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NewYorker/Jane Meyer – The Case of Al Franken?

July 22, 2019


Michelle Bachman Tells Televangelist She Might Run For Al Franken’s Senate Seat

January 7, 2018


NewYorker – Al Franken Resignation And The Selective Force Of #MeToo

December 8, 2017


The Dangers of Misplaced Scale

NYMag – The Facebook Lynching of Al Franken

December 6, 2017




Al Franken Segment Cut/Censored From Broadcast By PBS At Mark Twain Award For David Letterman (Original Recording, Franken Appears At 50 Minute Mark)

November 24, 2017

Village Voice – Rightbloggers Say Franken Shows DEms Are Immoral Hypocites ! Wing Nuts Say Calling For Investigation Is Just A Cover Up! The Facts Arent Important !

November 22, 2017

Daily Beast – NY Post Turns Bill Maher Photo Shoot Pixs Into Fraudulent Charge Of Sexual Harassment!!!!!

November 21, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel – Se. Al Franken Harassment

November 18, 2017

NY Tabloid

November 18, 2017



Al Franken – 1996 Bill Clinton White House Correspondence Dinner

June 5, 2017

Bill Maher/ Real Time – Sen. Al Franken Interview

February 12, 2017

Bill Maher/ RealTime – 0ct 7, 2016

October 8, 2016

ConnanOBrien/Fox – Sen Al Franken Thinks This Is The Most Terrifying Election of Our Lifetime

September 1, 2016

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