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DodgyDag/Aegis – Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Who Refused A Democratic RunOff Election To Solve Council Tie-Vote, Now Proposes An Undemocratic Random Popularity Poll To Approve His Second Nominee, A TeaParty Crony—Who Came In 8th In November Election

January 12, 2016




RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen City Attorney “Dead Wrong” On Resolving Tie Vote, Tie Vote Is Not Really A Vacancy , Its a SNAFU! Tie Vote Elections Are Usually Resolved With A Runoff Election, Drawing Lots Or Council Vote

November 11, 2015


“The legal concept is, it is not a tie between  Sean DeBonis  and Stephen Smith. The people of Aberdeen failed to elect someone for the fourth seat. So we only have three seats elected” says Aberdeen City Manager Doug Miller . (City Told To Pick Fourth Winner, New Aberdeen Mayor To Appoint , Council To Ok, The Aegis,  Bryna Zumer ,Nov 11, 2015)

If this is the legal opinion of Aberdeen’s city attorney  then its “legal” bullshit. The Republican Aegis points out  two other tie elections in Harford County. Both were resolved with runoff elections (2003, Bel Air  and 1978 Havre de Grace; ) The people did not fail to elect someone, the political system  failed to work .  In New Windsor ,Md  in 1999 the city council VOTED to resolve the tie. (Gaithersburg has a charter provision that says a tie leads to a runoff, and if there is a tie in the runoff then  a coin-flip is required)

According to The Aegis, both candidates,involved in the election tie  are rightfully upset that there is no fair resolution. And all 600 plus voters who voted for these two candidates are going to be upset if there votes are thrown out. If EVERY VOTE COUNTS then these votes should not be discarded. The people elected two candidates with the tie vote. Either seat them both or provide a fair  resolution to the tie  –  a) a runoff, b) council vote or  c) drawing lots or flipping coins. As  Stephen Smith says “The citizens are being cheated”. And Sean DeBonis agrees ,telling the Aegis that the fairest solution to the tie vote is a runoff.election. Smith And/or DeBonis should take the matter to the Maryland Attorney General before this mistake becomes a  political joke.

After  the matter is resolved , the City Attorney should be let go for incompetence(.Sussman/Miller could find no data of tie elections in Maryland. The Aegis found two tie votes In Harford. Dr. Google  found one in New Windsor, Md)  And someone  should question the  city managers common sense..



GahlerWatch/Aegis Editorial – Has Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Lost Focus On His Primary Responsiblity—Enforcing Laws … Not Making Them????

February 25, 2015



February 20th Republican Aegis Editorial

The Republican Aegis suggests that the new Harford County  Sheriff Jeff Gahler may “need a bit of a reminder about the role of his new office. The sheriffs primary responsibility in Harford County is enforcing the laws. not making them.” 

 Gahlers primary focus so far has been to advocate changing the law to omit safety firing training for gun permits,  changing the law to provide for a warrant-intercept program and changing the law that doesnt allow the Sheriff to moonlight.

The Republican Aegis  comments:  “…the sheriff needs to be focused on law enforcement, not legislative lobbying in Annapolis….the sheriff needs to be seen having his attention focused on the crime problems that afflict Harford County…The sheriff needs to focus” on crime and safe roads “and be seen through his actions as making them high priorities”

Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Councilwoman, Sandra Landbeck, Criticizes Campaign Tactics of Losing Candidate In Mayors Election, Loser* Patrick McGrady Still Suffering From Political “Shell Shock” Stated :’While We Did Not Win, It Was Successful’

November 30, 2011

*Loser-One who is incompetent or unable to succeed. Websters

RepublicanAegis – Bennett Beats McGrady 51.5% To 48.5% – You Cant Fool All Of The People All Of The Time

November 9, 2011


No one said the Ravens won by a “tiny” or “slim” margin last Sunday against the Pittsburg Steelers. They just won! But the local media emphazised how Bennett “eked out” or “edged out” a victory. Bull shit , he won. He beat a “gutter” politician. with out getting into the gutter. Mayor Bennett said it best.  “A win is a win.”And McGrady, the down and dirty politician, is in hiding  from the press, unable to explain why his cheap smear campaign  tactics didnt work.

Republican Aegis Supports New Early Voting Sites By Suggesting A Way To Gut Their Effectiveness

July 23, 2011

     The Republican Aegis lamely suggests  it would be more logical to put one of the two new early voting sites in North Harford instead of Edgewood.  This is another Republican attempt to limit the effectiveness of the early voting process. The original Republican “supress the early vote” argument was the DeLong Gambit which suggested that one early voting site in Bel Air was quite enough. If you want to maximize the voter turnout with the two new early voting sites you don’t assign one of the new sites to a cornfield in Pylesville.

Aegis/Sun – Kim McCarthy, Member of Harford County Democratic Central Committee Points Out In Aegis Letter That State Sen. Nancy “No” Jacobs Has For The Last 5 Years “Voted Against Funding Road And Bridge Improvements In Harford And Cecil County”.

June 11, 2011

Letter to the Editor/The Aegis.Friday,June 10,2011:

    “Instead of attending Toll rallies and issuing press releases, I think Sen Nancy Jacobs should answer why she has voted against funding for road and bridge improvements in Harford and Cecil counties for the last five years?…rather than just voting “no, she could have prevented the proposed toll increases” Kim  McCarthy

Aegis/Sun – Here We Go Again! Aegis Journalist Allan Vought Uses “Distasteful Language” (i.e. Racist Xenophobic Stereotyping) in Etc Column

May 26, 2011

 Distasteful Language,Reader Taken Aback By Wording In Recent Etc . Column.The Aegis, Open Forum. Letters to the Editor, May, 2011

“I am writing in regard to Allan Vought’s recent Etc. coulumn , ‘Middle Eastern Despots Are Hard To Let Go Of’…Characterizing the attacks on 9/11 as  ‘Muslim’ is disturbing. These  heartless attacks were the work of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It is inflamatory to paint them as ‘Muslim’ attacks…That kind of characterization casts a slur on the majority of Muslims who are not a part of the jihadist movement…In addition ,the pejorative ‘Muslim tar baby’ with all of its racist connotaions was very offensive… Finally , this sentence ‘…you either play by our rules,or go back to riding camels instead of Mercedes-Benzes and living in tents instead of luxury high rise buildings’, with its stereotyping of Arabs and the nomadic lifestyle, was pure xenophobia.” Janis Jordan, Bel Air

Dodgy Dagger – River City Election – Only The Challengers (Shank, Maslin,and Wagner) Answer Dagger Questionaire, The Incumbent Status Quo “Old Guard” (Dougherty, Craig, Correri) Dodge-the-Dagger

May 1, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Allan Vought/ETC – Redistrictings “Thanks To Slutzky And His Pals, You And Your Children Have Become … Pawns In The Master Game”

January 20, 2011


Morning Joe Mocks GOP Freshman Congressman Andy Harris For “Bitching About Not Getting His Government Health Care For A Month” (Will The Republican Aegis Report This Story?)

November 16, 2010


Harford360/ The Aegis Letters To The Editor – Rovall Washington Endorses His Primary Opponent Art Helton For State Senate

October 29, 2010


      Rovall Washington in a letter to the editor to The Aegis (Oct. 29, 2010) and on a post on his new website Harford360, endorsed his  former primary opponent,Art Helton, for the Maryland Senate. Mr Washington stated:

        “I’m giving my suppoprt to him (Helton) for the General Election on Nov. 2 . This is a serious decision.

         We must chose a person that personally has the qualifications to negotiate and bring us the jobs, funding, and development to Harford and Cecil Counties to get the thousands of voters back to work.”


Aegis/Letters To the Editor – Former State Senator Cathy Riley And Former State Delegate RoseMary Bonsack Rally Support For Arthur Helton for State Senator in Dist 34

October 29, 2010

Wednesday October 27, 2010,TheAegis, Political Open Forum

            Catherine I Riley (C.Riley For Helton): ” For many years now Art (Helton) , and indeed his wife, Ann,too, have donated enormous amounts of time to the community and worked to improve lives. They have devoted themselves to ensuring our voices are heard by policymakers and worked on many diverse issues from budgets to protecting the environment, cleaning up the bay  and trying to ensure that developoment and our regulatory environment are properly balanced.

                                                 I am convinced that this district needs a new Senator in Annapolis. I strongly urge you to vote for Art Helton. He will work hard for you and make sure your views and your concerns are haerd as he fights for a government that seeks to represent the best that we are…” 

     RoseMary Hatem Bonsack( Bonsack for Helton)  : ” We  need a serious Senator to work hard for the people of Maryland—and one who will bring back to his constituents those precious monies so badly needed in Harford and Cecil counties.

                                                                           Art Helton has always been  a hard worker and previously represented District 34 very successsfully. He is an excellent businessman– with vision, knowlege , extreme energy and caring for our communities…

                                                                          Because of these attributes and his good common sense, he will  finally bring back to the district what is totally necessary and beneficial for each community. He can get it done right! I  have known Art for many years and having served in the legislature myself, I know he is the person we need to serve District 34 now!” 










Aegis/Sun – Republican Aegis Endorses James And Posey-Moss For House of Delegates

October 23, 2010


Aegis/Sun – Moderate/Progressive Democrats Mary Dulany James And Marla Posey-Moss vs. Right-Wing Tea Party Republicans Patrick McGrady and Glenn Glass

October 21, 2010



Aegis Journalist Uses Republican/Tea Party Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric With Political Slur: “Democrats Represent Poor People, African Americans (Blacks), Illegal Immigrants(?) And Liberals”

October 9, 2010


Which Is Scarier? A Delaware Witch-Politician or A Fortune-Telling Aegis Journalist?

October 7, 2010


                 Allan Vought, the Republican Aegis’s chief political anaylist states in the Aegis (nov6,2010, More Cold Times In Future for Harford Democrats):

       “One close contest did materalize for one of two House of Delegates seats in District 34 where incumbent Dan Riley eventually lost. That loss may PORTEND a general election loss of one of two  remaining legislative seats the Democrats still hold in Harford County”

Portend? One Democratic progressive losing to another Democratic progressive is an omen of political misfortune for Democrats?  I think Mr. Voughts political analysis is thin gruel. Perhaps it is even a bit racist. And  surely it  is a political curse. It is an expressed wish for misfortune to befall the Harford Democrats. Perhaps Mr.Vought is a  warlock?

Aegis Primary Editorial Endorsements For Dist 34 Suggests Patrick ‘Tea Party’ McGrady And Democrats Marla Posey-Moss and Rovall Washington Are Not Ready For Prime Time

August 29, 2010


      The Republican Aegis  endorsed Randolph Craig, son of County Executive David  Craig, and John ‘Plagarism’ Paff for House of Delegates in Dist. 34 in the Republican primary.

      The Republican Aegis also endorsed Arthur Helton  for the Maryland  Senate  and  incumbents  Mary-Dulany James and  Dan Riley for the House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary


Aegis/Sun – Democrats vs. Tea Party Republicans In District 34A

August 21, 2010


Aegis/Sun – Harford Circuit Court Rules Helton Has Legal Residency In District 34 For State Senate Race – Rovall Washingtons Dangerous Gamble Backfires

July 17, 2010


The Aegis (A6) – Washington Challenges Heltons Residency Qualifications in State Senate Race

July 4, 2010


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