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The Alt-Right

June 16, 2018


New Yorker/Jane Mayer /Democracy Now – Robert Mercer, The Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump Presidency

December 28, 2017

The Atlantic – The Nihilist Partisan Case Against Robert Mueller – The Alt-Right Is Against A Professional Investigation Of Trump

December 12, 2017


SPLCenter – Hate Watch – Alt-Right

November 19, 2017


Rob Kall/ Bottom Up Radio – All You Want To Know About The Alt-Right

November 7, 2017

NYMag – Americn Billionaire Created Alt-Right , Steve Bannon, Milo and Conway

October 6, 2017

Rolling Stone – Matt Taibbi – Why Trump Cant Quit The Alt-Right ! Trump Clings To The Only Constituency He Has Left—The Crazy Right!

August 31, 2017


Tabloid Politicts : The Alt-Right President

August 16, 2017




Fred Delicious: Movie Idea: Matthew Mcconauhey As A Nazi “Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right” Opening in 2018

January 17, 2017


C-Span/WashJournal – Trump Names Priebus and Bannon To Top White House Jobs – Bannon Is A White Nationalist Alt-Right (Racist)CEO of Breitbart News

November 15, 2016




Full Frontal/Sam Bee – Feeling Alt-Right (Part 2)

November 1, 2016

SamBee/FullFrontal – Feelin Alt-Right

November 1, 2016

RT – Desperate Losing AltRight/Trumpheads Try Internet Dirty Tricks : Fake #Clinton Ads Supporting Military Draft For Women (#DraftOurDaughters)

October 29, 2016


Alt-Reality: Alt-Right/TeaParty Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says Its Just A Rumor That He Supports Racist Bigot Trump For President – McGrady Denies He Put A Trump Sign In Front Of His Renovated Church – Its All Just A Misuderstanding And A Silly Rumor! Dont Believe Everything You See Or Hear!

September 20, 2016

Alt-Right Aberdeen (Md) Mayor McGrady Lowers The Boom On The Aberdeen Room – McGrady And His City Manager Try To Bully The Aberdeen Historical Room To Shut Down And Spreads Rumors They Want To Sell The Property – Mayor Acts Like Thuggish Authoritarian Without City Council Knowledge Or Support

September 9, 2016



Daily Beast – Hillary Health Conspiracy Started By Trump Alt-Right Reddit Crazies – Spread By Wing-Nuts Alex Jones/Drudge Report

September 6, 2016


NYTimes/MaureenDowd – The Alt-Right Is Not Right/ Donald Trump Letter of Apology

August 31, 2016



DianeRehm/WAMU – The Rise of the Alt-Right Movement And The Donald Trump Campaign

August 31, 2016

Intercept – Trumps New AltRight Billionare Backer , Robert Mercer, And His Peculiar Interest In Stockpiling Urine

August 27, 2016


Think Progress – Hillary Clinton Speech On Trump Mainstreaming The AltRight Racist Hate Movement And the Republican Response (Silence!)

August 27, 2016


HateWatch/SPLCenter – Trump Hires “White Nationalist” To Run His Campaign , AltRight CEO Of Breitbart, Stephen Bannon

August 17, 2016



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