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Republican Aegis Biased Political Reporting Refuses To Report Negative Information About Republican Congressman: Maryland First District Congressman Rep Andy Harris Tells Democratic Challenger: ‘Most People Wouldnt Mind If Women Paid More For Healthcare’! Rep. Harris Refuses To Respond And Explain Why He Supports Discrimination Against Women In Health Care!

July 15, 2017






CrowdPac – Democrat Michael Pullen, Talbot County Govt Lawyer Interested in Running For Congress In First District

May 29, 2017




What If The Republican Aegis Wasn’t Such A Dodgy Newspaper!

May 27, 2017


Hometown Girl Makes Good!  Runs For U.S. Congress In First District!   Attacks Republican   Incumbent Andy Harris  For His Support of  Heartless TrumpCare! Releases Devastating Attack Ad On Harris’s Political Chicanery!


The Sun/Political Bullshit – “Know-It-All” Dan Rodericks Disses Harford’s Democratic Challenger To Congressman Andy Harris, Declares Contest Over Before It Begins, Go Back To Your Cell Phones First District Citizens Danny Boy Says History Is Not Calling, Give Up, No One Can Beat Dr. Andy , Democracy Is A Waste Of Time!

May 9, 2017


Tea Party Fanatic Rep. Andy Harris Votes For TrumpCare Bill

May 5, 2017


The Sun – Tea Party Republican Andy “Winky” Harris To Support Ugly House Republican Health Bill – Kicks 24 Million Off HealthCare , Gives Millionares A Tax Break, Slashes Medicaid, Raises Premiums And Deductibles, Weakens Pre-Existing Conditions

May 4, 2017



Higlights And LowLights Of Last Republican Congressman In Maryland At Town Hall Meeting

April 24, 2017

DodgyDagger – New Harford Democratic Club Meets With Allison Galbraith Possible Democratic Congressional Challenger To Republican Rep. Andy Harris

April 7, 2017

Allison grew up in Bel Air and graduated from Bel Air High School. She received a BA in Philosophy at the University of Maryland- College Park. She is asingle mother with a 9 year old son.

Allison worked as a defense contractor focusing on program analysis and integration prior   to co-founding GGDI Solutions, a consulting company which assists small businesses looking to bid on Federal contracts.

She says her concerns about education for her child and health care for her family are two of the major issues that concern her about Andy Harris. He supports vouchers for schools and reductions to the Affordable Care Act, both of which would have a major impact on her family. She is also concerned about the immigration ban and the effect the Trump ban is having on our country.

Repub/Aegis – Rep. Andy Harris Meets His Constiuents On Healthcare In Brief Individual Meetings / Harris Apparently Afraid Of Town Hall Meetings….Democracy

March 15, 2017

New Harford Democratic Club: Possible Candidate For First Congressional District Allison Galbraith Was Big Hit At March NHDC Meeting! Rep. Andy Harris’s Job May Be In Jeopardy!

March 2, 2017

Reliable sources say an unusually packed room at the New Harford Democratic Club came out to check out a possible bright new political star in Harford County politics—Allison Galbraith.  Anonymous Sources also noticed that the Sunpapers  and the Republican Aegis had no reporter of interest to witness this dramatic political development.




RepubAegis Bel Air Congressman Andy “Winky” Harris Wont Hold Town Meetings – He Is Afraid of “Outside Agitators”

February 23, 2017

RepublicanAegis -Bel Air Republican Congressman Andy “Winky” Harris No-Show At ACA Town Meeting At HCC

February 22, 2017

DodgyDagger – North Harford Far Right Republican (AltRight?) Congressman Andy Harris Votes To Continue Waste Of Taxpayers Money At Gitmo (What Republican Elected Politician Is A.D. Plorable?)

September 19, 2016

Rep. Harris Votes to Block Gitmo Release of Detainees






Cecil Times – Bel Air/E.Shore Republican Reactionary Congressman Andy (Winky) Harris BACKSDOWN From Threat To Throw D.C. Mayor In Jail For Carrying Out The Will of The People On The Marijuana Referendum

March 13, 2015



Md Sen. Barbara Mikulski To Retire – U.S. Senate Seat Up For Grabs In 2016 : Ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley , Heather Mizeur, Labor Sec. Tom Perez, Mayor Rawlings Blake, Congressman Andy “(Winky) Harris and ex-Gov.Bob Ehrilich May Run

March 2, 2015




Bored Bel Air Reactionary Republican Congressman Andy Harris Winks On C-Span , Then Plays With His Cell Phone, Winks Again, Departs

February 12, 2015



Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On Bel Air Republican Congressman Being Blacklisted By District of Columbia After Blocking DC Pot Law

January 30, 2015


MotherJones – 160 Republicans Voted Against the Violence Against Women Act – Bel Air/Eastern Shore Congressman Andy Harris Was One of Those Republicans

September 16, 2014





MarylandReporter – Rascovar Column- Immigration Quandary For the GOP – Crazy Know Nothing Anti-Immigrant Seniment Rises In Maryland GOP From Bel Air Congressman Rep. Andy Harrris, to Balto County Del. Pat McDonough, to Sheriff Chuck In Frederick County

August 1, 2014



Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harf County Politics In 2013 #2. Bel Air/ North Harford Know Nothing Republican Congressman Andy Harris Wins Congressional Climate Denier Award from Md LCV

January 12, 2014


BelAirPatch – Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Wins Congressional Climate Denier Award* From Maryland League Of Conservation Voters

August 14, 2013


*Photo of Congressional Climate Denier Award from the DodgyDaggerGazette

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #8. Bel Air Tea Party Anti-Science Republican Rep. Andy Harris Strips Funding From Maryland Based NOAA Climate Website

December 30, 2012


TheDailyTimes – CD1 – Republican Andy Harris Refuses To Debate Democrat Opponent John Laferla! Spokesperson For Campaign Lies, Claims Theyre Not Trying To Avoid LeFerla But “…the Democrats Pulled Out Of The Race And The Debate” Why Is Harris Lying? And Why Is Harris Hiding? .The Democrat LeFerla Is In The Race Ready To Debate, But Harris Is Afraid To Debate

September 20, 2012

Salon/Chris Mooney – Why Tea Party Republican Rep. Andy Harris Doesn’t Trust Science? Why He Really Reduced Funds For The NOAA Climate Website?

May 19, 2012

MarylandJuice – Bel Air Tea Party/Republican Rep. Andy Harris Strips Funding From Maryland-Based NOAA Climate Website

May 18, 2012

MarylandJuice – John LaFerla Attacks Andy Harris’s Extreme Agenda Against Women, The Environment And The Economy With New Direct Mailers

April 3, 2012

MarylandJuice – CD1 – Planned Parenthood And Cecil Times Endorse John LeFerla To Challenge Bel Air’s TeaParty Republican Rep. Andy Harris

April 2, 2012

StarDemocrat/MarylandJuice – Democrats Rosen, Letke And Leferla Talk Strategy To Beat Bel Airs Tea Party Republican Andy Harris

March 5, 2012

Bel Air Tea Party Republican Rep. Andy Harris Has Extremist Right-Winger Role In Political Ad In CD 6 Race

February 16, 2012

Jim Crow Politics – Bel Air Tea Party Republican Rep. Andy Harris Proposes Harriet Tubman Park, But No Federal Funds

February 11, 2012

MarylandJuice – Political Hypocrisy Dept : Bel Air TeaParty/Republican Rep. Andy Harris Gives Bonuses To His Staff But Demands Cutting Waste In The Federal Government

February 6, 2012

EdShow/NYTimes – Bel Air GOP/Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris Tramples On Free Press, Sub Committeee Chairman Has HBO “Gasland” Filmaker Arrested At Capitol Hearing

February 3, 2012

InsideCharmCity – Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Disciplines (?) His Chief of Staff Over Procurring Alcohol For Underage Intern

January 8, 2012

MarylandJuice – Bel Air GOP/Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris Endorses Newt Gingrich/ Anti-Tea Party Repub ,Wendy Rosen, Turns Democrat ,Challenges Harris

November 29, 2011

DelMarVaNow – Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Among Lawmakers Taking Privately Funded Trips, Campaigned In Aberdeen For Tea Party Republican Patrick ‘Shady’ McGrady

November 13, 2011


ThinkProgress – Bel Air’s Tea Party Congressman Rep. Andy Harris Balks At Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan Because It Helps Poor Students Go To College

July 29, 2011


TheSun- Bel Air Congressman Rep. Andy Harris Votes To Study ‘Algae Bloom” In Bay But Votes Against Clear Water Act , Supports Republican Ideology Over Healthy Chesapeake

July 18, 2011


DelMarVaNow – Rep. Andy Harris Made Wrong Choice On Medicare

May 26, 2011

DCCC/StopTeaPartyAgenda    StopBenefitCuts   DelMarVaNow

Aegis/Sun – Rep. Andy Harris Likes Nuclear Power And Wants To Drill For Coal Everywhere, DCCC Says He Wants To Gamble American Seniors Benefits In China

March 30, 2011

DCCC   Aegis/Sun

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2010 – #2. Harford Congressman Elect Andy Harris Who Ran Against Government Run Health Care Now Is Bitching About Not Getting His Government Run Health Care For 30 Days

December 27, 2010

DailyRecord – Andy Harris, the ‘Crybaby’ Bel Air Congressman-Elect ,Hired His Campaign Workers As ‘Contractors’ To Avoid Paying Health Care Insurance ,Unemployment Insurance And Payroll Taxes

December 2, 2010

 DarknessRising   DailyRecord

Radio Ad Calls Bel Air’s Republican Congressman Andy Harris A Hypocrite For Health Care Remarks, 57% of Republicans Agree

November 26, 2010


GOP Congressman-Elect Andy Harris Supports New ‘Bracero’ Program To Solve Immigration Problem

November 22, 2010

Bracero – Phil Ochs


Bracero – Phil Ochs

When the weary night embraces

Sleep in shacks that could be cages

They will take it from your wages


Come sing about tomorrow

With the jingle of the dollars

And forget your crooked collar


Oh welcome to California

Where the friendly farmer will take care of you

WashMonthly – Far Right Republican Andy Harris – A Liberal Is A Conservative Who Lost His Healthcare

November 22, 2010


NewRepublic – GOP Defintion of A Health Insurance Crisis: When A Member of Congress Has To Go A Whole Month Without Coverage

November 22, 2010


TheBigPicture – GOP Freshman: Wheres My Government Healthcare?

November 22, 2010

GazetteNet – Harris Question On Benefits Stirs National Health Care Debate

November 20, 2010


The Sun – House Democrats Spotlight Congressman-Elect Andy Harris, Republicans Call It Piling On, Dems/Indeps Call It Exposing An Example of Political Arrogance , A Sense of Entitlement And Hypocrisy

November 19, 2010


Ann Telnaes Animated Cartoon of the GOP Crybaby Congressman From Maryland

November 19, 2010


AtlanticWire – GOP Freshman Harris Demands: Where’s My Health Care?

November 16, 2010


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