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SeventhState – Questionable Sun Poll Gives Brown A 7 Point Lead Over Hogan – Sun Sampling Techniques Always Underestimate Black Voter Turnout In Maryland

October 13, 2014


The Baltimore Sun  reports that Anthony Brown leads Larry Hogan by 7 points with a Sunday front page headline  ” Brown Holds Tenuous Lead”. The Sunpaper polls are notorious for underestimating the black voter turnout in Maryland thus overestimating the Republican poll numbers. The Sun underlines the purpose of its questionable poll  with a lead editorial “Hogan Has A Shot”  Really? Like maybe a shot in the dark.. The Washington Posts more accurate polling sampling indicates that Brown is leading by 9 points and points out in its endorsement editorial that   ” Mr. Brown is the more serious and substantial candidate. He has a better grasp of how to operate the levers of government and how to bolster Marylands competitiveness while tending to basic needs””


SeventhState – Washington Post Endorses Brown For Governor: Brown Has More Experience And Useful Ideas While Hogan Is An Empty Suit With No Accomplishments Or Serious Proposals

October 13, 2014

SeventhState – Brown Expands Lead In CBS/NYTimes Poll

October 13, 2014

MarylandJuice – Analysis of Governors Race: Is Larry Hogan A Dangerous Republican (Wing-Nut?) Or Just A Stupid One (Rain Tax?) ????

September 23, 2014





MarylandJuice/ Analysis of Governors Race And Suspicious Untransparent Republican Poll / Turnout Modeling And Sampling Data Not Available!

August 25, 2014




AnthonyBrownAd – Larry Hogan Wants Tax Breaks For Corporations But Opposes Minimum Wage Hike

August 24, 2014

Doug Gansler “Doesnt Make Sense” “He Sounds Like A Republican”

May 21, 2014

Pres Bill Clinton Praises Lt.Gov Anthony Brown At Fundraiser

May 18, 2014


QuintonReport – Repub Gov Candidate Larry Hogan’s Internal Poll Shows Him Losing To Dem. Lt.Gov Anthony Brown 42% to 32% (23%Undecided)

May 12, 2014


WBALTV News – Gansler Says His “Race Comments” Were Taken Out Of Context, Charges Brown Affiliate Of Making Recording And Claims Recording His Secret Meetings Was A Felony Crime—-But He Wont Prosecute Even Though He Is A Prosecutor

October 28, 2013

WBALTVNews – AttyGen Gansler In July Was Secretly Recorded Saying That LtGov Brown Was Relying On Race To Get Elected As Governor And That Brown Lacked Any Accomplishments

October 28, 2013



WashPost/John Wagner – Brown Tops (41%) Democratic Rivals In Early Poll In Maryland 2014 Race For Governor – Undecided 33% – Doug Gansler 21% – Heather Mizeur 5%

October 19, 2013

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