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Is Aberdeen’s Autocraticly Appointed Councilman Steven Goodin A Bastard Councilman ( Illegitimate)?

February 18, 2019



Aberdeens Republican Mayor , Patrick McGrady, corrupted the resolution of he 2015 election tie vote.

Instead of resolving the tie-vote with an up and down democratic  Council vote for the two candidates that were tied, Mayor McGrady chose an autocratic power grab and appointed a political crony (Steven Goodin)  and it was approved foolishly by Councilmember’s Melvin Taylor and Sara Landbeck.

This left us with a Councilman (Goodin)  appointed who had received  zero citizen votes and left Democrat Stephen Smith and Republican Sean DeBonis who each recieved 655 votes out in the  cold.

This is not what democracy looks like. This is what autocracy looks like.

It leaves Aberdeen with an illegitimate Councilman! A “bastard” Councilman!



Intercept – Why Is Nancy Pelosi Afraid of the Word “Socialism”? Shouldnt She Should Be Afraid of the Words “Autocratic Undemocratic Rigged Primary”?

July 6, 2018



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