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Did Democratic Political Boss Helton Stab Progressive Democrats In The Back On Election Day And Totally Corrupt His New Harford Democratatic Club?

June 28, 2018




Four Years Ago Art Helton Asked The Question: Where Does MD James Live?

June 22, 2018


DodgyDaggerBozos – Tony V Complains About Rogers Street Being Plowed/Salted First During Snow Storms? Roger Street Is The Location of the Fire Dept, You Bozo!

November 4, 2015


*Does the V in your name stand for vacuous or hiob ?

DodgyDagger – Helton Believes His Fatal Flaw Is Low Voter Turnout And Low Male Voter Turnout And Extra Low Black Voter Turnout…. 63.4% Of Primary Voters Were Women…36.4% Were Men ( James Won 61% To Heltons 38.7%) ….Or Maybe Brand-Name Incumbents Are Hard To Beat With Micro-Targeting Phone-Bank Push-Pull Polling

July 13, 2014


Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast (PPP-CBEF) – State Senate Democratic Primary Race Dist 34 – Arthur Helton Wins With 52% Of Vote – County Council President Republican Primary Race Robert Wagner Wins With 53% Of Vote – Citizens Against Eva Mar Endorsement Makes Significant Differance In Outcome

June 19, 2014


Citizens Against Eva Mar Development Endorse Art Helton For State Senate Dist 34 – “Removing James From Office Will Remove One More Tool Joe Snee Has In His Arsenal Of Political Connections”

June 18, 2014



MarylandReporter – Harford County Senate Race “Turns Nasty”

June 17, 2014


Campaign Against Eva Mar Development (CAP-FEMD) Endorses Robert Wagner (Council Prez), Blane Miller (Dist E) and Art Helton (Dist 34) – “We Dont Dislike Dan” In Case Lambros Wins – Vincenti Is “Handpicked By Slutzky..And Recieving Devel Money” – Sengstacke Walking Conflict 0f Interest , Lives In Tudor Hall But Silent On Eva Mar

June 17, 2014

10171905_647707045277323_1112913904_nPicture-007sm-copymillerC7989D2004-01-01 LegislativeMapCouncilDistricts001004002005006

DodgyDagger Q&A : Harford State Senate District 34 Democratic Primary Art Helton vs M-D James – Del. James Now Claims She And Sen. Glassmaqn ” Worked In Bi-Partisan Fasion To Insert Enabling Language in Budget Recon Finance Act…to Allow Harf To Establish Hotel Tax” – The Sun/Aegis Reports As Fact That The Language Was Inserted By Sen . President Miller At The Request Of Former Harf Del. Bonsack – Del. James Voted For It, ….Miller/Bonsack Created The Change!!! James Used The Hotel Tax In 2013 As Blackmail For Tax Break For Joe Snees CCRC! Now She Falsely Claims She Has “Language Inserted”? Bullshit!

June 16, 2014

Strongest Balanced Democratic Ticket For South Haford District 34 – Art Helton For Senate – Steve Johnson And Maria Terry For House of Delegates 34A – Beverly Cassandra House of Del Dist 34B – Club For Progress Predicts Senate Seat A Tossup Unless Democrats Have Strong Turnout – House of Delegate 34A Lean D+1, If Democrats Have A Strong Ticket – House of Del 34B: Strongly Conservative, Repub Hold

May 23, 2014


Democratic Candidate For State Senate District 34 (South Harford) Art Helton Endorsed By Progressive Maryland And SEIU

May 10, 2014

Art Helton For State Senate Dist 34

May 4, 2014










SeventhState- M-D James Strong In Harford D34… James Funding Ability Indicates A Depth of Support …Raised $84K In 2014… James Electorial Record Likely Intimidates …Primary Rating: Likey James

March 13, 2014


SeventhState doesnt ask too many questions of the “intimidating” Delegate James. Like how does raising $84K in 2014 show a depth of support and not a depth of special interest support.  Show me where the $84K comes from!  Theres no mention of how she held the hotel tax up for ransom, and withdrew the bill when she and her special interest  CCRC couldnt get a 15 year tax break in Aberdeen.  Theres no mention how she was intimidated by the Harford  Republican delegation to support a bill to demand “English Only” in Harford County government operations. She was intimidated by a Tea Party gun rally to vote against common sense gun control in Maryland.  She was intimidated by the Republican delegation to oppose marriage equality and the dream act for immigrants.  She’s been intimidated by special interests on environmental reform. Yes she is from a strong political family but Senator William S. James was a strong modertate Democrat who would not have been intimidated by the prejudices and histrionics of his time.  The Senate primary in District 34 will be a donnybrook over public interests versus special interests. I’d say Primary Rating: Leaning Helton.

DodgyDagger – Board of Elections Puts Former State Senator Art Helton Back On The Ballot For The Dist 34 Senate Race, Del. Mary-Dulaney James Will Not Have A Free Ride, Democrat Maria Terry From County Election Board Enters Crowded Race For Dist 34A House of Delegates, County Councilwoman Mary Lisanti Will Also Get No Free Ride

February 27, 2014


CityPaper/Political Plum Shenanigans – Wait, You Mean I Gotta Live In My District? No Way! The Law (Boston vs.Blount, 1998) Says “Domiciled” Not “Permanent Abode”

February 16, 2014


Judge John C. Eldridgre, Maryland Court of Special Appeals , Boston v.Blount, 1998: “The requirement is that one must be DOMICILED in the district, and domicile is not synonymous with primary place of abode.”:

Art Helton: ” “The state and federal courts are clear–you can live where you want to live.”

City Paper: “The location must simply be a permanent place to which said pol ‘intends to return'”

City Paper: “…in Maryland it has long been THE LAW OF THE LAND that a politician can for the purpose of carpet-bagging, claim residence any damn place he or she chooses, with no requirement to sleep in on said premises”

The City Paper wrongly calls Democrat Del. Mary-Dulany James the current State Senator from Dist 34. The current state Senator is Republican Nancy Jacobs. Thats what all the cloak and dagger shenanigans is all about. Jacobs is retiring,  leaving an open seat—a political plum. James wants the Senate seat with no major opposition. Thats why she never challeged Jacobs. Democrat Helton challenged Jacobs  twice and last time beat her in Harford County but not in West Cecil. Now the district is just  a Harford district. District 35  now picks up the more conservative West Cecil County. The Dems have there best chance of taking back the Senate in Dist 34 with only a nominal Republican  candidate.  James has watched and waited and watched and  waited  for this open seat. Helton has fought and fought for the seat. The only thing in the way of James now is Helton in the Democratic primary.  She is trying to beat Helton in the courts by getting the Board of Elections to redefine the residency laws  because she fears she cant beat Helton in a fair fight in an election.

The Dodgy Dagger and the Md Board of Elections wrongly ignore Maryland law on the defintion of residency as it pertains to qualifying for a candidate.

Knife In The Water Pt. 2: Helton State Senate Campaign In Limbo , DodgyDagger/Kreamer/Hiob/James Get Harford County Board of Elections Judge To Reverse Her Decision In July of 2010 On Helton Residency, Harford Blue Dogs Join Republicans To Trash South Harford Democratic Party

December 15, 2013


Raven Little, Baltimore Sun August 2010 – “State law allows a person to establish residency in one place while living in another”  (see Blount case)

Art Helton, The Sun, Aug 2010 – “The state and federal courts are clear. You can live where you want to live. You can own more than one home. …Its a matter of where you want to vote and where you want to live ”

But can a state board of election administrator change the law from year to year based on  a whim or  on her own biased candidate preference?

ITS OFFICIAL : Harford County Blue Dog Democrat Del. Mary Dulany James Is In The Race For Maryland State Senate District 34

October 16, 2013


This political flyer was distributed in the Aberdeen area on Tuesday evening , October 15.2013. And Mary-Dulany James for Senate website went up in late September.

Delegate James would not run for the Senate as long as Republican Nancy Jacobs was Senator.  In 2010 when the Dodgy Dagger circulated political rumors that Bob Ehrlich was considering putting Nancy Jacobs on he Gubanatorial ticket, Delegate James delayed until the last minute to file for re-election. The Dodgy Dagger suggested she was considering a run for the Senate if and only if Jacobs was out of the race. Jacobs earlier this year decided not to run for re-election in District 34 when redistricting removed Western Cecil County from her district. In the last election she lost Harford County to Athur Helton, but won reelection with the more Republican  West Cecil County. Jacobs was also politically stung in her race for Congress against the popular incumbent Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger.

With Nancy Jacobs out of the race, Delegate James is in.  Helton, redistricting and Ruppersberger pushed Jacobs out.  Democrats will have to decide  whether to reward James who watched and waited for her turn or reward Helton who fought the good fight that helped to finally push Jacobs out.

Was She Pushed Or Did She Jump? Did Arthur Helton And “Dutch” Ruppersberger Push Nancy Jacobs Into Retirement?

June 23, 2013

1198-1-3193b1198-1-1257b155125_104388976299337_3582746_n007What pushed Nancy Jacobs, the Godmother of the Harford Republican party,  to retire? Did Sen. Jacobs really “jump” because of “family matters” …..Or  was she pushed by two major political defeats? In her 2010 reelection victory, Sen Jacobs lost Harford County  to Athur Helton. She only won re-election with the reactionary Republican vote  in West Cecil County part of District 34. Then redistricting in 2012 removed West Cecil County from Senate District 34 leaving Sen. Jacobs with a dilemma. Faceing a possible defeat in 2014 with a less reactionary voter-base in District 34,  Sen Jacobs wrongly thought maybe there was a political escape  route in running  for Congress in the heavily Democratic 2nd district against the popular Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger. The voters in Congressional District 2 didnt buy Sen. Jacobs  nose-bleed reactionary Conservatism . She was savagely beaten by Ruppersberger.  Game over. The Democrats and Independent voters in South Harford want a more moderate candidate in the State Senate .

South Harford (Dist 34) Democratic Ticket For Maryland State Legislature In 2014 – Art Helton – Tammy Lowry – Steve Johnson

December 28, 2012


You Won’t See This Photo In The Republican Aegis or The Dodgy Dagger

June 22, 2011

New Harford Democratic Club, Aberdeen, 3 S.Rogers Street, June 2011

2012 Presidential Political Season Opens In Southern Harford (Dist.34, 2008 Obama 50%- McCain 48%)

June 18, 2011

Aberdeen, 3 Rogers Street, June 2011

LettersToTheDagger – Democrat Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacks Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser, Political Bitterness Now Giving Aid And Comfort To Republican Nancy Jacobs Re-Election Bid

November 1, 2010


      Mike Hiob has been in the Teed-Off Party ever since he lost his campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen. Now he is giving support to the Tea Party in Harford County in its efforts to re-elect Nancy Jacobs to the State Senate. Last week Hiob threw another political tantrum, upset that Rovall Washington (in The  Dagger and The Aegis) would endorse a Democrat who defeated him in the primary. Thats the normal thing you do in a democracy. Hiob once again personally  attacks Helton . And he attacks Washingtons ‘integrity’ for doing the right thing. Hiobs support for Republican proposed over-developement land policies in Aberdeen are what most likely cost him his first political  defeat last year . And  Dan Riley’s support for him in the Mayors race probably cost Dan his  recent primary defeat. Now his antics threaten to damage Democrats in what could be  a close race for the state Senate.  As BSMeter comments in The Dagger blog :”Mr.Hiob, how in the hell can you consider yourself a Dem if you would prefer Jacobs over Helton?…You have no standing as a Democrat if you would work in favor of Jacobs over any Democrat (she is to the right of Attilla the Hun).”

        Who is Mike Hiob? And where is his political integrity?


HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball* – Maryland State Senate – Art Helton 51% – Nancy Jacobs 49%

October 31, 2010

MdElectionCenter/JacobsCampaignContributions      SenateDist34VotingHistory*”Arthur Helton recieved a write-in vote for Senate in District 34 even though he was on the ballot, bringing his Harford County  Election day total to 12,041. Harford chose Helton over Jacobs who garnered 11,935 votes but was defeated  when Cecil County overwhelmingly selected Jacobs” The dagger , Nov 7,2010

Harford360/ The Aegis Letters To The Editor – Rovall Washington Endorses His Primary Opponent Art Helton For State Senate

October 29, 2010


      Rovall Washington in a letter to the editor to The Aegis (Oct. 29, 2010) and on a post on his new website Harford360, endorsed his  former primary opponent,Art Helton, for the Maryland Senate. Mr Washington stated:

        “I’m giving my suppoprt to him (Helton) for the General Election on Nov. 2 . This is a serious decision.

         We must chose a person that personally has the qualifications to negotiate and bring us the jobs, funding, and development to Harford and Cecil Counties to get the thousands of voters back to work.”


Aegis/Letters To the Editor – Former State Senator Cathy Riley And Former State Delegate RoseMary Bonsack Rally Support For Arthur Helton for State Senator in Dist 34

October 29, 2010

Wednesday October 27, 2010,TheAegis, Political Open Forum

            Catherine I Riley (C.Riley For Helton): ” For many years now Art (Helton) , and indeed his wife, Ann,too, have donated enormous amounts of time to the community and worked to improve lives. They have devoted themselves to ensuring our voices are heard by policymakers and worked on many diverse issues from budgets to protecting the environment, cleaning up the bay  and trying to ensure that developoment and our regulatory environment are properly balanced.

                                                 I am convinced that this district needs a new Senator in Annapolis. I strongly urge you to vote for Art Helton. He will work hard for you and make sure your views and your concerns are haerd as he fights for a government that seeks to represent the best that we are…” 

     RoseMary Hatem Bonsack( Bonsack for Helton)  : ” We  need a serious Senator to work hard for the people of Maryland—and one who will bring back to his constituents those precious monies so badly needed in Harford and Cecil counties.

                                                                           Art Helton has always been  a hard worker and previously represented District 34 very successsfully. He is an excellent businessman– with vision, knowlege , extreme energy and caring for our communities…

                                                                          Because of these attributes and his good common sense, he will  finally bring back to the district what is totally necessary and beneficial for each community. He can get it done right! I  have known Art for many years and having served in the legislature myself, I know he is the person we need to serve District 34 now!” 










Knife In The Water (Pt. 2) – Right-Wing Repub Dodgy Dagger Endorses Nancy Jacobs for State Senate By Promoting Her New Lame Attack-Website, While Refusing To Print the Total Contents of Art Helton’s Political Telephone Ad

October 25, 2010


Art Helton’s Telephone Political Ad :

     Hi, I’m Arthur Helton. I’m asking for your vote for State Senate. I have a record of getting things done unlike your current State Senator Nancy Jacobs. Her poor attendance record in Annapolis has earned her the nickname “No-Show Nancy”. She constantly votes against funding  programs she supported. I can do better , and I will.  But I need your vote.

Arthur Helton and Marla Posey-Moss Endorsed By Maryland State Education Association (MSEA)

October 15, 2010


Art Helton for Maryland State Senate – Art Gets Things Done

October 9, 2010

Surge Voters May Sweep Helton Into State Senate And Posey-Moss Into House of Delegates

September 30, 2010

Art Helton (2929-60%) Wins Landslide Primary Victory Against Roval Washington (1947-40%)

September 16, 2010


Aegis Primary Editorial Endorsements For Dist 34 Suggests Patrick ‘Tea Party’ McGrady And Democrats Marla Posey-Moss and Rovall Washington Are Not Ready For Prime Time

August 29, 2010


      The Republican Aegis  endorsed Randolph Craig, son of County Executive David  Craig, and John ‘Plagarism’ Paff for House of Delegates in Dist. 34 in the Republican primary.

      The Republican Aegis also endorsed Arthur Helton  for the Maryland  Senate  and  incumbents  Mary-Dulany James and  Dan Riley for the House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary


Aegis/Sun – Harford Circuit Court Rules Helton Has Legal Residency In District 34 For State Senate Race – Rovall Washingtons Dangerous Gamble Backfires

July 17, 2010


John Henkel Challenges Dion Guthrie in Democratic Primary For Harford County Council District A, Henkel Is An Art Helton Supporter

July 5, 2010

John Henkel

DaggerDan, The Dagger, July 5,2010 at 1230am , Washington Challenges  Helton Candidacy

“What Harford County needs is (for)  Art Helton to beat Nancy Jacobs and John  Henkel to end Guthrie’s political career with an upset in the primary.  Then the southern district might actually have some reps  who stand up for the people.”


The Aegis (A6) – Washington Challenges Heltons Residency Qualifications in State Senate Race

July 4, 2010


Ch2-WMARTV – Washington Challenges Helton Residency Qualifications In State Senate Race

July 2, 2010


Dagger to the Dagger – Helton Senate Campaign Opens With Pre-Emptive Strike Against Dodgy Dagger Journalism

July 1, 2010

HarfobamaThe Dagger

Arthur Helton To Run for Maryland State Senate District 34

May 19, 2010

ArtHeltonArt Helton

Who Will Be The Next State Senator in Dist 34? Helton or Washington?

May 17, 2010

art4senaterovall4senateRovall Washington

Knife In The Water – RtWing Repub Blog The Dagger Spreads “Dirty Political Smear” – Helton Responds

October 27, 2009

headermaroon3%20copy724968 The Right-Wing Republican political blog The Dagger last week posted a “dirty political smear” on Art Helton disguised as a journalistic investigation (The Art of War – No Tactic Off Limits). The Dagger in effect dug up an accusation that was dismissed immediately last August by the States Attorney and closed immediately as a case by the Aberdeen P.D. and attempted to turn it into a “political hit” two weeks before the Aberdeen town elections. The Dagger reports the “dirty political smear” as if some other political force is spreading it. The “dirty political smear” is being spread by The Dagger.
This week Art Helton communicated his response to The Dagger’s “dirty political smear” in a post card mailing that stated:

“Another Aberdeen City Election and another attempt by some to be vicious and personally attack anyone that opposes them. I seem to have gotten the brunt of the last two Aberdeen elections. This latest politically motivated attack is particularly mean-spirited involving nasty accusations about me that were unfounded. These political tactics are truly hurtful to my wife and our four daughters.
As an Aberdeen businessman for over 40 years, I have taken great pride in the City of Aberdeeen and have been a leader in helping to revitalize our City. This revitalization has brought millions of dollars in property tax base and over 275 new jobs to Aberdeen. Hopefully, these personal attacks on me and others will be judged for what they are “Dirty Smear Politics” in an election year.”

Political Countdown 2010 – Can Art Heltons “Yes We Can” Senate Race Beat Senator No?

July 13, 2009

The Dagger/Aegis continues to ignore the potentially biggest local political story of the decade – the return of Art Helton.
Helton believes his political window of opportunity has arrived in a new era of political change and hope.

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