFICE OF MAYOR TO A CITIZEN WHO ACTUALLY LIVES IN ABERDEEN”. Hiob also atttacked his political opponent after losing the endorsement stating: “The endorsement is just another confirmation that Helton and Bennett are connected at the hip (or somewhere else).” Hiob even attcked the endorsement itself stating that it “will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly to the benefit of Mike Bennett and the spreading (sic) slime about me.”.Leadership inside-out or outside-in should not resort to vulgar personal attacks or irrational tirades if one doesnt get ones way.

Political Countdown 2009 – Harford Democratic Club Endorses Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen. Angry Mike Hiob Burns Political Bridges.

September 6, 2009

The Sunmayor_welcomeThe New Harford Democratic Club(NHDC) endorsed Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen by a vote of 17 to 14. Mike Hiob and Mike Bennett sought the endorsement by speaking and answering questions at the monthly meeting. Mike Hiob after seeking the endorsement and being rejected ridiculed the NHDC in the Right-Wing Republican blog ,The Dagger,stating :”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement.” In a bitter response to losing the endorsement Hiob went on to deride the winner with a vulgar personal attack ,stating, :”This ‘endorsement’ is just another confirmation that Art Helton and Mike Bennett are connected at the hip (or something else?)”. Hiob also angrily attacked the ‘endorsement’ itself because he believes it : “…will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly for the benefit of Mike Bennett. And for the spreading(sic) slime about me.”

Political Countdown 2009 : Has Mike Hiob Missed His Window of Political Opportunity? Or Has Aberdeen Been Shrugged?

July 13, 2009

michael_hiobThe Right-wing Republican political blog The Dagger has endorsed Mike Hiob , a Democrat, for Mayor of Aberdeen.
Hiob was a Democrat who joined council Republicans to strongly support Aberdeen Annexation of the Wetlands Golf Course.
The last political candidate the The Dagger endorsed was the ill-fated Fred Simmons bid for re-election as Aberdeen Mayor.
Hiob also worked to relect Fred Simmons as Mayor and Dave Yensan as counlcilman, who were both strong advocates of the Wetlands Annexation.

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