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Republican Aegis – Investigative Reporter Allan Vought Tells Us Where All The Harford Hotel Tax Revenue Goes And Why Aberdeen Which Produces Most Of It Gets So Little ! – Once Again The Award Winning Aegis Journalism Gets To The Bottom of Hotel Tax Political Shenanigans With A Press Release From Glassman Media Manager!

May 30, 2018


Change Is Gonna Come But Not Neccessarily To The Aegis/Vought Right-Wing Assumptions And Bias

July 14, 2014


Harford Republican Candidate For Governor David “No Pazazz” Craig Runs Down Political Dead End With Know Nothing/Tea Party Repeal Rain Tax Gambit , But At Least Aegis PoliticalPsychicCynic Alan Vought Finds It Entertaining

October 1, 2013

“Politics is hypocrisy in its highest form. In Maryland its been taken to a new level. Craig may not become Governor, but just watching the number of people he’s made uncomfortable about the rain tax leads me to suspect we’re in for an entertaining 14 months” Allan Vought, ETC…, The Aegis.September,2013



Aegis – Even Aegis ConservativeRepub “Political Expert” Allan Vought Can’t Understand the County Council Non-Vote On The WalMart Bill …But Allan, More Than “Several” Testified In Favor Of The Original Bill Before Lisanti-Slutzky Eviserated It

April 28, 2013


Aegis/Sun – Here We Go Again! Aegis Journalist Allan Vought Uses “Distasteful Language” (i.e. Racist Xenophobic Stereotyping) in Etc Column

May 26, 2011

 Distasteful Language,Reader Taken Aback By Wording In Recent Etc . Column.The Aegis, Open Forum. Letters to the Editor, May, 2011

“I am writing in regard to Allan Vought’s recent Etc. coulumn , ‘Middle Eastern Despots Are Hard To Let Go Of’…Characterizing the attacks on 9/11 as  ‘Muslim’ is disturbing. These  heartless attacks were the work of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It is inflamatory to paint them as ‘Muslim’ attacks…That kind of characterization casts a slur on the majority of Muslims who are not a part of the jihadist movement…In addition ,the pejorative ‘Muslim tar baby’ with all of its racist connotaions was very offensive… Finally , this sentence ‘…you either play by our rules,or go back to riding camels instead of Mercedes-Benzes and living in tents instead of luxury high rise buildings’, with its stereotyping of Arabs and the nomadic lifestyle, was pure xenophobia.” Janis Jordan, Bel Air

Aegis/Sun – Allan Vought/ETC – Redistrictings “Thanks To Slutzky And His Pals, You And Your Children Have Become … Pawns In The Master Game”

January 20, 2011


Aegis Journalist Uses Republican/Tea Party Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric With Political Slur: “Democrats Represent Poor People, African Americans (Blacks), Illegal Immigrants(?) And Liberals”

October 9, 2010


Which Is Scarier? A Delaware Witch-Politician or A Fortune-Telling Aegis Journalist?

October 7, 2010


                 Allan Vought, the Republican Aegis’s chief political anaylist states in the Aegis (nov6,2010, More Cold Times In Future for Harford Democrats):

       “One close contest did materalize for one of two House of Delegates seats in District 34 where incumbent Dan Riley eventually lost. That loss may PORTEND a general election loss of one of two  remaining legislative seats the Democrats still hold in Harford County”

Portend? One Democratic progressive losing to another Democratic progressive is an omen of political misfortune for Democrats?  I think Mr. Voughts political analysis is thin gruel. Perhaps it is even a bit racist. And  surely it  is a political curse. It is an expressed wish for misfortune to befall the Harford Democrats. Perhaps Mr.Vought is a  warlock?

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