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NYTimes – Why Ann Coulter Thinks Trump Is “Failing” ! (Build the Wall!)

April 4, 2018

BillMaher/Real Time – Interview With Bat Shit Crazy Right Wing Republican Anne Coulter

October 18, 2016

Bill Maher – Real Time – Oct 14, 2016 – Monologue – How dare You Claim I Do What I Claim I Do!- GOP Now Stands For Grab Our Pussies! – Interview With Anne Coulter Before The Fall!

October 15, 2016

Bill Maher/RealTime -050616 -Ann Coulter Predicted TrumpsWinning Nomination In June 2015 – Predicts This Will Be Greatest Most Entertaining Campaign In History

May 7, 2016

“Can Trump win the general election?” – Bill Maher

“It’s possible. He will do better than any other Republican!” – Ann Coulter


‘I Want to Use You to Scare Liberals’: Maher Battles Coulter Over Trump




“The only thing that stands between us and the end of civilization is Hillary Clinton”- Bill Maher/ 05062016

“Donald Trump is a walking brain fart!” Bill Maher

BBC – Ann Coulter Inspired Donald Trumps Anti-Immigrant Tirade

January 8, 2016

CoulterWatch – Anne Coulter Supports Trump, Defames American Heroes, Insults Mexicans

July 21, 2015

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BillMaher/RealTime – Anne (B.S.C.) Coulter On Immigration

June 21, 2015

BillMaher/RealTime – BatShitCrazy Ann Coulter Says Donald Trump Best Candidate For Republicans

June 21, 2015

Larry Wilmore Instructs Anne Coulter On Richard Nixon

May 13, 2015




Bill Maher Makes Fool Out of Ann Coulter

November 3, 2013


HP – Prominent Attention-Seeking RepublicanTweeter Ann Coulter Calls President Obama A “Retard” , And Later Refers To Amnesia As A Form Of Cancer

October 24, 2012

Mediaite – Coulter Battles “This Week” Panel Over 47%, Obamas Electoral Prospects And Civil Rights

September 23, 2012

HuffingtonPost – Ann Coulter Supports Romney In 2012 “Lets Try Square For Awhile” – In 2011 She Said “If We Dont Run Chris Christie, Romney Will Be Nominated And We Will Lose.”

February 11, 2012

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Takes On Ann Coulter For “Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks” Comment

November 4, 2011


Ann Coulter, Republican Comedian, Predicts Outcome Of 2012 Election – If Chris Christie Doesn’t Run , Romney Will Be Nominated And Lose To Obama

February 13, 2011

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