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New Republic – Is Amazon Too Big To Pay Taxes?

March 30, 2018



Axios – Trump Confused—He Hates Amazon, Not Facebook (Amazon Owns Washington Post…Trump Hates WaPo For Reporting The Facts)

March 28, 2018



Nation – Monoplys New Rules: Amazon Doesnt Just Want To Dominate The Market —It Wants To Become The Market!

February 19, 2018



Jordan Klepper – The Enemy Is Amazon

October 20, 2017

Jordan Klepper – The Enemy Is Amazon

October 19, 2017

Common Dreams – Amazon Buying Whole Foods is “1984” At Grocery Store For Workers

July 17, 2017



If The Alt-Right (racists) Had Won In 1944 -Man In The High Castle -Phillip K. Dick (AmazonTV)

November 15, 2016

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