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Colbert – Wedding Vow Milk Challenge – Tuck Buckford (Alex Jones) Will Not Be Silenced – Dan Helmer Campaign Ad – Colbert: Postcards From New Jersey

August 9, 2018

Hollywood Reporter – The Opposition Confronts Alex Jones , Accuses Him Being A “Crisis Actor”!

April 15, 2018

Hollywood Reporter – Jordan Klepper Launches “#Blame Klepper” Campaign In Response To Attack From Alex Jones

March 9, 2018



Media Matters -Alex Jones Hawks Trump Childrens Book That Indocrinates Them With White Nationalism

January 5, 2018


Stephen Colbert: Info Wars Alex Jones, Trumps CAPS LOCK Advisor

February 23, 2017

Daily Beast – Hillary Health Conspiracy Started By Trump Alt-Right Reddit Crazies – Spread By Wing-Nuts Alex Jones/Drudge Report

September 6, 2016


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