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NYMag – Paul Ryan Wants To Go Out In A Blaze Of Randian Libertarian Glory !

December 14, 2017


NewYorker – The Revenge of Rand Paul – Is Rand Paul The Republicans Barack Obama Or Just Another Crazy Tea Party Libertarian Extremist???

October 2, 2014


Jennifer Burns – Goddess of The Market: Ayn Rand And the American Right – “By Selecting (Paul) Ryan, Mitt Romney Is Gambling That The Radical Free Market Capitalism of Ayn Rand Has Moved From The Fringes To The Mainstream of American Life…Another Republican Once Embraced Rand …Barry Goldwater”

August 31, 2012

HuffPost – Colbert Interviews Jennifer Burns On Ayn Rand And the Republican Party – Ayn Rand Is the “Gateway Drug” To Life On The Right (i.e. Fred Simmons, Patrick McGrady)

August 31, 2012

RackJite – Colbert Report On Ayn Rand

August 31, 2012

TeaParty Repub Patrick McGrady Cant Get Over His YouTube Moment: Responds To Criticism With Dishonesty (“I Was Threatened With Arrest…”) And Paranoia (“They Know They Can…Then Silence Me Through Force.”)

April 6, 2012

RackJite – Stephen Colbert With Ron Paul And Ayn Rand

April 27, 2011


ThinkProgress – The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand – The Vitue of Selfishness

April 19, 2011

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Obama Is Ayn Rand’s Nightmare – Atlas Without Angelina

April 18, 2011


The New Republic – Jonathan Chait – Wealthcare

April 10, 2011


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