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Say No To Kavanaugh!

October 1, 2018

Nominated Democratic Candidate For Congress MD1, Jesse Colvin Makes His Former Political Opponent Allison Galbraith His Advisor on “Womens Issues”!

June 30, 2018


When did Healthcare, reducing  government waste, reducing government corruption become “womens issues”?

Does this mean Jesse Colvin will just handle the “mens issues”  like guns, drones, CIA and War?


Progressive Democrats Split Their Political Power Galbraith/Puller(41%) To Be Defeateted By Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger DINO Colvin (38%)

June 27, 2018

Democratic progressives in the Maryland  First Congressional  District defeated the Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger  by 41% to 38%. Unfortunately the progressive vote was   won by two differant candidates

Democratic carpetbagger Jesse “James” Colvin stole the primary election for Congress  in the First District with 38% of the vote .

Progressive rising political star  Allison Galbraith could only garner 28% of the vote coming in a distant second.

Her fellow progressive Michael Puller received only 13% of the vote.

Progressive and moderate voters were torn between the two progressive candidates and  split their political power because of petty political prejudice  and downright fear of voting for a strong charismatic female candidate.

The best progressive candidate all along was hiding in plain sight.

Allison Galbraith was the first to enter the race. She inspired  and delighted upper Bay Democrats with her feisty funny  angry protest of the incompetent and bumbling  incumbent Andy Harris.

. But her charisma  and chutzpa  and her intelligence and common sense not to mention her good looks  could not overcome that old tired attitude buried in our DNA that says leaders must be men with guns or knives or drones.

Remember every time you doubt that carpetbagger Jesse Colvin is a leader remember what he said  a million times in the campaign:  ” I did four tours of duty in Afghanistan”. Lincoln may have said “Four score…”. But  Colvin says “Four tours….”

It was an effective political slogan. It won the race.  It should be on  his bumper sticker! It will be the title of  his autobiography this Fall! It may  be a Netflicks   series a year from now!





Election 2018 Predictions

June 25, 2018



Barbara Kreamer candidate for MD State Senate primary  will win with at least 51% of the vote!



Allison Galbraith, Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s First District will win with 45% of the vote Mike Puller will get 30% of the vote and Jesse Colvin will get 25%  of the vote!


Ishak And Kreis  will  win approval by the voters for the Circuit Court!


Sarahia Benn, candidate for the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D34A will win nomination   to the Genera lElection with 34% of the vote!


TwoBroadsPodcast – Allison Galbraith

June 19, 2018

Allison Galbraith For Congress, Marylands First District

June 16, 2018

Last Candidates Forum Before Primary For Democratic Congessional Race : See The Knock Down/Drag Out Battle Between Progressives Allison Galbraith And Mike Puller ! – See If Baltimore Outsider Carpetbagger Jesse “James” Colvin Can Steal An Election With Outsider Campaign Funds From Special Interests!!

June 15, 2018


Election 2018 – 1st District Maryland – LWV Candidates Forum – Allison Galbraith vs Michael Puller – Highlights ( Where Is Harford Countys Moribund LWV?)

June 13, 2018

TriviaNews : Easton’s Star Democrat – June 12, 2018 – Galbraith Pulls Ahead in Race For Congress For Headline Position – Allison Galbraith Also Still The Most Attractive Candidate In The Race! – Jesse “Pretty Boy” Colvin Comes In A Distant Third!

June 13, 2018



Allison Galbraith : Lets Put People First!

June 11, 2018

Allison Galbraith Closing Remarks At UMES Democratic Forum

May 23, 2018

WTOP – DC Cannibis Activist Moves To Salisbury, MD To Vote Tea Party Repub Congressman Andy Harris Out And Vote Progressive Democrat Allison Galbraith In!!!!

May 18, 2018



WashPost – DC Marijuana Activist Moves To Salisbury,Maryland To Political Harrass Far Right Republican Congressman Andy Harris And Support Democrat Primary Candidate Allison Galbraith

May 18, 2018



Galbraith In Elkton – Jesse Covin Falls sleep At Elkton Democratic Forum

May 6, 2018


“Shabby” Schablein Claims Cecil CountyPC Stole LSPCs Idea of A “Caucus” And HarfordPC Stole The Idea Of A Caucus From CecilCPC!

May 5, 2018



Shabby, you and your organization are “Freakin” nuts! You ego maniac! You don’t own the “concept” of a caucus!

I think the voters will see through LSPCs ego-trip endorsement and CCPC’s Neo-conservative endorsement!

Its too bad Sanders supporters were duped in Cecil County  by a CIA funded and trained “pretty boy propagandist”!

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat Andy Harris!

Jesse Colvin is a carpetbagging CIA robot!

And  Michael Pullen is  a flawed  progressive who walked away from his opportunity to stop sexual abuse in his own law office but instead did nothing! (The Spanking Lawyer” Washington Post)

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat  Andy Harris! The Democrat , Independent and compassionate Republican voters can clearly see the right thing to do!





New Harford Demoratic Club Meeting Presents: Barara Kreamer, The Next Maryland State Senator From Harford County, Dist 34 – And Allison Galbraith, The Next U.S.Congress Woman Representing Marylands First District May 2nd, 2018 – 7PM – Holiday Inn – 1007 Beards Hill Rd., Aberdeen, Md

May 2, 2018




Allison Galbraith -Gun Sense Candidate For Marylands First Congressional District

April 20, 2018


CIA Is Running Against Democratic Progressives In First District -Jesse Colvin Is Their Candidate, – Dont Vote For The Forever War ! Vote Allison Galbraith! Colvin Is Connected To Far-Right War Monger Republican Think Tank – The FDD!

April 7, 2018


The Allison Galbraith- Allison Berkowitz Political Movement In Down Town Bel Air And the Republican Aegis Is Clueless! Apparently The Revolution Will Not Be Reported On!

March 2, 2018



The Republican Aegis wasn’t around for the first American Revolution. It was on the wrong side of the second American revolution (Civil War) . The Aegis was AWOL during  the Civil Rights movement  and blind, dumb and stupid during the anti-Vietnam movement.  Now it seems the Republican Aegis once again is lost and ignorant about the latest democratic historic  movement .

TheSpy – Introducing First District Congressional Candidate Allison Galbraith

February 27, 2018


Town Hall Meeting – Allison Galbraith – Harford Community College – Edgewood Hall Room 132 – Thursday March 8th, 2018 – 7:00 Pm to 10:00 PM

February 24, 2018


Allison Galbraith At Candidates Forum 021018 – Bel Air, Md – Ames United Methodist Church

February 11, 2018

Open Secrets – Maryland Dist 1 2018 Campaign Funds – Source,Metro,Sector

February 8, 2018







Follow the Money – Campaign Fund Raiseing For Fourth Quarter 2017: J.Colvin $219K (Moderate-Conservative), M. Pullen $140K (Progressive), S. Worton (Real Estate) $100K (Conservative), A. Galbraith $55.9K (Progressive +) —A.Harris $608K (Tea Party)

February 4, 2018

Jesse Colvin claimed he raised more in fourth quarter than Rep. Harris. Not so. Harris raised $608K , not $157K as claimed by Colvin. Colvim read the early returns and jumped to conclusions.




Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Decision To Not Give Allison Galbraith Another Speaking Engagement Is A Kangaroo Court Decision! It Is Petty, Arbitrary, Undemocratic, Unfair and Un-Progressive!

January 3, 2018


The decision by the LSPC to not allow Allison Galbraith another speaking engagement is petty, arbitrary, undemocratic and unfair. The decision making process did not give any analysis to extenuating circumstances. It did not allow  a thorough investigation of all the evidence. It was a spiteful, rushed to judgement decision. It was a judgement and punishment outside regular legal procedure, It was no way an example of a progressive definition of  justice. It was  kangaroo court justice!

Is Allison Galbraith the Carrie Mathison of Maryland? Is Gordon Koerner Her Peter Quinn?

January 3, 2018


12376710_714717958665857_4225338617581650535_nEpisode 301

CrowdPac – Steve Worton Ex-DOD Contractor- Bel Air Real Estate Agent Wants To Join The Blue Wave Democratic Takeover of Congress in Maryland 1st District – Now Its 4-Way Primary Race With Galbraith and Pullen Leading The Pack

December 23, 2017

The Republican Aegis Mentions In Print For The First Time The Name of the Harford County Democratic Candidate For Congress In Maryland’s First District—Allison Galbraith— In Letter To Open Forum by Gordon Koerner (Chief of Staff) ! Its A Xmas Miracle!

December 21, 2017



Roughly Speaking – Dan Rodricks – Interview With Allison Galbraith – Candidate For Congress In Maryland First District

November 19, 2017


Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Spreads Political Speculation That Republican Barry Glassman May Challenge Andy Harris For His Congressional Seat! Glassman Says He Will Reveal His Mysterious Plans On Oct 17th!

September 21, 2017

In the September 20, 2017 issue (Candidates Signing On For 2018 Harford Elections) of the Republican Aegis, ace reporter David Anderson states:

No one had filed for Harford County executive as of late Monday afternoon, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Incumbent County Executive Barry Glassman is scheduled to make an announcement about his plans Oct.17 at the Level Fire Hall , where he declared his candidacy in the past.



The Republican Aegis continued its unethical and corrupt journalistic bad habit of not reporting the political fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is registered to run for the U.S. Congress Maryland lst District.






Republican Aegis   Editors: Triffon G.Alatzas, EIC,BaltoSun ;Allan Vought, News Editor; Ted Hendricks Senior Editor – Newsroom 410-838-4400 – 139 N. Main Street, Bel Air, Md 21278

Kyle J Britt , Campaign Manager For Democratic Congressional Candidate Allison Galbraith Is No Longer Working For The First District Campaign! Trouble With Campaign Funding May Be Causing Disarray In The Political Effort .

August 6, 2017





In August 2  Facebook comments the campaign manager for Harford’s  Allison Galbraith stated he was “not a staffer for the campaign any longer”. He also stated that the parting was “incredibly amicable, time related more than anything.”

The campaign is struggling with raising enough campaign funding  to run a strong effort. The campaign raised over $18,000 in its first quarter.





Photos/Research – C.Jones

NYMag – Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith Part Of Historic Surge Of 209 Democratic Congressional Challengers In 2017 – Study Says It May Lead To Big Democratic Mid-Term Election Wins

July 30, 2017



Why Boycott The Republican Aegis?

July 29, 2017

The Republican Aegis has refused to report the fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is a candidate for Maryland’s First Congressional district.



The lack of any reporting on Allison Galbraith’s campaign in Harford County by the Republican Aegis suggests that the hometown newspaper is purposely ignoring the political story because it is either journalistically corrupt or politically corrupt. It appears the Republican Aegis is deliberately refusing to be fair and accurate in its political reporting.

The Republican Aegis’s dodgy journalism by corrupting the fair reporting of political information is also corrupting the political process.

Because of this corrupt reporting, the public is encouraged to boycott the Aegis on Wednesdays to protest the undemocratic and unethical behavior of the publishers of the Republican Aegis.

Some might ask:  “Has the Liberal Democrat rag “Setting Sun” made any mention of Galbraith? People wont boycott the Aegis. Its the only paper in the county just like the “Setting Sun” is the only rag in town. Bring back the Examiner,” (Mr.Jackson, The Dagger,07/27/17)

Good question. But the Baltimore Sun is in reality a conservative newspaper that leaves Harford County reporting up to the Aegis. So the Sun has signed off on not covering Allison Galbraith,too.  Their in-house political expert  Dan Rodrick reported recently that the First Congressional District was a cake walk for incumbent Andy Harris . Rodrick also suggested that there was no chance of a competitive election in 2018. Complaints were made about the fairness of this analysis . Bullshit was played. No balanced Sun reporting on Allison Galbraith was forthcoming.

The Sun leaves the Harford politics up to the Republican Aegis. That’s what they are told to do by their bosses at the Republican Chicago Tribune.

Yes the”Setting Sun” needs competition. But a few more budget cuts and the Sun will probably turn into a daily  sports/entertainment paper called the Baltimore Metro.

In the mean time the Republican Aegis  is the only major source of political information in Harford County. The Sun doesn’t give a shit. The Republican Aegis for some reason is afraid to report on the who-what-where-when-why  of Allison Galbraith.

Are they afraid that fair and balance reporting on her campaign might help insure her victory over the tired, incompetent , reactionary incumbent Andy Harris?  Probably.

The incumbent Congressman   literally is afraid of town hall meetings since he was booed in Chestertown in early Spring. He has been told by his handlers that those public  meeting are now bad public relations. Bad p.r he is told begets bad polling. Bad polling may beget  a  surprise on Election day.

So the Republican Aegis is afraid that Allison Galbraith might win  and the incumbent Republican  Teabagger Andy Harris is afraid  he might lose.

Allison Galbraith like the  fictional “Atomic Blonde” is politically fearless.

If the word got out with fair and accurate journalistic reporting who Allison Galbraith really is maybe political courage beats out political fear.

In the meantime democratic political pressure needs to be put on the corrupt, unfair and unethical  journalism of the Republican Aegis.




Research/ C.Jones





Atomic Blonde : Allison Galbraith For Congress (MD1)

July 27, 2017



Graphics/Research – C.Jones

Republican Aegis Biased Black-Out In News Coverage of Harford Democrat Candiadate For Congress Allison Gailbraith Engenders More Social/Political Media Attention!

July 18, 2017


Republican Aegis Biased Political Reporting Refuses To Report Negative Information About Republican Congressman: Maryland First District Congressman Rep Andy Harris Tells Democratic Challenger: ‘Most People Wouldnt Mind If Women Paid More For Healthcare’! Rep. Harris Refuses To Respond And Explain Why He Supports Discrimination Against Women In Health Care!

July 15, 2017






Boycott The Republican Aegis On Wednesdays Until They Stop Their Bias Political Reporting On Harford County Democrat Running For Congress: Allison Galbraith!

July 10, 2017




Another Allison Galbraith Story The Republican Aegis Didnt Cover – The Interview That The Republican Aegis And the Centrist Sunpaper Wont Do Because of Political Bias And Pre-Conceived Bullshit (aka Conventional Wisdom)

July 9, 2017



Allison Galbraith appears on WSDL  radio , the Salisbury University campus public station in Ocean City,Md. The program is Delmarva Now with  Don Rush.

Boycott The Republican Aegis Every Wednesday!!! Stop Biased Unfair Political Reporting!!! Stop Bad Corrupt Journalism!!!

June 28, 2017




The Republican Aegis has refused to report the fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is a candidate for Marylands First Congressional District

The opening day of the campaign began in downtown Bel Air at Sean Bolans Irish Pub. The event in Bel Air was mysteriously not covered by the local Sunpaper owned newspaper, the (Republican) Aegis

The event was fully reported on instead in  the Elkton Whig in  nearby Cecil County.

The opening day events proceeded to Chestertown, Md and was reported on in the local Chesapeake Spy.  And the campaign event ended that day in Salisbury where the  Salisbury Times DelMarVa New covered the political story.

The lack of any reporting on Allison Galbraiths campaign in Harford County by the Republican Aegis suggests that the hometown newspaper is purposely  ignoring the political story because it is either journalisticlly corrupt or politically corrupt. It appears the Republican Aegis is deliberately refusing to be fair and balanced in its political reporting

The Republican Aegis’s dodgy journalism by corrupting the fair reporting of political information is also corrupting the political process.

The public is encouraged to boycott the Republican Aegis on Wednesdays to protest the undemocratic and unethical behavior of the publishers of the Republican Aegis.






Black Teens Assaulted By Park Police for Selling Water

June 27, 2017

Btx3's Blog

At the National Mall in Washington, DC, the law says you need a permit to sell anything. It isn’t that unusual that during the hot summer tourist season some kids will come up with the idea of rolling out a cooler full of iced water bottles and selling them to the visitors. Usually, if caught – that winds up in a simple talking to by the Park Police telling them to pack up and go, informing them that they need a permit and where to get one. No big deal. Indeed, unless the kids are serial abusers of the statute – not even so much as a ticket.

Except when the kids involved are a group of black teens, and the “cops” in question are out of control.

The National Mall is for everyone. Even a few entrepreneurial teens who run afoul of the Park Service taxation scheme to collect…

View original post 430 more words

Stop Bad Journalism – Boycott the Republican Aegis Until The Republican Aegis Finally Reports And Admits That Democrat Allison Galbraith From Harford County Is Running For Congress In The First District! Corrupt Journalism Corrupts The Truth Which Corrupts the Political Process! Boycott the Aegis ! (BA)

June 21, 2017






Baltimore Sun /Aegis “Blackout” (Censor) News Coverage of Allison Galbraith Congressional Campaign Kick-off In Bel Air Is An Example Of Flagrant Political Bias And Dodgy Journalism?

May 18, 2017




Allison Galbraith opened her campaign for the U.S. Congress on Friday May l2th at the Sean Bolans Irish Pub in downtown Bel Air, Md.

This unique political event was covered by the near by Cecil County newspaper The Cecil Whig but was oddly ignored by Allison’s home town newspaper the Republican  Aegis. There was also no coverage by the Aegis’s corporate owner, the Baltimore Sun.

The absence of no coverage at all  in the  Republican Aegis suggest  an editorial decision that the political event was irrelevant.

That editorial decision is  political bias and corrupt journalism. The Republican Aegis Editor Ted Hendrick and the Sun publisher  Triffon Alatzas should rexamine their journalistic credentials and their professional standards.

The political event that the Republican Aegis and the Baltimore Sun does not wish you to know about was recorded by the campaign manager and is reproduced below.


Allison Galbraith Campaign Kick-Off At Sean Bolans Irish Pub, Bel Air, Md.

May 13, 2017

The Sun/Political Bullshit – “Know-It-All” Dan Rodericks Disses Harford’s Democratic Challenger To Congressman Andy Harris, Declares Contest Over Before It Begins, Go Back To Your Cell Phones First District Citizens Danny Boy Says History Is Not Calling, Give Up, No One Can Beat Dr. Andy , Democracy Is A Waste Of Time!

May 9, 2017


Dodgy Journalism – Thanks Republican Aegis For Not Reporting On Allison Galbraith’s Registering To Run For the U.S. Congress In The First District! The Story Was Excellently Covered In The Cecil Whig! But Allison Is From Harford! Whats Up With That! The Aegis’s Poor Judgement And Prejudice Is Showing!

May 2, 2017


NewYorker – Is Georgia’s Jon Ossoff (30) The Future of the Democratic Party ? Or is Maryland’s Allison Galbraith (34) The Future Of The Democratic Party?

April 23, 2017

DodgyDagger – New Harford Democratic Club Meets With Allison Galbraith Possible Democratic Congressional Challenger To Republican Rep. Andy Harris

April 7, 2017

Allison grew up in Bel Air and graduated from Bel Air High School. She received a BA in Philosophy at the University of Maryland- College Park. She is asingle mother with a 9 year old son.

Allison worked as a defense contractor focusing on program analysis and integration prior   to co-founding GGDI Solutions, a consulting company which assists small businesses looking to bid on Federal contracts.

She says her concerns about education for her child and health care for her family are two of the major issues that concern her about Andy Harris. He supports vouchers for schools and reductions to the Affordable Care Act, both of which would have a major impact on her family. She is also concerned about the immigration ban and the effect the Trump ban is having on our country.

New Harford Democratic Club: Possible Candidate For First Congressional District Allison Galbraith Was Big Hit At March NHDC Meeting! Rep. Andy Harris’s Job May Be In Jeopardy!

March 2, 2017

Reliable sources say an unusually packed room at the New Harford Democratic Club came out to check out a possible bright new political star in Harford County politics—Allison Galbraith.  Anonymous Sources also noticed that the Sunpapers  and the Republican Aegis had no reporter of interest to witness this dramatic political development.




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